Maximising the humiliation

Well, just to finish off the false eyelash saga! The three options have all arrived and only one pair actually are large enough to truly maximise the humiliation. So, Derek is my knight in shining armour. These are just wonderful. Other lashes look of equal size in the web shop photos but all the others were around 30% smaller. These winners are one inch (25mm) long. Stargazer seem to have ceased making the ones I originally had which is a shame as they could be reused again and again.

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3 Responses to Maximising the humiliation

  1. Fredrick Smith says:

    Never really been sissified but would love to be Mistress sissy bitch for her amusement. I love wearing panties 24/7.

  2. pierre says:

    Have You thought about putting sissy on a daily regimen of Latisse = it really does seem to work nicely 🙂

    • Its a good thought, but even if they grew a bit longer and a bit thicker, they would not come close to the false lashes I have him wear. And the side effects look a bit scary.

      A great thought though!

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