Journal Volume 9, Distribution restrictions

I am afraid that Volume 9 is not available in the iBookstore, or with Barnes and Noble, or NOOK or Kobo etc, and probably never will be. It is likely that it will only ever be available on and on Amazon Kindle. Although have distributed my previous 8 volumes and my short stories volume to these other retailers, I am unable to get Journal 9, through their partner distribution censorship filters relating to extreme sexual acts etc.

Go figure?

4 thoughts on “Journal Volume 9, Distribution restrictions

  1. I got mine from and am currently enjoying it greatly very much thank you
    Poor BB

    Respect fluffy

  2. Ms Scarlet,
    Am halfway into Volume 9, and am enjoying immensely. I have them all, and appreciate your writing them. bb is a lucky man, to have you.

    A question about your use of interdental brushes: Assuming these are applied inside the urethra, how do you protect the delicate tissue within from infection or trauma?


    gqn4 (sub male)

    1. As they are brushes used for cleaning gums, which may be bleeding and delicate, they are sterile in their packet and while they provide considerable irritation to such a sensitive area, the do not scratch so as to break skin. I have used them for some time and never had a problem. I know Mistresses that use tings like slivers of fresh ginger or nettle stems, and even these seem to cause no problems but for me are far too risky on the infection front.

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