Cuckolded in the ‘marital’ bed!

I could not resist posting this (amended) image drawn by the delightful, talented Lady Carole on my Tumblr site. It almost exactly matches bedtime Saturday night this weekend in my house. The only difference is that bitch-boy was in a pink little girl’s dress coming down only to his hips.

There is so much to write about this weekend just gone, but I am in a hurry. I will just mention that if my memory serves me well on past events, bitch-boy set a new record for suffering total sensory deprivation bondage with white noise, piss ice chunks (until I ran out!) – the whole works. 6 hours ten minutes Saturday afternoon/ early evening.

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7 Responses to Cuckolded in the ‘marital’ bed!

  1. PinkPantiesonMe says:

    I Just don’t understand how Tumblr is operating since Yahoo took control. I subscribe /follow ur Tumblr account but I have never seen your account come up in my feed. ?

  2. ravi says:

    u cd have him compose and record songs in little girl’s voice.u can use this during tsd bondage.

    • hmmm. Perhaps recording a long exchange/session when Governess Lexi and I are maximising his little girl humiliation by having him perform various things would be good to have on a loop during TSD.

  3. westfal says:

    Yeah for pushing time records for bondage and TSD for poor b.b.:)

  4. Underherthumb says:

    Just found your wonderful site and look forward to more posts, thank you

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