Forced Feeding

I am back from a holiday. Normal service will be resumed.

I received a comment to which I provided the answer below. I thought it was interesting enough to be a blog post.

bitch-boy hates sweet corn. I have force fed him that often. Obviously he gets force fed my piss on an at least weekly basis and my friends’ piss too from time to time. Undiluted liquid or Ice-Chunk. He also is force fed semen/water mix Ice-Chunks. Cigarette ash added to his food is a common thing for him, sometimes including the butts. Eating food from the floor and the soles of my shoes, or the soles of my friends’ shoes is a pretty regular occurrence. So he gets food mixed with piss, spit and my toenail clippings on a regular basis. Whenever possible I make sure he watches it being prepared. So his misery can begin before the first mouthful even passes his lips. And he is always bound, as a minimum, wrists behind back.

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18 Responses to Forced Feeding

  1. del says:

    Glad your’e back. Hope it was fun! Brussell sprouts yeah, know how he feels on that one!

  2. VB says:

    Wow, great stuff. I have often fantasized about forced feeding and all that it entails. Mine centers on forced oral also. Love the idea of OSODD and menstrual forced oral also…..yum.

  3. Samantha says:

    Mistress Scarlet. Your snippets always put me in awe of your perfection and power. It truly wonderful to live vicariously thru your spoiled husband and was curios if you could post a picture of his most dreaded meals. Thank You for Your consideration

  4. chastysissy says:

    In the past my ‘Mummy’ Domme dressed me as a sissy, sat me in a high chair, and fed me wheetabix but made with her warm pee. ‘Mummy’ used a tiny feeding spoon and it therefore took ages – bags of opportunities for humiliating comments and observations to be made. I hated it, She loved it, enough said.

  5. pantymaid says:

    With all superior female due respect, and a curtsy from my position,

    My question is ask with perplexity, but why?


      • pantymaid says:

        Dear Miss Scarlet, with a respectful curtsy,

        I suppose I wonder ” why ” you feed such a loving slave cigarette butts. Or, for that matter, anything so awful. Your golden nectar is a right of passage and an honor, but garbage seems, wrong.

        Thank you for the privilege to answer your question.

        With respect and a proper, humble curtsy, pantymaid

        • Do you not see your biased application of your own perverse personal tastes to the analysis of the situation? Its quite funny. To you piss is acceptable, but cigarette butts are not. I think if you gave 100 people a choice between having to eat a cigarette butt or having to drink someone else’s piss, most would choose the cigarette butt. And anyway surely, what counts is what gives me the most pleasure to see, and him the worst time (because that amuses me the most.) Luckily he hates both piss and cigarette butts. LOL

          • pantymaid says:

            Dear Miss Scarlet, deep deep curtsy

            Yes, I see clearly my contradiction you have correctly pointed out. And I deserve a harsh punishment for wasting your time. What I should have asked is why a loving slave always, seemly, receives pain and misery. But because of the complex nature and the infinite mind sets of both parties it was not and is not a fair question. I deeply apologize.

            With respect and a humble curtsy, pantymaid

          • John says:

            The forced feeding thing to me is one of those areas where fantasy may well be much better then reality. To each their own as they say. If I was with a true dominant as yourself, Mistress Scarlet, I would then have to submit to your amusements as bitch boy does. But like him I wouldn’t enjoy it on the surface. Maybe in my deep submissive core I would. The preparation part is actually the part that pushes the right buttons (maybe for only the first time). Watching you prepare the food, with that expression of glee on your face, while on my knees, waiting like a dog, is thrilling to think of, probably up till tasting the “food”. Then this most likely becomes a dreaded exercise, only enjoyable for you. So I do believe bitch boy truly doesn’t like it and I’m always skeptical of the person who says they enjoy this, whether its cigarette butts or piss. As you said it’s YOUR amusement that matters, so it is what it is.

  6. fluffy says:

    do you ever feed BB tinned pet food? of the dry stuff

    respect from fluffy

  7. Sara says:

    I want to force feed my boy friend, but he is not coordinating, though I made him bondage, he keeps his mouth closed. Give me some ideas to force feed. Also post some photos of the food u feed to your slave.

    • You can keep his mouth open with a Jennings gag, but he will not be able to chew. An alternative if he is in bondage is to attach an electric shock device to his penis (either a dog shock collar or a tens unit) and then begin shocking him until he opens his mouth to take and chew the ‘food’.

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