Cuckolding all the way

I have arranged with my Play-toy for her to stay over for the night on her next visit. At bedtime, she and I will make love in the ‘marital’ bed while a sissified bitch-boy stands in his mincing pose, in chastity restraint, and watches. My lover and I will then sleep in the marital bed while bitch-boy sleeps on the floor. If my lover and I use any toys he will have to lick them clean. He will get up early to tidy the house and then bring us coffee in bed, at the time we have decided we wish to be woken up. He will be in no doubt as to his cuckolded, bottom of the pile, status! Poor bitch-boy.

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8 Responses to Cuckolding all the way

  1. fileclerk10 says:

    This sounds wonderful for Y/you all!

  2. Subhubphx says:

    Poor bitch boy? I wonder

    • Well if he was not locked in a restraint and denied sexual relief for long periods, and if he was not prohibited from ever having real sex again – his whole life, and if he did not suffer the deepest humiliations and nasty punishments in front of and by his young Governess as well as from me, then I think he would adore watching his wife having sex with another woman. But what he will see will be a physical manifestation of his now very marginalised and insecure lowly position in the pecking order. He will feel his one-way dependency on me, allowing him to remain my slave only for as long as he serves and amuses me. I can guarantee he is desolate about the development. And of course topped off by his new overnight location of sleeping on the floor.

  3. fileclerk10 says:

    Lucky sissy! And i hope You have a wonderful night Ms Scarlet!

  4. westfal says:

    Bringing in a female lover for you MsScarlet is such a good way to reiterate his slave status as it seems you want to make the point so clearly.

  5. punkahwallah says:

    I have often mused on how it might be possible actually to humiliate someone who enjoys being humiliated. I think you have nailed it!

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