Slave sunbathing

While on holiday at a secluded South Mediterranean cottage, I sunbathed quite a lot. I also allowed bitch-boy some sunbathing because it’s good to see him with tanned skin. (Obviously when we are sunbathing, he is up and down quite a lot, fetching and carrying – waiting on me hand and foot, responding to my every whim.)

The reason for the post however is about the tan lines I require of bitch-boy. I know that long shorts are de rigueur for men at the moment, but I do not want bitch-boy sporting white thighs and brown shins and calves when he is in one of his little girl dresses which come down only to his hips. That would look ridiculous. LOL. (yes the irony!) But I do want his clitty to be the purest white to complement his born again virgin life. No fucking ever again. So I have had him wear a thong. He does look ridiculous in it at his age but tough! (I sunbathe naked and walk to and from the lounger in mules with a six inch heel and two inch platform, and a large sunhat. That seems to make his denial worse, poor thing.)

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6 Responses to Slave sunbathing

  1. fluffy says:

    sounds like you had a lovely holiday Ms Scarlet 🙂

  2. John says:

    Mistress Scarlet,
    The “tidying up” after my wife is something she seems to be enjoying. Today was satisfying when she came home from work and changed into her gym clothes. I found her work clothes, including her panties, just thrown on our bedroom floor. I gently brought it up to her that I noticed them there and she smirked and replied, “That’s your job to pick them up”. She’s also getting used to leaving her cups and plates out after having snacks, knowing I’ll be picking up after her. When I leave for work in the morning (earlier then she wakes up) I’ve laid out a fresh towel and washcloth in the bathroom for her. When I forgot one day to do it, she text me as soon as she woke up, “Where’s my towel???!!!!!”……punishments thus far have been only having to wait longer for her to allow me to have an orgasm. Also I each week I write her an “apology note” for my transgressions, as submissive as possible, acknowledging her as “my Queen” and ruler of the household. She loves these notes. I’m still trying to be patient, because besides chores, the most she uses me for are her nightly back and foot massages (that drive me berserk, feeling her power over me as I kneel bedside at her feet). She still won’t get comfortable using me to “get off”. I asked her if she really liked oral sex because I would love to do that for her while she denied me of any orgasms. She doesn’t seem to really like it compared to intercourse. Then when we have intercourse I last like two minutes because of being teased for about a week. Any suggestions how I could work on her feeling more comfortable being selfish as far as orgasms.
    Thanks as always.

    • Firstly, if you are ‘still trying to be patient’ then you are not being patient. Nowhere near patient enough!

      Moving on. Some women prefer clitoral stimulation for orgasm, some prefer penetrative stimulation. You could ask her to teach you what her most favourite oral technique would be that you could use on her, just to check if you are not orally doing the wrong thing at the moment, (rather than her not being into clitoral orgasms.) If however she is not into clitoral orgasms, you will have to look at being able to give her orgasms through penetration without cumming yourself. This would enable you to give her multiple orgasms without you cumming. Once she has experienced that, she may well find it addictive. You could try desensitising cream perhaps with, in addition, two thick condoms. You could try using a strap-on so she gets penetrated without you using your penis. You could try just holding and using a dildo but this needs good skill. You could try a cock gag, which you wear and either kneel between her legs and thrust, or lay on your back and she rides it. I guess you could justify whichever option you choose to ask to be allowed to try by telling her you want her to have a great orgasmic experience which you know you cannot give her because you are a premature ejaculater.

      • John says:

        Mistress Scarlet,
        As a spokesperson in a way for Female Superiority i’m thankful You took the stance on this matter of taking my Wife’s side and putting me in my place. Yes i’m nowhere near being patient enough as You said. She will move at the pace She feels comfortable with and if i’m truly submissive i must be happy with that. On the other matter You are also right (of course) that if i’m going to be a “premature ejactulator” and not man enough to fuck Her properly, then i’m going to have to confess this to Her and maybe She will allow me to please Her in the other ways You suggested. i acknowledge that partly blaming Her for the way things are, is not an option. It is more then likely that a poor skill of mine at oral is to blame for Her hesitance to use me for clitorial orgasms. She already wants to put me in panties and a sports bra when we have a “play time” alone together again. She may be thinking of me as a “sissy” already for my shortcomings and as She evolves as a dominant female this may lead to Her cuckolding me. We shall see. Oh i wish i could introduce this blog to my Wife and have Her communicating with You for advice. Your last sentence to me cut like a knife and gave me a first hand look at Your artistry of talking down to a sub. Thank You, thank You, thank You, again for putting me in my place


  3. "p.e." john says:

    Mistress Scarlet,

    Have You ever made bitch boy wear something feminine like a bra and then put him out in the sun? The tan lines would probably be most amusing to You and something that i know bb would dread if the lines were exposed around company.

    • I do love the thought but it has a temporary permanency, if you see what I mean and during it being permanent, I might need him exposed but not want it seen, like a medical emergency.

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