The Cruellest Routine!

Some time ago I mentioned in a post that Mistress Jane had come up with a delightfully cruel routine for bitch-boy to have to follow – for the rest of his life. I had saved the detail of the routine for Volume 9 of my journals. However I feel the idea is so fantastic that  I must share it on the World Wide Web! – this new duty of bitch-boy’s devised by Mistress Jane.

So bitch-boy has a duty. A never ending duty. He must make sure that every sheet of toilet paper I use, has handwritten on it by him, the words – ‘It is an honour to serve and to suffer.’  Twice a week he spends his lunchtime while I am at work, unrolling a long length of the toilet paper roll, writing on each sheet and then rolling it back up again. We have two bathrooms, so he has to make sure two rolls are always ‘topped up’. He also has to make sure to remove these rolls and replace them with plain paper when we have vanilla guests visiting.

The sense of decadence each time I use the toilet and reach for the paper is sublime and gives me a delightfully powerful, wicked and heartless feeling. What a wonderful mind Mistress Jane has!


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11 Responses to The Cruellest Routine!

  1. David says:


  2. westfal says:

    So creative!……she has a knack for this sort of thing like you.

  3. David Jurado says:

    With all due respect mistress, I feel very disappointed with this task, it could be SO MUCH BETTER. The idea is totally great, but the picture you posted is what absolutely disappointed me. It has so much potential. If I was your slave, I would put a lot more effort in this. This is what I would like to do:

    For starters, I would take the last week of december to make a design of what I’m going to do to each paper sheet. It would be a project, and I would really focus on that. I will go around town looking for different types of paper rolls (they should be comfortable and let me do my job), different types of pencils, pens, anything I could use on paper sheets to make the design (and of course, don’t ruin the paper, the paper should not become useless, my work shouldn’t be inconvenient for you in any way of course). I would work really fucking hard that whole week, maybe even reduce to half or less my sleeping time, to make the best designs possible that takes me between 1 and 5 minutes each sheet (maybe even more, if I see it needs to be so). The first day of the year I would present you my whole project, what designs I’ve made, I will tell you how much time does each design require and why, where did I got inspired to do each design, I will answer any question you have, etc. It would be just like I was presenting a project to a company. Needless to say, each design has to be nice, it should be time-saving (I would have to work hard in each sheet to make it on time, it’s not like I say it takes 5 minutes but it’s because I’m going slow, it should be hard work). Of course, anything that you ask will be in the design, if you want a kitten somewhere in the each paper sheet it will be, if you want a shark every 16th paper sheet it will be, anything that you ask will go. Other than your requirements, I will have total artistic freedom (but those requirement I can do them in the best way I see fit), the only think it would be a good idea to have in the middle of each paper sheet in each design the words ‘It is an honour to serve and to suffer.’ written, thats the only thing that will always remain, seems very appropriate. You can also ask me to have 3 good designs, or 2, or just one, or 10 (But you would have to take into account though that the larger the number, the quality of each desing will probably drop, I thnk it would be better to have just one or maybe 2, that way you can be fully demanding). A really important part of all of this is that you will need to be VERY demanding, you will never take less than 9 out of 10, and even then you will be dissapointed and will have to increase my chastity time, only if I do 11 out of 10 or more I might get some reward, that would mean I would have to exceed your requirements. My project has to accomplish every criteria you have, it has to be creative, original, nice, it should be really hard work, thats the most important thing. I will probably have a back up plan, if you don’t feel at least 9 out of 10 with the project I presented to you, I would need to present to you a design that takes more time that will fulfill your criteria (for example, if you feel like my 5 minutes design is not enough to fullfill your demands, I would have a 10 minutes desing that probably has a higher chance to fullfill it). This project would be the most important thing in my lfe, there is nothing more important than this, that’s my place, making sure that every single stain of your sweet poop is worshiped the best way possible, that’s the higher I can aim in life. I think that’s very humbling, it really is my true place in life, I have no doubt. That’s why you should make sure I do it right, if I can’t even do that I’ll better die, so you if I fail to meet your criteria, then you will have to punish me like never before, the punishment should be just incredible, it has to push me to the limits of human pain, and actually, even further than that. I will be completely thankfull because that would be such a great help in my task really, you will give me that punishment in order for me to be scared enough to make a design that you will accept, I don’t even think it would be a punishment, it would be a great help from your part, it will allow me to achieve my greatest purpose, at least to get close to it, but of course, I will never get there. There is no amount of worship that’s even slighty worthy of your sweet poop, I can only dream about it and give everything I have, I know it’s actually nothing compared to your sweet poop, but you are a loving goddess, you know what are my limits, that’s why you will give me the chance to do it, but you only will take the best I can give, and I will be greatfull for you to settle with that which is truly insignificant againts your greatness.

