It gets worse than I said!

I should have finished off my last blog past regarding what I do with bitch-boy.

When I wrote -‘……until I visit him and tell him his dolly has fallen asleep and he can leave the bedroom and come back downstairs…‘ I should have clarified that he is only allowed downstairs to say night-night to any guests I may have present and then he is taken back upstairs and put to bed next to his dolly. In considerable bondage. And this may be as early as 6:00pm. Poor bb.

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11 Responses to It gets worse than I said!

  1. harmony says:

    Lucky bb. I would give anything to have a wife like you.

  2. Sweep says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet,
    You mention that when bb is given a task to complete under the supervision of the baby monitor he knows that, should you see any non-compliance, there will be a much worse punishment. Would you mind elaborating a bit?

    It looks like you have “for your entertainment” punishments, the ones you frequently write about here, and “because bb has transgressed” punishments, which I know less about. It looks as though, at least on some small level, bb is stimulated/aroused by the FYE punishments. I’m guessing it’s not true of the BBBHT ones? Do you ever even have to resort to them, or is bb too well behaved? And are the BBHT ones a chore for you, or do you look forward to them even more, given that I imagine they entail greater discomfort for bb?

    I’d love to know more – apologies if you’ve covered this in a previous post and I’ve missed it. In my own relationship, in which we both switch, we never go beyond the FYE type of punishment, but I fully get your calm and clear replies to comments on other posts, ie that complete submission is only really felt when there is the occasional punishment that goes beyond what the sub desires/needs/”enjoys”!

    Kind regards,

    • bb is not stimulated or aroused by any of my punishments. Those days are long gone. In the past, if I did think he was then that punishment was dropped or made so much more extreme that there was no stimulation or arousal. The point of a punishment is to deter a future similar transgression. If it is not bad enough to deter, it is not an effective punishment. This is no game!

      One of my more extreme punishments would be, for instance, six months without being allowed a proper orgasm. Just prostate milkings or spoiled orgasms – for six months. Another might simply be a caning of 100 or 200 strokes spread over an hour or so. I have done all of these at one time or another.

  3. Sweep says:

    Thank you for the further information! I chose my words poorly regarding stimulation/arousal – you have made it clear that bb does not enjoy any of the punishments, but you have also mentioned that his submissive soul does crave and need a certain amount of punishment. This was what I wanted to refer to by implying he enjoyed your more regular treatment.
    Thanks again for your reply.

    • OK. To be clear, he does not enjoy my more regular treatment of him.
      How it works is that he is submissive to his core (as is my submissive female Play-toy). When someone is submissive to their core, they need to feel powerless and controlled by another person. The best way to prove to a submissive that they are TRULY being controlled by another person is to subject them to things they really, really do not like. So, when a day of enduring what he or she did not like for much of the day is finally at an end, they sleep the most sound and contented sleep in the certain knowledge that they are under the strict, merciless control of someone else. It is a paradox because anxiety over what they will be subjected to the next day, is likely to make them sleep even more soundly! Sometimes submissives do get aroused when they are enduring something they hate because they get that feeling of being helplessly in the control of another. It is a paradox, but I hope it makes sense.

  4. Sweep says:

    It is a paradox isn’t it? You have made at least as much sense to me as I have ever managed to make of my own contradictory feelings! Thank you very much for taking the extra time to elaborate.

    I don’t know if you realise just how fantastic it is to be able to read about a couple taking this lifestyle to such a full time existence, which many of us wonder about but could never maintain. And to be able to ask questions too!

    Kindest regards,

  5. westfalen says:

    So true MsScarlet as i think that is fundamental to having a good F/m – Mistress/slave relationship, accepting and understanding that paradox as you describe it, for the enjoyment and benefit of both parties…….as it certainly is outside the range of mosts’ understanding nor common sensical for sure.

  6. westfalen says:

    But maybe most accurately to view it, F/m-M/s that is, from the realistic prism that it is outlier desires, needs, and behaviors compared to the general norm; that is a certain small % of men are genuinely deeply submissive and maso or capable of enduring sadism say, and likewise a small part of the women populace are genuinely dominant and sadistic, but for those people, such a relationship is completely in their own normative and desired behavior………just different strokes for a small segment of the population…..and for those of us as such, there is no real need to ‘understand’ it , as the desire just is and feels right.

    • I actually have a different take on it. (An aside is that I think a bigger slice of the male population than a few percent may be submissive.) But anyway, my main point is that I think a huge percentage of people have it within them to enjoy being dominant and sadistic. I always quote several facts, including:
      (A) The consistent existence of school yard bullies, male and female, even pre-pubescent, who bully simply for the pleasure of it.
      (B) The ease with which torturers appear from every race and creed in situations of war. People who before the war had normal lives.
      (C) The women I have known, including me, that did not become sadistic dominants until later in life.

      So sadistic dominance lies dormant in most people (with average or above average intelligence and sophistication) and I strive to make the dynamics ‘understandable’ so that all those currently ‘normal’ people who are married to and in love with someone they find out is deeply submissive, might be able to both, learn how to keep their submissive spouse fully content, and evolve into enjoying fully being dominant and sadistic. Thus turning two mundane lives into two extraordinarily contented lives. So this is why I strive to have people ‘understand’ it.

  7. westfalen says:

    Excellent points indeed MsScarlet…..though relative to the larger population the existence of bullies, schoolyard and elsewhere, and torturers who emerge in different societal regimes, are still imo thankfully small ……but i agree with you as their existence does make the counterpoint that this so-inclined segment is there, and ideally from our perspective might well be transformed more positively into the sexual variety of Dominants and Sadists for improved happiness should they be blessed with submissive and/or maso partners

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