‘Too Pervy’

I know lots of bloggers use their blog to vent, but normally I resist doing so. I also know I should not care about this, but here’s the thing. I now have my only one star review on Amazon! The only review there is for Volume 8 of my journals on the Amazon US Kindle site, is as follows.

‘Too nasty no journeys into sub space body fluids and cigarette as he don’t f-ing do it for me. I guess it just goes to show that lifestyle fetishists are really f-ing pervy’

If the review said the writing is poor, or the content monotonous, or the content was not believable, I would have no problem. But this? And a one star as the only review! I am on the verge of publishing Journal No.9 and its a lot of work dealing with the vagaries of the LULU.com and Amazon publishing systems and it makes you wonder if its all worth it! (Although actually, I must berate myself on that, because its a lot of work for bitch-boy. I instruct him to do all the tedious stuff! Although if he was not engaged in that, he could be engaged in something else for my pleasure or amusement. LOL)

Oh well.

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17 Responses to ‘Too Pervy’

  1. Property of Ms Lee says:

    Like many others I am guilty of not submitting a review for my purchase of your awesome journal. I just submitted a well deserved 5 star review of Journal 2 and I’m waiting for it to be “processed”.

  2. Scott says:

    You often use the word “I” when “me” should be used and you often finish questions with a period rather than a question mark. Otherwise, I think you write very well.

    • So interesting that you should highlight these two things. I wonder what you will think of my response.

      I am aware that ‘me’ would be grammatically correct on specific occasions when I use ‘I’. However, I have a reason for doing so. In the UK at least, the majority of the aristocracy follow this incorrect grammatical affectation and I therefore use the affectation to form a link, (subconscious at least), between a sense of aristocracy and the status of Mistress.

      There is a protocol in progressive public sector communications that where a grammatical rule might make comprehension of text less easy then that rule should be broken. I therefore use a period (full stop) when what is apparently a question is rhetorical and so is not, as a matter of fact, a question. For instance ‘Governess Sarah will really make you sorry later, won’t she.‘ When the phrase is spoken the final intonation is low. If it was a question the final intonation would be high.

      I find this approach interesting. Some of which is mainstream protocol now, for instance starting a sentence with ‘And’ and putting a comma before ‘and’. Anyway, thank you for your comment.

  3. burke lang says:

    Your work is excellent, but Amazon doesn’t allow anonymous posts and makes it difficult to set up a dummy account.

  4. derek says:

    Mistress Scarlet, please do not be put off by the ignorant unimaginative and bigoted comments from one sad individual. Be angry of course and perhaps vent it in the best way you know (poor bitch boy!). I feel guilty that I have bought every volume of your journals so far and have selfishly not left one review. I look forward to volume 9 and will make sure that I leave a review that does justice to your writing and the fascinating and ever evolving relationship and lifestyle you live. Keep up the good work.

  5. Rick says:

    i have bought and read all your books, i enjoyed them all! I never leave reviews on amazon but wanted you to know that i read each in one or two sittings! I found them to be well written and very stimulating. I am a submissive and appreciate both your deliciously sadistic side, while often wishing i was in bitch boys girly outfit. Please keep them coming , i look forward to #9.

  6. Scott says:

    Hey I wrote a 5 star review for vol 5, USA amazon…
    ‘Sweetest Pet in the World’


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