    That was just for starters. Every year, the project would be bigger. For example, the second year, I will start with the project the 2 last weeks of december, the third year I would take me the whole month. I will be working on that the whole year eventually. Each year, the new design (or desings) has to take longer than the year before, and of course, be better. The other previous designs will not be discarded though, the first paper sheet will always have the first design, the one of year 1, in year 2 the first design and second one will be interchanged, the third year the third design will be added. Each year, you would be able to see how much the quality of each design has grown. In 10 years, I hope some of design take me at least half an hour, and as you roll through the paper you can see ever growing quality, beautifull desing for you to wipe your magnificent bottom. At some point. I would love to have every sheet covered with a different design, each better than the one before. For your birthday, I would love to have at some point so many design that I can give you a roll full of different 1 hour designs, and the last 10 sheets to have 10 hours designs. I think that would be the best thing I could do in my whole life. I would really put my entire soul into it. Don’t you think tht would be great?

    I feel that some of the task that you give bitch boy are pointless, I know you love those kind of tasks, but is it really worth it? I wouldn’t like it, and it’s not because I would think it’s boring, because it’s not, your commands are always great, but because I don’t really feel like it would be servicing you. I’m a true slave, you are a true goddess, and as a true slave my life is geared to service a true goddess. Playing with dollies and sensory deprivation is not really working for you, it’s a waste of time since I could be giving you some ind of service, it wouldn’t fullfill my existence to waste time that way. Any kind of service would be great, going to work to earn money for you to spend, doing all the housework, fetching thinks for you, and directly worshiping my goddess is what I was created for, to be used as a tool. I think creating those designs and drawing your paper rolls should be the only thing I should be doing when you are not using me as a tool, since it is my place in life.

    I feel so lost withouth a goddess, I haven’t found my goddess yet. It is also my opinion that a goddess like you shouldn’t have just one slave, that’s ridiculous, there is no amount of slaves that could worship a goddess enough. Wouldn’t you take more slaves? It’s the only thing that makes sence. I for example will gladly be one in a million, as long I get to serve you in any way. It would be the greatest honor to do that paper roll task, too be able to worship your poop. Its so sad I haven’t found a goddess…

    • I fear you will remain lost without a goddess while you tell Mistresses like me what is a waste of time for them, and what they should want. Bitch-boy playing with dollies and in sensory deprivation is working for me perfectly. It is exactly what I want. Exactly. I am sure bitch-boy may feel it does not fulfil his existence but I am not doing what he wants to fulfil his existence, I am doing what I want to fulfil mine and he has to endure that. Him enduring that makes bitch-boy a true slave. You only appear to want to be a slave on your terms. That does not make you a true slave at all. You have a lot to learn if you want to be a slave that a Mistress would want to own. I hope you do learn and then find what you seek.

      • David Jurado says:

        Exactly, you are correct. That’s only what I would like to do, like I said at the beggining. I only described what I think a loving Godess would do, but you are not necessarily a loving godess, you are more of a cruel godess, which is completely fine. Of course you would need to make your own personal arrenges, but don’t you think there are good ideas mixed in what I said? The task is completely and utterly geared to worship you in a god like way. Not even that, it’s eared to worship your poop! The status difference would be at it’s max, I can’t think of anything that would mark a greater difference. Not even the god of the bible gets worshipped that way, nor any other god I know. You would actually have the status of a goddess, it would be undeniable. So I don’t know, you should at least think about getting bitch-boy to spend more time on those paper rolls, at least get him write in each each sheet that phrase from top to bottom, that would be cool too and would also mark a great status difference.

        • I get what you are saying. The problem I am having is that I think you assume that if bitch-boy is spending minimal time on the toilet rolls then he swans about not serving me and has some free time to himself. It is not like that. If I had him spend hours on the toilet rolls then he would have to stop serving me in some other way in order to find the time. If that was not the case, then I would want him to do much more as you describe regarding the toilet rolls. BUT – the fact is that his time is finite and I would not want him to stop spending his time on anything from our current routines. Tidying up after, replenishing, housework, laundry, earning money for me, suffering hours of TSD bondage, suffering hours of playing with his dollies, maintaining my beautiful garden – which he is expert at but really does not enjoy doing at all, etc. etc. The fact that he has to annotate every single sheet of toilet paper I use – ticks the toilet paper box for me. I hope you can understand.

          • David Jurado says:

            Whatever you feel is best mistress, I was only hoping that I could be helpfull, I’ve seen before that you aplied some of the ideas people send you in your personal life, and it seems it always make you happy, I just wanted to do same. It’s always a pleasure to me serving my superior females, I’m trying to fully take my role as a servant of women, I apologize if I inconvenience you in anyway by trying to do so, I would more than gladly follow any instruction you give so I don’t make the mistakes again.

