Depravity Day Equipment

The visit of Mistress Jane and play-toy was a huge success. One unexpected issue of such depravity days, for me anyway, is the need to have double the items of key equipment. The day beforehand I did think about this and had bitch-boy cobble together a second funnel gag, but the bottom line is, today I will be ordering a proper second funnel gag, a second posture collar and a second waist belt – generously supplied with D-rings.

bitch-boy was secured on a bed and often ignored for hours and, during that time, play-toy was also secured on a bed from time to time. Hence the need for the doubling up of key equipment. I like absolute helplessness and immobility when dealing with a bound slave and a good posture collar is an essential item for my standards of bondage. A posture collar also ensures the slave cannot move their head from side to side or down or up when a funnel gag is in use. By funnel gag in use – I mean with urine from a large syringe, spitting or a urine ice chunk.

play-toy experienced first time yesterday, via her funnel gag, spit and a little diluted urine from a syringe. Poor bitch-boy must have drunk a pint of undiluted urine over the 7 hours of his torments. Mistress Jane seemed to like nothing better than sit by his head with a full syringe and slowly squirt the entire contents into his funnel gag – with the sweetest most satisfied smile as she did so – taking her time and verbally abusing him as she pushed the plunger down. Sometimes her urine, sometimes mine and toward the end a cocktail of both mixed together. I will be writing a very long journal entry to detail the very many things we got up to yesterday.

bitch-boy probably thought the extended session of deep humiliation in front of Mistress Jane, play-toy and I, was the worst thing in the world. But after that session, when his stiff little clitty (already covered in nasty bumps from lots of earlier nettles use) was pushed into a fabric pouch full of fresh nettle leaves – well I think he then thought THAT was the worst thing in the world. The three of us did laugh at his histrionics!

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10 Responses to Depravity Day Equipment

  1. notbeinfringed85 says:

    Sounds like a fun time by all, including bitch-boy, even though it’s hard to admit it. While my lovely Wife is not as deliciously cruel as you, nor have I been exposed to the level of pain as bitch-boy, I am expected to endure in complete silence. Sometimes it’s a challenge, with failure meaning something more evil, or “Something to cry about,” as She puts it.

    • You have given me an interesting thought to mull on. bb having to be silent during punishment or worse comes. And I would love to use the phrase, – ‘I told you to be quiet or I’d give you something to cry about. Well, you couldn’t be quiet so now I will give you something to cry about, you pathetic little girl.’

  2. Fluffy says:

    Love the use of the word: histrionics!!
    Might we all hear a sound recording of such suffering when fresh existing nasty red bumps on soft sensitive penis flesh are met with a new round of stinging nettles!
    Respect from

  3. donald says:

    Have you ever thought about buying a portable toilet for b.b. It would be fun to hear you write about all your toilet activities using one. Also may I ask you, have you ever considered having him cleaning your butt after using the toilet?

  4. justaskerofquestions4564645677476 says:

    When you turn BB into baby, is it all about humiliation or do you also get motherly/nursing feelings towards him?

    • I am afraid it is all about nasty, spiteful humiliation. (In the bigger picture, I do get proprietary feelings that I do not want my precious source of so much pleasure and amusement to ever get damaged in any way that would inhibit my pleasure and amusement.)

  5. donald says:

    I am sorry I asked the second guestion to you. That was a very disgusted guestion to shoot at you. Please forgive me.
    I do’nt thing you would be that nasty to b.b

  6. westfal says:

    Oh the way you describe Mistress Jane’s approach to tormenting b.b. is so captivating MsScarlet!

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