Intimate photos of bitch-boy’s chastity

I know many of you wished to see bitch-boy’s little clitty locked into its tube restraint through the acrylic piercing ring. Well your wish has come true.


Not a pretty sight!

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18 Responses to Intimate photos of bitch-boy’s chastity

  1. gimpboy-pink says:

    WoW must be so uncomfortable when an erection tries to come on! Nice idea,

  2. Cagedcuck says:

    How does that keep him from masturbation?

    • An erection is painful and the pain all but eradicates a desire for ejaculation as the pulsing of the ejaculation would create even more pain. And there is no manipulation possible of the foreskin.

  3. jen smith says:

    That is a nicely simple device! Is that a DIY chastity cage?
    I have a similar loop of flesh on the underside of the tip of my boy part as a remnant of circumcision. I know that some people get piercings with similar effect.

    I’m curios, is bitch-boy’s a piercing, or maybe also from circumcision, or something else?

    How long do you make him wear it?

    • He is not circumcised. It is a frenum piercing though the skin, not the flesh. He has to wear it all the time except when it is removed for his teasing and dickie-discipline and occasional orgasm. He only ever has orgasms when in serious bondage and following considerable dickie-discipline.

  4. Rita says:

    On the contrary, IMO it is a most efficient solution to the problem of a male playing with himself. It also leaves plenty of flesh exposed to be teased or tormented depending on your desires. Congratulations on fitting him with such an elegant device.

  5. Fluffy says:

    Wow what an interesting insight Ms Scarlet!
    So the homemade device pushes back his foreskin, exposing his vulnerable helmet, and the black ring goes behind his sensitive frenulum and comes through the gap in the homemade device, permitting the sealed locked to keep it on.

    Does it hurt him if he gets excited?

    Respect from

  6. Bigmsscarletukfan says:

    What is the device made out of? What did it start out as? I’m Super intrigued!

  7. David says:

    How do you get his clitty small enough to install and remove the tube restraint? Is it challenging? Are you always involved?

    • He does it himself, I am in the same room but usually do not pay him any attention. It is helpful if his clitty is cold. He must not be aroused at all. He gets it in with great difficulty, feeding the foreskin in first and then pulling the tube back so the head pops out through the tube and foreskin all at once. Until he learned this technique he found it very, vey difficult. He still finds it a challenge though, but hey, not my problem.

      • azblueeyes says:

        Dear Mistress Scarlett,
        I love the tube restraint. Can you tell me where to purchase one? Is it a DIY project form a hardware store or a specialty purchase? My pet has difficulty keeping a regular chastity cage on because one of his balls occasionally disappears inside. I want to keep in reliable chastity.
        Thank you for any advice.

        • It is homemade. If you get your slave pierced with a frenum piercing or Prince Albert piercing, you can make any cage work as well as a tube by chaining the head of the penis inside.

  8. westfal says:

    So simple and effective.

  9. Dan says:

    Looks like a great way of keeping him locked.
    We have tried lots of different things, this seems like a great solution.

    I was just wondering what diameter the tube is and how often do you remove it for cleaning?

    Thank you

    • To find the internal diameter you need, I suggest you make your penis cold with cold water or ice. Then measure the diameter of the shaft just behind the head. That is the internal diameter you need. That will be so small that it will require the technique I have set out to get it on. Any bigger though, and when you get really cold, for whatever reason, the tube would be too big.

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