            In my daily life I get every little chance to help my superiors in whatever I can. For example: I’m at uni, and I always make sure to do all the group assigments with females, making sure I do all the tedious work and give them total freedom to do whatever they want. Most of the time, I end up doing all the job myself and give them all the credit. Last semester an article that I wrote was so good that it got published on the university’s magazine, and my partner got all the credit even though I did more than 90% of the job. I was so happy to see her name on the article (and just hers, because the article that we were supposed to write were going to compete in a contest, and only one name could be added to it, I just got the grade but not any recognition) and getting praised in front of the whole university, the principal of the university congratuated her in front of everybody, the university gave her some kind of diploma for writting skills since it was the best performance ever by a student of the university in that contest. It was the best in my life, she was really happy and that will help her in her career. I still dream about it. Sadly,I didn’t won that contest, I was not top 3 either, I just got into the top 10 best articles, the top 3 articles got prices, an Iphone, a computer, and the first price was a travel to Paris with all the expenses and a writting course. The first place would have been perfect.

            All of my money goes to women, buying them food, drinks, chocolate, little gifts, buying gas to to drive them home, giving them expensive birthday presents. I couldn’t do that before because my ex was here with me. She’s an submissive, and she finded a domme that can fullfill her need, I’m so happy for her and for me, because I wasn’t really all that happy with our relationship, it wasn’t really her servant because I was getting sex with her, she was not really in control, and that’s not what I wanted. Since she moved, I’ve been free to take my role as a full time servant of women, I’ve even found some of them that will ask me favors and use me without having me having to offer it. I’ve been able for the first time to serve mature women, which is one my biggest desires, since they are the one that hold the most experience and for me are the most valuable human beings, that is also something I still dream about. Of course, powerfull women like you are just different, you are worthy of godlike worship.

            Where I live it’s really hard to find a domme, someone that will own me, I live in Colombia and fetishes like mine are uncommon, most people here don’t even know what sub-domme relationships are. The only thing that I can do is getting into a vainilla relationship and then teach her how to get her inner domme out, but that often doesn’t works. In the meantime, I will always serve all of my superiors, and I would be specially thrilled to be able to serve you in any way. I’ve been reading for the last week your blog, I’ve read pages upon pages, and it has made me so happy to know that women like you don’t only exist in my mind and dreams. You are just so powerfull, it’s unbeliable, it doesn’t even seem real, you are the most powerfull being I’ve ever known. I really needed to inform you that nothing would make me happier than serving a goddess like yourself, at any time. I humbly accept that my nature as a man is to please the likes of you. I’m just a disposable slave that will be pleased to be used by someone so mighty and praiseworthy.

            • I am very pleased that you are giving time and money to the women around you. That attitude may find you the woman of your dreams.

              I suggest however, you do not give money or buy things, but just donate your time and effort. There are a good number of nasty women around who will take money from a submissive and behave very selfishly, but it will not be in a dominant way the sub eventually finds fulfilling. And when the money is gone, the woman will disappear too.

              One of the stories in my short stories published volume is about a boy on a campus. One of my fans commented it was the most moving femdom writing he had ever read because of how it chimed with his weaknesses perfectly.

              BTW, I do not believe your story about you winning a writing a competition. Here are a small selection of the mistakes in your comment. I caanot believe an award winning writer would write in such a sloppy fashion.

              I just wanted to do same.
              I’m trying to fully take my role as a servant of women,
              to help my superiors in whatever I can
              I end up doing all the job myself
              the article that we were supposed to write were going to compete in a contest,
              Sadly,I didn’t won that

              All of the commas in the following should be periods.
              It’s always a pleasure to me serving my superior females, I’m trying to fully take my role as a servant of women, I apologize if I inconvenience you in anyway by trying to do so, I would more than gladly follow any instruction you give so I don’t make the mistakes again

              The best way to find a Domme in your situation, is to continue to donate your time and effort to the women around you and also get onto BDSM contact websites. If you do the latter, be careful not to send home address or revealing photographs!

  4. westfal says:

    Yes indeed, endurance as described is such an important quality for a true slave to possess and as b.b. has for the enjoyment of his so tyrannical MistressScarlet.

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  6. sissy jamieanne says:

    Certainly bitch boy is most honored and privileged to be permitted to perform this most tedious task for You, Mistress Scarlet! To know his time spent is making You smile and adding to Your sense of power and his feelings of subjugation to his Owner makes the time spent sooooo worth it! I do hope he has sincerely thanked Mistress Jane for Her inventiveness and helping to make him a better slave!

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