Cuckolding weekend

Well Play-toy is coming over for the weekend. bitch-boy will experience around 5 hours of total sensory deprivation (TSD) bondage, white noise and all, while I have my wicked way with Play-toy. Then Play-toy will transform into Governess Lexi and bitch-boy will be the centre of attention as two spiteful, heartless bitches humiliate and abuse him until bedtime. (He will wish, very much, that he had remained in his TSD bondage!) Then he will witness more cuckolding in the ‘marital’ bed before we all settle down to sleep. Lexi and I cuddled in the ‘marital bed’, fully sexually satiated, bitch-boy on the bedroom floor – sexually denied and frustrated.

I have dug out his old CB6000 chastity device which he will wear once we are ready to settle down for the night. For some reason I think it will be amusing to see him fully encased . (I add a silver chain through his piercing ring and into the padlock when he wears his CB6000, just to reinforce its inescapability.) Sunday will be a repeat of Saturday.

bitch-boy’s thighs are still bruised purple and yellow from Mistress Justine’s visit but I know I will not be able to resist punishing them over the weekend. His bottom is still bruised from Mistress Justine’s visit but that did not stop me caning him last night for failing to do a chore I had set him to do while I was at work yesterday. I did have to gag him because of the existing soreness and because I am now caning much harder.

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7 Responses to Cuckolding weekend

  1. slaveboytoy says:

    A most delicious & perfectly enjoyable weekend for You Mistress Scarlet and Play toy,
    bitch-boy surely ought to thank You regularly throughout, for having the wonderful privilege for suffering and serving You both..
    perhaps he also ought to politely request that he is permitted to suffer without any mercy at all from both of his Superior’s as You deepen and extend the colour of his beautiful bruising and cane marks?

  2. fluffy says:

    will the weekend include a last hurrah for the 2015 crop of nettles too Ms Scarlet?

  3. westfal says:

    Sounds like a fun weekend for all….or at least for most of you all:)

  4. westfal says:

    Such a worthwhile triad dynamic you have established there for all:)

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