Domestic-Fem-Tyranny Images – Photographic directors please pay attention!

So, I was not alone in my views on the low ratio of images out of all the Femdom images that are on the web, that actually depict real life, at home, Female Dominance. The large number and quality of comments on my last post was such a pleasant surprise. They are worth a read if you have not done so.

One issue which arose was that perhaps the lifestyle I and many others live should have a different label to that of Femdom as Femdom on the web now stands mostly for leather and latex clad women putting in huge effort to meet the fantasies of the ‘sub’ they are with. DarkHorseSub suggested the label of ‘Scarlet Doctrine’. I am flattered by this but so much of what I do has been stolen from lifestyle Mistresses that have come before me, and are active now, that I could not be associated in good conscious with a new label. So the title of this post indicates the potential new label we are looking for. But there must be many clever readers of my blog who could come up with a better label.

So, current Femdom photographic and video directors please take note. There appears to be a large market which is not being satisfied. A market which wants to see videos and photo-sets of scenes in the bathrooms and kitchens and sitting rooms and gardens of everyday homes. Where the dominant woman or women are wearing everyday attire, (although a little smart and sexy will be OK). And wearing heels, or faux riding boots or Uggs. And these women are relaxed and partially ignoring their naked or petticoated sub. These women may have a cruel, satisfied smile playing on their lips, or may be engaged in reading, or checking their fingernails, or watching TV or talking on the phone or kissing their girlfriend. Their sub will look very unhappy and submissive and be wearing a chastity device. He will not be a muscle man, or a large cocked stud. He will be stood in the corner, or in extreme bondage and gagged and blindfolded, or cleaning shoes, or cleaning a floor, or ironing, or playing with his dolls, etc.

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12 Responses to Domestic-Fem-Tyranny Images – Photographic directors please pay attention!

  1. darkhorsesub says:

    No doubt this isn’t original on my part but I’m going to chip in “Domestic Gynarchy”.

    • I don’t know why I am this keen to find a resolution? Perhaps it is because I like words so much. But I am becoming geeky over this!!!

      Domestic Gynarchy would have the meaning of household female authority . Very good, but it misses the oppression and selfishness because ‘authority’ can be wielded benignly.

      Domestic Tyranny would have the meaning of household control in an unfair way, but does not include the female element. Perhaps Female Domestic Tyranny? FDT?

      I suppose its academic anyway because it is unlikely that my blog and its dear followers could be the instigators of a new global label in the world of relationships, sex and pornography. Interesting though.

      • darkhorsesub says:

        ‘Tyranny’ does seem to have the widest semantic coverage across absolute authority and wanton, arbitrary cruelty that seem to be necessary here. I shall consider myself as FDT fan from now on.

        I don’t suppose the scarcity of material is connected to the lack of a snappy genre title to date,; we can but hope. If you build it, they will come (or not, depending on the strictness of the chastity regime 😉 and besides, a bit of geekiness never hurt anyone.

  2. housework boy says:

    Ms Scarlet

    Your wisdom of what real life femdom tyranny is always to me how a true relationship should be. Yes I completely agree with your views on dress, and although some like it and no doubt find it satisfying I think so called fetish wear is ridiculous.
    As you describe you and your Mistress friends, nice smart clothing that wouldn’t look out of place in a restaurant or wine bar is just wonderful. And yes the faux riding boots are so appealing especially when you know they have been polished by a degraded male.
    The male clothing is very shaming, designed to create the maximum embarrassment for you and your guests to laugh at. This is either as sissy as possible or CFNM in front of a beautifully dressed Lady as yourself.

  3. subbieforgoddesL says:

    Like the idea a lot- with the videos/photos. Might be an idea for me and my queen too.
    That is as well the dream of a lot of subs and is the daily life of some who connect with a real sadistic, cruel domme.

    at first you’re willing to do everything to get to that state… the deeper you get, the more it becomes part of you. You allow someone to model you and to react to every little word cause it gives pleasure… something tingles in the neck area- at least in my case- and i follow mindless.

  4. punkahwallah says:

    I think You have described the perfect arrangement beteen a Mistress and Her slave. She loves being served and pampered, but cares not one whit for his discomfort and suffering. He is devoted, hardworking and obedient; resigned to Her sadistic nature. He does not enjoy the pain (for that would not be real torture) and he works hard to avoid it. But when the inevitable happens, he savours the memory of it. Domestic happiness!

  5. westfal says:

    Such an insightful and provocative post as some nascent and aspiring Dommes looking into this lifestyle must wonder about the whole thing from viewing the porn and internet portrayals of it …….i know a few who are very conscious of keeping this a strictly no-hassle relationship dynamic in line with your own approach MsScarlet……am not sure this needs such a new name from FemmeDomme as much as the internet and common portrayals are more operating under a bit of false advertising better described as male submissive satisfying.

    • The new name was because now that the term Femdom/FemmeDomme has been abducted – and it does not matter what we wish, that is not going to change, we perhaps need another term to define relationships like mine and bitch-boy’s.

  6. westfal says:

    Good point and so unfortunately true………i think that the new title/term needs to encompass the concept of ‘total domestic control’ somehow as that is one big point of differentiation between what i perceive as your relationship with b.b., and the general internet more male-sub-centric FD floating around out there, imo.

    • The dictionary definitions of TRYANNY are:
      1) government by a ruler or small group of people who have unlimited power over the people in their country or state and use it unfairly and cruelly:

      2) a situation in which someone or something controls how you are able to live, in an unfair way:

      So I would say Domestic-Fem-Tyranny (DFT) encompasses total domestic control?
      Obviously I only started this as a light hearted thing, but its hard to let go the thought that the term Femdom is no longer relevant to women like me as it has become a term for, as you say, images of male sub-centric scenes.

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