photo of Mistress Justine

This post is just for you slave Ria. I am posting it because Mistress Justine wants to really ram home to you how she is capable of permeating even your favourite blog. Below is a picture of her only she could have given me. And here is a picture of you only she could have sent me, that Mistress Justine wants all the world to see.
Mistress Justine sends you her love.

zinet copy - Copy

xxxzin copy copy - Copy

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5 Responses to photo of Mistress Justine

  1. Jarrod says:

    I have to say the thought of you two ladies together, taking into account both of your stunning beauty, Bitch boy and Tia have a world to be thankful for. The shear Power the two of you must project just looking so amazing is without question, undeniably a site to worship and be thankful for. I love this mind game Mistress Justine is playing with her slave. Can’t wait to read about the two of you having fun at bitch boys expense in the next journal Mistress Scarlet. Women so rule!

  2. harmony says:

    Wow, Mistress Justine does not look like she could do such a good job as she did on slave Ria. I am envious of him.

  3. punkahwallah says:

    Mistress Justine looks fabulous in that dress and shoes; slave Ria less so covered in welts! You are kind, Mistress Scarlett, to share this story.

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