Chilli Pepper CBT

Play-toy visited last weekend and it was a wonderful, long day of perversion. I had bitch-boy in TSD bondage for around 4 hours in a remote bedroom while I used and abused play-toy around the house. She is such a pain slut! Then, when she and I were sated in our very different ways, it was time to dress in the clothes in which I would be taking her back to the train station, and then time for the pair of us to abuse poor, cuckolded bitch-boy for an hour or two. (The whole day forms a very long and detailed journal entry for Volume 9 of my journals which I think will be published in late June.)

In the run up to play-toy’s visit, she had expressed an interest in using the flesh of fresh chilli peppers on the flesh of bitch-boy’s little clitty – just to see what effect it would have. Sexualities are so complicated aren’t they. I don’t like labels but for the sake of explaining this, I would say she is a lesbian submissive masochist but, given absolute power over bitch-boy, becomes a very sadistic dominant. Delightfully enjoying, in equal measure, causing him physical and / or mental anguish.

My report is that the flesh of a freshly halved (long ways) chilli pepper rubbed meticulously into the shaft of a stiff, hard, little clitty takes longer to start burning than Deep Heat embrocation cream but then, when fully burning – burns as much as Deep Heat Muscle Rescue – the most powerful of the Deep Heat range. The burn also seems to last a little longer. So much sobbing from poor bitch-boy and not a scintilla of mercy or guilt in play-toy. Just big blue eyes glittering with pleasure, sadism and fascinated amusement. As she and I left the house on route to the station, his desolate, pitiful sobbing could still clearly be heard! Poor bitch-boy.

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8 Responses to Chilli Pepper CBT

  1. slave g says:

    My former Mistress used chilli peppers on my balls, She gave me a plate full and made me rub the chilli’s all over them. After a few minutes I was in agony and for the next 24 hours, the pain was excruitiating and my balls were so sore. My ex Mistress then kicked me in the balls and locked me away in Her cage, I was in tears and great pain. She never forgot this experience and always laughed about it and mocked me that I was the most memorial pathetic sight she will never forget, especially with my Girlie tears. I glad I endured this to give Her such amusement and memories, I did love Her so much and loved being Her source of amusement and play toy

  2. donald says:

    What I think would be a interesting fun thing to do to b.b. is after your love making with play toy, wipe off all your love cream onto your panties to make a nice gag with one and use the other to inhale with. That way you can punish him at the same time he gets to taste and smell what he could not have. I also think you could have some fun with tease and denail. Like maybe tied Play toy to a chair (naked) and tied b.b between her legs (head faceing her cunt), and tease her slowly with a vibratory, not letting her cum but to the edge. At the same time b.b is also teased. He can only watch the fluid slowly flow from play toy’s cunt” poor thing”!

  3. tiffanymaid says:

    Unrelated to the Chilli Pepper post . Mistress Scarlet, i am posting here as it relates to recent activity
    . Coir Mat… Following a relatively strict punishment session 3 x 20 strokes paddle/flogger/crop/cane, Mistress Serena fettered me to the punishment chair for 2 hours thereafter. Punishment Chair includes a coir mat on seat. i was hooded and bound, with nettle pouch & muscle rub applied during the session.
    i have to report that whilst the nettles & cream left my clit looking rather sorry, my ass cheeks remain very sore 48 hours on.


    • Oh Mistress Serena is delightfully cruel!
      The coir matting is sooooo effective. After a caning of bb, on her last visit Mistress Jane and I, had bb repeatedly lifting his weight off the matting and then sitting back down and then lifting again, etc. etc. He was in agony. Its funny how lifting your weight off of it brings more pain then just sitting on it. Although, a long period of sitting on it does cause begging after about half hour – especially if the backs of the thighs are involved.

  4. Samantha says:

    Just wondering if BB is enjoying more of your pee. You deserve constant worship and am blown away by your blog

    • bb has to consume my urine at least once a week. As well as licking me clean after I have urinated. He hates it as much as he did the first time though. It is pleasing that he is not becoming conditioned to it. As it happens, this weekend, he will be experiencing the taste of my friend Mistress Jane’s ‘golden nectar’ too.

      Are you a woman?

      • Samantha says:

        i am inspiring to look more feminine but sadly am male. Your BB is very fortunate to have your pee to consume and hope he properly thanks you. The fact that he seems to resist is exciting to here. Maybe he would enjoy making you an elaborate breakfast and then have some pee cereal for himself. You are awe inspiring

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