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A Serious Sadist Visits

We had a new visitor to my home today. It was not surprising that bitch-boy did not sleep too well last night. Mistress Justine is only 21 years old. She is a petit, Scandinavian with a tiny waist, pretty face and large dark eyes, long dark lashes and very long, luxurious dark hair. Her very dark eyes are like large black pearls. She lives in the UK, splitting her time between London and another location. I had met her for a drink earlier in the week. Mistress Justine has had an interest in dominance and sadism ever since her early childhood although she would not have known how to label her feelings then. She has been a part-time dominatrix since the age of 19 and is a true sadist and serious Mistress. She does not allow her clients a safe-word. She is an expert with the single tailed whip and asked if she could demonstrate her expertise on bitch-boy and to quote her, ‘……. I’m of course not an utter psychopath, but I do like to go hard when I get the chance.‘ I, of course, agreed enthusiastically to the demonstration and I passed this information onto bitch-boy so that he had plenty to fret about.

You would be right to question why such a perfect fantasy figure of the BDSM world would wish to visit me and my submissive who is old enough to be her father with a decade to spare. Her reason to do so is a demonstration of her very high intelligence and inspiration.

She took on a submissive male slave a few months ago who she refers to as ‘it’. When she and I met for a drink she advised me that ‘it’ had coyly admitted to having been a dedicated follower of my blog for years and ‘it’ had venerated me from afar for my treatment of bitch-boy. Mistress Justine therefore wanted to show it just how omnipresent she was in ‘its’ life by unexpectedly appearing on my blog, having met me and joined me in abusing bitch-boy for an afternoon. Thus showing ‘it’ that there was no aspect of ‘its’ life she could not invade. Surely no slave deserves such amazing inventiveness and absolutism. ‘it’ is an exceedingly lucky and privileged slave indeed! Mistress Justine is as imposing a Mistress as it is possible to be! She told me that it had had two previous Mistresses and one had even branded it, but it felt (despite the branding!) that they were really just playing and not true Mistresses. In Mistress Justine, it has certainly found a TRUE Mistress. ‘it’ is caned hard for infractions, including unintentional infractions.

Once Mistress Justine had changed and settled into my sitting room, I brought the literally trembling bitch-boy in to meet her. He was dressed in his full little girl outfit. His deep, deep shame and humiliation at being introduced to this beautiful, young, dominant woman, dressed as he was, his little bells tinkling, was unmatched! I felt so very, very powerful putting him through this profoundly hideous ordeal. I absorbed every scintilla of the wretchedness he radiated and while I did so, my sadistic pleasure levels surfed the highest waves. I had had two orgasms even before leaving to pick Mistress Justine up from the station, such was my sadistic arousal at bitch-boy’s state of anxious fretting.

Let me cut to the chase. Despite the delightful Mistress Justine’s almost childlike voice and calm demeanour, she is the most sadistic female I have ever met when it comes to whips, paddles and canes. Among all of the punishments bitch-boy received, simply for her pleasure, (and mine in watching), two stood out. The first was the application of my thin dressage whip to his inner thighs. He now sports many, many parallel lines of broken skin up and down each inner thigh. So much pain! The second was her ‘goodbye’ caning. His buttocks are striped, swollen, inflamed and bruised. Throughout these agonising treatments, Mistress Justine’s eyes radiated pleasure and an intensity of purpose (to inflict real pain) that I have only seen fleeting glimpses of before in fellow Dommes. It was mesmerising and exhilarating to watch her concentrated, relaxed devotion to gaining pleasure from inflicting agonising pain and these emotions in me were magnified by the power I felt in gifting bitch-boy to her to suffer so.

When I returned from dropping Mistress Justine at the station, I had to have two more orgasms immediately, such was the perverse eroticism of the afternoon, heightened by observing poor bitch-boy’s ‘battle scars’ as I sat in my bedroom chair, thighs splayed wide.

Mistress Justine’s slave most certainly has a Mistress who is not playing! And through this vicarious delegation of my heartless power this afternoon, I can see that bitch-boy is so, so in awe of me.

Teasing, Denial and Fretting

If you are a regular reader of my blog or published journals you will know that bitch-boy is kept in an inescapable penis tube 24/7 and the usual state of affairs is that he gets to cum once every ten days to two weeks. He only ever cums when in extreme bondage and after some serious dickie-discipline. Sometimes he goes much longer without cumming! I have just finished a journal entry for Volume 10 of my journals, (which amazingly will be published very soon as there has been so, so much to write about since Volume 9 was published). In this, just completed, journal entry I set out an event which meant poor bitch-boy only got to have a spoiled orgasm – after 17 days of denial. It was spoiled because that was the whim of Governess Lexi (Play-toy) at that time as she stood smiling and watched.

Anyway, all of this is rambling, only slightly relevant, background. I was posting to mention two things.
First, I am working very hard on my athletic body at the moment and it is in tip-top shape. In the mornings I walk around in a black, totally see-through dressing gown and a pair of black mules with six inch heels and two inch platforms. Poor, desperate bitch-boy can hardly look in my direction, it frustrates him so, but like the helpless submissive he is, he cannot help himself but stare, (and torture himself) LOL. It is delightful to wield so much cruel power just by walking around, or standing with a hip thrown to the side, or standing with my butt pushed out towards him, just a little bit. Among other morning rituals, it does ensure a very pleasant start to my day, and I am sure, all day even though I am not there, keeps bitch-boy focused on my needs, and reminds him how ‘lucky’ he is to be my slave and cuckee.

