Ignored monthly orgasm

I saw this image from a video about a real life cuckolding wife and her husband. I thought about adapting the method shown for bitch-boy but decided against it as, for the last three years plus, every single one of his orgasms has been while in severe bondage and after a session of nasty dickie-discipline. That has to be his way of life now. So good for his complete subjugation to my will. It would be such a shame to interrupt the lengthy duration that has now passed.

However, my imagination was ignited as to the back story to the image. If I had another regime for bitch-boy, in another life, how would it go? Here are my musings.

Another life regime

Poor pansy-cuck gets a proper orgasm on the 31st of each month. Yes, that does mean no proper orgasm during February, April, June, September and November. It does get a prostate milking or Magic Wand release every three weeks while its cock cage is still locked firmly in place. The cage only comes off for its proper orgasms.

The date was 31st of May. I had passed pansy-cuck the key and instructed it to remove its cock cage and stand in the corner, arms folded behind back until I could be bothered to deal with it. The previous night I had had a torrid, exhilarating night with my current lover. I was reading an excellent novel relaxing on the sofa. It was very warm and I had partially disrobed. I finished a chapter and spoke coldly to pansy-cuck.

‘Pansy-cuck, get over here and get it over with then. You know the drill.’ I moved my hand so the open palm was ready for it. I returned to my excellent novel. I could hear it panting. What a treat it had to see so much of my body while it was masturbating. Without taking my eyes from the pages of my book, I spoke with spite.

‘Come on, get on with it. I haven’t got all day!’ I heard its panting reach a crescendo and then felt the warm splatters as its filth dropped into the palm of my hand and pooled in the centre. Its breathing began to return to normal. I spoke with the same spite.

‘You have exactly two minutes to wash that disgusting object and get your cage locked back on. Go!’ He very quickly returned to me and the scent of soap gently wafted by. He put the key on the arm of the sofa. I did not speak. It knew what to do. It began to lick the palm of my hand clean. It hates doing that. That’s why it’s good for it to do it! I eventually felt my hand was reasonably clean. I then felt the wet-wipe being gently applied to my hand to properly clean it. I spoke calmly.

‘I hope you enjoyed that pansy-cuck. That’s it now till 31st July. I do spoil you letting you have any sort of sex life at all. Perhaps I’ll prohibit it all together in due course. Only prostate or Magic Wand spoiled orgasms? We both know it’s not good to spoil a pansy-cuck husband. Now thank me for my kindness and then fuck off out of my sight and get on with your chores.’

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17 Responses to Ignored monthly orgasm

  1. tomilina says:

    Dare I ask what he will get on February 29th next year?I also have a suggestion for an activity You can impose on bb: Take advantage of the cooler weather and the static electricity in the air. he could be made to prance across the room, “on display” and touch the naked penis to some piece of metal. Then, shiffle back to the other side of the room to do the same. You could try different footwear to produce the most static electricity. I hope you can use this suggestion in some manner. Thank You.

  2. fluffy says:

    or perhaps one year of ignored orgasms followed by one year of only permitted orgasms on the 31st via performances in front of you and your sisters with is blowup girlfriend and chiming bells – just to make sure if BB hates one more than the other, but doesn’t tell you, he doesn’t get to get away from the one he hates the most

    respect from

  3. tiffanymaid says:

    Mistress Scarlet *curtsy*
    i would be most grateful if You could explain the Magic Wand method (whilst in chastity)
    Thank You

  4. Callum says:

    Have you considered writing erotica?

  5. mddiane says:

    I have to say that I absolutely love this. However, I’m not keen on promising a “proper” orgasm each month. That should remain up to me. I’m thinking of continuing the orgasms while in the cage using my Hitachi, and giving him three or four minutes to clean the cage and get it back on after the orgasm. Thanks for sharing this 😉

  6. lowest of the low says:

    You know, I keep coming back to this blog, so it must be a big turn on to read how you abuse him. But at the same time, the way you treat him is depressing to me. I suppose that’s his problem too: finding something so awful so appealing… Sort of the opposite of the old joke about mistreating a masochist by not hitting him.

    Chacon à son goût.

  7. westfal says:

    Always fun to entertain thoughts of what another life might appear as or have been……..

  8. sissy jamieanne says:

    i absolutely love this scenario, Ma’am! There are several elements that make it severe and proper for a pansy cuck…i love the fact that it’s only “proper” orgasms are on the 31st of the month…this is severely limiting! The corner time with arms folding behind its back and being ignored is an apt reminder of its place. The cold treatment of the pansy while it dealt with its task…the immediate cleanup with no period of “post-orgasmic bliss”…and finally the return to chastity and consumption of the cum! Throughout this whole scenario, the cuck is totally reminded of its place in the world, treated with disdain and humiliation even whilst it is being “treated” to something it should enjoy! Your creativity in dealing with the pansy, submissive male continue to amaze!

    Thank You for sharing this, Ma’am!

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