Teasing, Denial and Fretting

If you are a regular reader of my blog or published journals you will know that bitch-boy is kept in an inescapable penis tube 24/7 and the usual state of affairs is that he gets to cum once every ten days to two weeks. He only ever cums when in extreme bondage and after some serious dickie-discipline. Sometimes he goes much longer without cumming! I have just finished a journal entry for Volume 10 of my journals, (which amazingly will be published very soon as there has been so, so much to write about since Volume 9 was published). In this, just completed, journal entry I set out an event which meant poor bitch-boy only got to have a spoiled orgasm – after 17 days of denial. It was spoiled because that was the whim of Governess Lexi (Play-toy) at that time as she stood smiling and watched.

Anyway, all of this is rambling, only slightly relevant, background. I was posting to mention two things.
First, I am working very hard on my athletic body at the moment and it is in tip-top shape. In the mornings I walk around in a black, totally see-through dressing gown and a pair of black mules with six inch heels and two inch platforms. Poor, desperate bitch-boy can hardly look in my direction, it frustrates him so, but like the helpless submissive he is, he cannot help himself but stare, (and torture himself) LOL. It is delightful to wield so much cruel power just by walking around, or standing with a hip thrown to the side, or standing with my butt pushed out towards him, just a little bit. Among other morning rituals, it does ensure a very pleasant start to my day, and I am sure, all day even though I am not there, keeps bitch-boy focused on my needs, and reminds him how ‘lucky’ he is to be my slave and cuckee.

Second, bitch-boy is fretting so very much today because we have a new visitor tomorrow and I am sure he is very right to be fretting so much! I cannot write more today for a specific reason, but tomorrow evening I will provide a detailed blog entry on the day’s events.

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5 Responses to Teasing, Denial and Fretting

  1. fluffy says:

    we do like it when you have BB fretting Ms Scarlet 🙂

  2. westfal says:

    Nice touch that b.b. is only allowed his periodic cumm-ing when in strict bondage as that enhances your control and ownership of him and his dickie:)

  3. Master David says:

    I would love to be under such control my cock turned over to a dominant woman.I beg to feel utter humiliation at hands of a female.Please will a cruel domme enslave me I promise 100 per cent surrender.I have lived as a Master until this new year I am begging to submit to a person of the sex I so wrongly and cruelly dominated in the past.Please punish me humiliate me deny me pleasure enslave me as penance for past injustices I cruelly inflicted on the superior race.I am so sorry and beg no mercy only the terror of horrible subjagation and enslavement.Destroy this dom publiccally disgrace me ruining my position as Master for ever after.ca

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