Maximising the humiliation

Thank you all for the 15 replies providing suggestions for sourcing ridiculously long eye lashes for bitch-boy to wear when I make him dress as a little girl and then play with his dollies. I was a little disappointed that a good number of the suggestions directed me to USA sites. I guess I assumed it was clear from my spelling of words like colour – among other things, that I am in the UK. However a special mention to Derek, Doug and Slaveboytoy for coming up with the best options which I will pursue. Also a special mention to Vajk for going back to my original post on bitch-boy’s false eyelashes and tracking down the maker Stargazer. However, I could not get the site to work for a purchase, but respect to the deductive thinking and effort.

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9 Responses to Maximising the humiliation

  1. Alusian says:

    i apologize that my links were in the U.S. If you’ll give me a P.O. Box or whatever the UK equivalent is, I’ll order for you and re-ship them to you at my expense.

    • Many thanks for the generous offer, but I will check out the potentially good UK options given to me first. I say that with a little sadness because the lashes you found with little pink bows on are just FABULOUS. It would have been so great seeing those on bitch-boy. (Great for me, not him! LOL) I may yet order those from the US site and pay international shipping rates if they do that. Thank you again.

  2. crystaltvco says:

    Most Americans are not bilingual like i am. I speak American and British. So the colour of the brolly as You sent Your toy struggle in heels to pub for bangers and mash takeaway. Then onto the cinema to watch a film.


  3. slaveboytoy says:

    Thank You Supreme Mistress Scarlet for Your extremely kind acknowledgment of this lowly boy’s efforts on Your behalf.. Those who follow Your continuous progress in taking delicious and very necessary pleasure in perfecting bitch-boy transformation into a most delightful ‘humiliated play toy’ for Your totally justifiable delectation, amusement and comfort, as he goes about his monotonous daily routines and chores, interspersed with justifiable ‘punishment treats’, to keep him on the very constraining ‘straight and narrow’, fully appreciate and delight in You taking Your Precious time and trouble in sharing every perfect detail along the way with us..

    ‘bitch-boy’ is so very honoured & lucky to be the subject of Your ‘extensive care’ and Attention,
    long may Your Quest for Maximising Your Delicious Sadistic Perfection & Pleasure continue,,
    thank You once again.

  4. Scott says:

    I don’t understand the aversion to U.S. stores. I always make sure they ship internationally before posting links to their store. I am in the U.S. and have recently received goods ordered from The U.K., Germany and China.

  5. Lucy (Bob) says:

    I am fascinated by your blog Ms Scarlet and read avidly everything you write.

    I too live within a D/s relationship with my Mistress and have never been happier.
    We have been together for just a year now so early days and things are still developing.

    I have showed your site to Mistress Tanya as She is insistent that I become feminised.
    She has now incorporated a few of your ideas and I know many more will follow. Maybe
    I will live to regret showing Her your site.

    She loved the idea of me wearing false eyelashes and I just wanted to say that we had no
    problem purchasing some from the Stargazer site. I wear them everyday now.

    She is really taken by your Rotary Washing Line duty and has asked where she can find
    the details of exactly what bitch-boy has to do. I was ordered to make a search of your
    posts and it seems it is in one of your journals. I am not sure which edition and am hoping
    you can advise us so that I may purchase the correct one.

    In the meantime I am busy moving the line to a different location in our garden so that
    it is not in full view of nosy neighbours..

    Thank you again fro your wonderful site.

    • It sounds like Mistress Tanya and I would get on wonderfully. There is a full description of Rotary Clothes Line Duty in the entry in Volume 5 entitled ‘A Very Hard Day for bitch-boy’.

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