A submissive sleeps well!

During an exchange between us, a commenter, punkahwallah, made the following comment:

I have often mused on how it might be possible actually to humiliate someone who enjoys being humiliated. I think you have nailed it!

I was dealing with an issue that is conceptually tough to grasp which is not surprising because, on the face of it, it is a considerable paradox. I am probably foolish and arrogant to say that my years of experience have given me a clear insight into the mind of a truly sexually submissive person, but here we go!

Here is my comment to which punkahwallah referred when he said I have nailed it.

………. To be clear, he does not enjoy my more regular treatment of him. [I would say he enjoys no more than 5%, measured in duration, of my treatment of him!]

How it works is that he is submissive to his core (as is my submissive female Play-toy). When someone is submissive to their core, they need to feel powerless and controlled by another person. The best way to prove to a submissive that they are TRULY being controlled by another person is to subject them to things they really, really do not like. So, when a day of enduring what he or she did not like for most of the day, is finally at an end, the submissive sleeps the most sound and contented sleep in the certain knowledge that they are under the strict, merciless control of someone else. It is a considerable paradox because anxiety over what they will be subjected to the next day, is likely to make them sleep even more soundly!

Sometimes submissives do get aroused when they are enduring something they hate because they get that feeling of being helplessly in the control of another. It is a paradox, but I hope I have explained it.

8 thoughts on “A submissive sleeps well!

  1. Thank you for the explanation. I have to defer to Your superior knowledge – indeed, to Your superiority in every way. When I read this post I felt that my short comment was a bit naive, my humble and heartfelt apologies for this.

  2. I have given your comments a lot of thought over the last few days. It might seem that I’m a bit think, but the penny just dropped today. You are saying that, if someone is submissive ‘to their core’, they will willingly obey and submit to things that they absolutely hate. When this happens, the submissive is at peace because they know that they are completely controlled by another. They have found how to express their true nature, so to speak.

    When I dream of being someone’s slave, I am actually dreaming of doing things that I would quite like, housework, waiting on her, gardening and cleaning, etc. etc. Since the penny dropped I have been trying to imagine what it would feel like, to be told to do things I truly hated. For example, it is my dream to serve a woman, but I would hate to serve a man. What if a Mistress loaned me to her boyfriend, or I were to serve a couple and give honour and obedience to the man as much as to the woman? Could I show my love and submission to her by serving him in a context that I detested?

    I think of myself as being deeply and naturally submissive to women. But you have made me question that. I would like to be, but it would be a much tougher journey than I imagined.

    Forgive me for a long response, but your post in reply to my glib comment has – after a suitable delay due to male stupidity – given some real insight. So, thank you!

  3. And so if one differentiated it by orientation, b.b. is more submissive certainly than he is masochistic, though that certainly comes with the territory under your hand, and kinky or fetish driven…..such an important fundamental drive of a long term genuine slave which he certainly has become under your hand.

  4. And then in that case of b.b. not being maso, his acceptance of your sadism such as it is, presents itself as even more of a stronger display of his deep submission to you…….though i suppose if he was maso also, that might allow for a wider arena for your sadistic pursuits perhaps MsScarlet.

  5. Ah, indeed then a better way of putting it might be his ‘ endurance’ of your sadism perhaps….and it highlights his devotion to you in that he endures such while not being a natural maso himself (bb) , though i suspect it now being part and parcel of his beloved and heartfelt submission to you, makes it to some degree indiscernible to himself.

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