Second, bitch-boy is fretting so very much today because we have a new visitor tomorrow and I am sure he is very right to be fretting so much! I cannot write more today for a specific reason, but tomorrow evening I will provide a detailed blog entry on the day’s events.

A submissive sleeps well!

During an exchange between us, a commenter, punkahwallah, made the following comment:

I have often mused on how it might be possible actually to humiliate someone who enjoys being humiliated. I think you have nailed it!

I was dealing with an issue that is conceptually tough to grasp which is not surprising because, on the face of it, it is a considerable paradox. I am probably foolish and arrogant to say that my years of experience have given me a clear insight into the mind of a truly sexually submissive person, but here we go!

Here is my comment to which punkahwallah referred when he said I have nailed it.

………. To be clear, he does not enjoy my more regular treatment of him. [I would say he enjoys no more than 5%, measured in duration, of my treatment of him!]

How it works is that he is submissive to his core (as is my submissive female Play-toy). When someone is submissive to their core, they need to feel powerless and controlled by another person. The best way to prove to a submissive that they are TRULY being controlled by another person is to subject them to things they really, really do not like. So, when a day of enduring what he or she did not like for most of the day, is finally at an end, the submissive sleeps the most sound and contented sleep in the certain knowledge that they are under the strict, merciless control of someone else. It is a considerable paradox because anxiety over what they will be subjected to the next day, is likely to make them sleep even more soundly!

Sometimes submissives do get aroused when they are enduring something they hate because they get that feeling of being helplessly in the control of another. It is a paradox, but I hope I have explained it.

Cuckolding all the way

I have arranged with my Play-toy for her to stay over for the night on her next visit. At bedtime, she and I will make love in the ‘marital’ bed while a sissified bitch-boy stands in his mincing pose, in chastity restraint, and watches. My lover and I will then sleep in the marital bed while bitch-boy sleeps on the floor. If my lover and I use any toys he will have to lick them clean. He will get up early to tidy the house and then bring us coffee in bed, at the time we have decided we wish to be woken up. He will be in no doubt as to his cuckolded, bottom of the pile, status! Poor bitch-boy.

It gets worse than I said!

I should have finished off my last blog past regarding what I do with bitch-boy.

When I wrote -‘……until I visit him and tell him his dolly has fallen asleep and he can leave the bedroom and come back downstairs…‘ I should have clarified that he is only allowed downstairs to say night-night to any guests I may have present and then he is taken back upstairs and put to bed next to his dolly. In considerable bondage. And this may be as early as 6:00pm. Poor bb.

Making sensory deprivation worse!

I received the comment below. I felt it is so good that it should be shared as a blog post.

I often spend hours at a time in a sleep sack, and my Girlfriend/ Owner decides upon different ways to make the time difficult. Her latest idea, which I think you will like Mistress Scarlet involves me speaking humiliating phrases. She voice recorded 15 different phrases or her saying things such as…you are a worthless worm……..what are you? There is enough time at the recording for me to be able to repeat the phrase. The 15 phrases are then put onto a shuffle and continuous loop on my in ear phones. Gimp mask is then put on , one with no eye holes. Then indisutrial ear protecters over the hood. I am then left for hours to verbally reinforce my own place in life. I have absolutely no idea if She is in the room or not so I have no choice but to keep repeating my phrases.

Now I absolutely love humiliation and bondage and loss of control. But….this particular task is torture. Having to talk aloud constantly for hours is physically difficult, my throat gets dry and it’s tiring. The gimp mask causes resistance to my jaw which makes it more difficult. The most difficult part however is the constant stimulation of hearing my Owners voice giving me the verbal abuse I crave over and over. It prevents me from getting into sub space. On occasions my Owner allows me to enter deep sub space in my sleep sack. When I reach this place I can spend hours and hours in bondage and feel like I’ve done 10 minutes. But the speaking task prevents me from drifting into sub space. So I feel every so I feel every single minute of the bondage. It is complete mental and physical torture. And I have absolutely no idea at any point if I am even being listened too. I hope you consider my idea Mistress Scarlet

I have to say I love this. The aspect of this slave not knowing if he is being watched, is a little like when I have bitch-boy take his dolly up for a nap and he has to sit in the bedroom, monitored by the video baby monitor, and read from Mallory Towers to his dolly, until I visit him and tell him his dolly has fallen asleep and he can leave the bedroom and come back downstairs. At the end of every page of reading, he has to ask his dolly if she enjoyed that page, and answer pretending to be his dolly. Lisping throughout the whole thing of course. I am downstairs and he does not know if I am even bothering to observe him on the monitor receiver screen or not. (I will normally glance at the screen every ten minutes or so.) But he does not dare take a rest from his deeply shaming task because, were it to be noticed that he was taking a rest, the punishment would be extreme indeed!

Back to the comment – This twist on sensory deprivation bondage is so cruel and so fantastic. And I could use the video baby monitor rather than having to visit my gimp.