Now published: Volume 9

Volume 9 of my journals is now published on as a PAPERBACK and eBook. It will appear soon in all other outlets including Amazon Kindle.

As a result of Play-toy’s wonderful arrival in my life there are some detailed accounts of Lezdom, as well as the usual Femdom. I think by word count this is also the longest journal.

I do hope it is enjoyed as much as most readers have enjoyed my other journals.

Amazon V9 copy

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3 Responses to Now published: Volume 9

  1. tiffanymaid says:

    O/our ( Mistress Serena & i ) copy has been ordered. Delighted to hear the word count is up…..never enough !
    A huge inspiration.

  2. Roberts Email says:

    Ok how do I get volumes 1-8. I don’t do kindle or fire or any of the e readers?? My MASTER has ordered her sub to obtain these for her reading and reviewing pleasure and hopefully to further her skills in controlling dominating disciplining and training her sub. Thanks in advance. Keep the great info coming my MASTER enjoys and uses your info.



    • You can get all my publications on They sell each journal as a paperback as well as an eBook. Here is a LINK. There are 3 pages, you just need to order the paperback versions of each journal.

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