Temporary Rules become Permanent

Those of you who read Volume 6 of my journals may recall that in the Autumn of 2013 I was very sad that I was about to be deprived of two of my favourite things until the next summer. Those things being using nettles on bitch-boy’s bottom and clitty, AND having him do hours of rotary clothes line duty. To make up for my loss I introduced Winter Default rules.

Well these rules applied all winter just gone and summer is now all but on us, but to bitch-boy’s dismay I have decided the default rules now apply all year round.

An edited excerpt from Journal 6 now follows explaining the rules.

‘So bitch-boy, all the default rules apply while you wear any item with a hem, including an apron. So that includes, your Victorian maid outfit, your sissy maid outfits, your prissy sissy outfits and your school girl outfit – and anything else with a hem that I have failed to remember.’

‘The first rule relates to what is now referred to as your little clitty bells. Before I have finished dressing you in any outfit with a hem, you must have two little bells tied by pieces of six inch pink ribbon, to the frenum piercing ring in your little clitty. I may remember most times but if I ever forget you must politely ask if you may wear your little clitty bells. That’s whenever you are dressed in anything with a hem, do you understand?’ He again looked like he might burst into tears as he whispered his acquiescence.

‘If I forget and you do not remind me, and I subsequently remember, it will be thirty with the cane. I may test you on this by pretending to forget. The next set of rules relate to deportment. Whenever you are wearing any item with a hem including an apron, you will walk by placing each foot directly at your centre line and your steps will be of no more than 15 inches. In addition whenever you walk with both hands free, they will be holding your hem at your sides and raising that hem upward and outward. And your little pinky fingers will be pointed outward. If you are walking with one hand free, that free hand will be holding your hem at your side and raising that hem upward and outward. And your little pinky finger will be pointed outward. When you are standing still in front of me receiving an instruction or for any other reason, you will be holding your hem at your sides and raising that hem upward and outward. And your little pinky fingers will be pointed outward. ‘ I paused and sipped my coffee. Again he was slowly shaking his head from side to side.

‘In addition, whenever you hand something to me or take something from me, you will use both hands and you will bend at the waist because I will not be reaching toward you. Now we come to curtseying. You will perform a full curtsey whenever you enter or leave a room occupied by a superior female.’ He was now clearly overwhelmed and thoroughly horrified. I was having delightful fun!

‘The final curtsey rule relates to my shoes and boots.’ bitch-boy’s face again acquired a quizzical mask.

‘Whenever you pass a pair of my shoes or boots which I am not wearing, you will perform a quick bob-curtsey to them. Because they are superior in status to you aren’t they. They are more important than you, aren’t they! So I guess it will be in your interest to put them all away whenever you get the chance.‘ I laughed loudly. He was close to a state of disorientation as the full horror and pervasiveness of all the new rules sunk in.

‘Be clear that all these rules will apply when we are alone and, when we have any superior female guests visiting. And remember each infringement will mean 30 with the cane and I won’t care if you end up with 300 strokes in an afternoon. Now repeat all of the deportment rules to me.

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6 Responses to Temporary Rules become Permanent

  1. justasking says:

    Do you ever wish that you would have married vanilla or dominant manly masculine man that you could respect and love instead of weak sissy BB? If you could choose again, would you marry submissive man?

  2. Kara says:

    You give me a lot of great ideas to do to my husband.
    I write about it here: http://wedlocked-femdom.com
    Love your blog.

  3. pantymaid says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, (curtsy)

    Please forgive my interruption and thank you for Your time. As a sissy myself I believe the protocols You have extended here are in order, perfectly. Manners and deployment are the foundation of any respectful servant. The little bells, and the curtsy-bob when passing Your superior shoes are quit genius and, frankly, seem to be a harmless yet powerful reminder of status.

    Thank You Mistress Scarlet for allowing me to read Your blog.

    With respect and a deep curtsy, pantymaid

  4. punkahwallah says:

    A beautiful thought, Mistress Scarlet, having to curtsy to Your shoes because they are superior. I once read of a Lady who put some of Her favorite shoes on plinths around Her home so that Her slave could bow before them as he worked. The notion that an object could become superior to a person (albeit a slave) by virtue of it having contact with a Lady’s person is delightful!

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