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Give you something to cry about!

I read this tiny snippet the other day in an otherwise mundane piece. But this snippet really hit the spot! A DFT Domme was explaining one facet of her punishment regime. (DFT – see 26 July blog post).

At times, I choose that my husband has to be silent during a punishment. I instruct him to be so. I then make sure he fails to be quiet. It is such a pleasure to then use the phrase: – ‘I told you to be quiet or I’d give you something to cry about. Well, you failed to be quiet, so now I will give you something to cry about, you pathetic little girl.‘ The punishment then continues to an extended level and he is free to make as much noise, and to cry as much, as he likes!

Journal Volume 9, Distribution restrictions

I am afraid that Volume 9 is not available in the iBookstore, or with Barnes and Noble, or NOOK or Kobo etc, and probably never will be. It is likely that it will only ever be available on and on Amazon Kindle. Although have distributed my previous 8 volumes and my short stories volume to these other retailers, I am unable to get Journal 9, through their partner distribution censorship filters relating to extreme sexual acts etc.

Go figure?

Domestic-Fem-Tyranny Images – Photographic directors please pay attention!

So, I was not alone in my views on the low ratio of images out of all the Femdom images that are on the web, that actually depict real life, at home, Female Dominance. The large number and quality of comments on my last post was such a pleasant surprise. They are worth a read if you have not done so.

One issue which arose was that perhaps the lifestyle I and many others live should have a different label to that of Femdom as Femdom on the web now stands mostly for leather and latex clad women putting in huge effort to meet the fantasies of the ‘sub’ they are with. DarkHorseSub suggested the label of ‘Scarlet Doctrine’. I am flattered by this but so much of what I do has been stolen from lifestyle Mistresses that have come before me, and are active now, that I could not be associated in good conscious with a new label. So the title of this post indicates the potential new label we are looking for. But there must be many clever readers of my blog who could come up with a better label.

So, current Femdom photographic and video directors please take note. There appears to be a large market which is not being satisfied. A market which wants to see videos and photo-sets of scenes in the bathrooms and kitchens and sitting rooms and gardens of everyday homes. Where the dominant woman or women are wearing everyday attire, (although a little smart and sexy will be OK). And wearing heels, or faux riding boots or Uggs. And these women are relaxed and partially ignoring their naked or petticoated sub. These women may have a cruel, satisfied smile playing on their lips, or may be engaged in reading, or checking their fingernails, or watching TV or talking on the phone or kissing their girlfriend. Their sub will look very unhappy and submissive and be wearing a chastity device. He will not be a muscle man, or a large cocked stud. He will be stood in the corner, or in extreme bondage and gagged and blindfolded, or cleaning shoes, or cleaning a floor, or ironing, or playing with his dolls, etc.

Favourite Femdom Images

I was trying to work out what it is about some Femdom images, (photos or drawings), that I find so much more affecting than the vast majority of images. I think I have determined the two factors that do it for me and it made me wonder whether the two factors do it for me simply because they represent key aspects of my life, or whether others may share my predilections even when their lives are absent these things.

Images I like the best have the following things in common. The setting is an everyday home. The Domme or Dommes are utterly relaxed, no matter what they are doing. The sub is clearly being dominated in a manner in which he would rather not be. The Domme/ Dommes are dressed in relatively everyday clothes, (and ideally, have heels on, or flat heeled faux riding boots or Uggs. The sub is naked or dressed in a very humiliating way, or is in severe bondage. For perfection, the sub is being partially ignored, which I have mentioned before. I think these attributes, for me, represent the perfect Femdom lifestyle. It goes without saying that were images to be taken in my house, they would just about always portray these attributes.

It is shame then, that comparatively speaking, so few Femdom images on the web contain these attributes. So I was wondering whether I am in the minority and the ration of such images represent that. Or am I in the majority but the image creators are out of step with the majority.

The Cruellest Routine!

Some time ago I mentioned in a post that Mistress Jane had come up with a delightfully cruel routine for bitch-boy to have to follow – for the rest of his life. I had saved the detail of the routine for Volume 9 of my journals. However I feel the idea is so fantastic that  I must share it on the World Wide Web! – this new duty of bitch-boy’s devised by Mistress Jane.

So bitch-boy has a duty. A never ending duty. He must make sure that every sheet of toilet paper I use, has handwritten on it by him, the words – ‘It is an honour to serve and to suffer.’  Twice a week he spends his lunchtime while I am at work, unrolling a long length of the toilet paper roll, writing on each sheet and then rolling it back up again. We have two bathrooms, so he has to make sure two rolls are always ‘topped up’. He also has to make sure to remove these rolls and replace them with plain paper when we have vanilla guests visiting.

The sense of decadence each time I use the toilet and reach for the paper is sublime and gives me a delightfully powerful, wicked and heartless feeling. What a wonderful mind Mistress Jane has!

Photo of sensory deprivation bondage

Here is a photo of bitch-boy on holiday in his daily period of total sensory deprivation (TSD) bondage. A minimum period of an hour, often two or three. The bondage period always begins with either an application of nettles or Deep Heat embrocation cream to his teased, desperate clitty. Release from the bondage is always commenced with a dickie-discipline session. I often visit him briefly and lay next to him to bring myself off and then leave him alone again. Blind, deaf, immobile, gagged and enjoying the drip, drip, drip of one of my slowly melting piss ice chunks in his funnel gag. While I lay outside in the sun reading, it brings such a sense of relaxed, profound power knowing he is inside in his TSD bondage for as long as I please. I am such a bitch!

photos of bitch-boy

I mention in Volume 9 of my journals (see previous post) that while on my 2015 Summer holiday, I played with his boy’s-bits while watching a DVD almost every day – for at least an hour. I was comfortably propped up on pillows on the bed, my legs over his calves, and my hands just teased and tickled throughout the hour plus. Obviously he was sexually denied and desperate and as you can see, securely bound and in sensory deprivation, (and there is a small cock-gag inside the leather hood too). For some reason I find this pastime so very relaxing and arousing. I have to bring myself off at some point (with the DVD on pause) almost every time I play with his boy’s bits. I should mention that I have noticed that the entry on my summer holiday, which is the final entry, does not appear on the contents page. I may publish a second edition some time in the future to deal with this, but it may not be worth it.

Journal 9 available on Kindle

I would first mention that if you have a choice as to which outlet to purchase my journals from, please use All other outlets reduce my royalty by around 60% less than from

Also, I see second-hand paperback copies being sold for double the cost of a new paperback from!

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Amazon V9 copy

Now published: Volume 9

Volume 9 of my journals is now published on as a PAPERBACK and eBook. It will appear soon in all other outlets including Amazon Kindle.

As a result of Play-toy’s wonderful arrival in my life there are some detailed accounts of Lezdom, as well as the usual Femdom. I think by word count this is also the longest journal.

I do hope it is enjoyed as much as most readers have enjoyed my other journals.

Amazon V9 copy