Titillating Tumblr site

Although I obviously would prefer if the ‘dominant’ old men were not in the photos, I have to say a good number of the photos in this quirky Tumblr site are very appealing.

My mind is sent racing imagining a regime where the Femboys are not ever allowed erections (and in some shots they are actually wearing KTB’s which can be used to condition males to never erect) – but, of course, the Femboys must provide sexual pleasure for others all the time.

Short dresses coming down only to their hips, exposing to all visitors the small, shaved, limp genitalia and the recent cane marks – exactly like bitch-boy! Training on putting a condom on a cock, using only the mouth. An adhesive sanitary pad applied after toileting to keep the pointless genitalia hidden away. Lots of partial ignoring while the Femboy trains itself to take a large dildo up the butt. Mincing pose, holding hems up and out, pinky finger sticking up just like bitch-boy must. Holding a little placard for all to see – ‘I have to be a girl’.

What a lovely site. does any blog follower have any more data on the authoress?

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8 Responses to Titillating Tumblr site

  1. Sissy Candy says:

    i’m afraid not but tis a wonderful site.

  2. jeep g says:

    Love the imagery of dress mentioned (short skirt leaving him exposed and vulnerable), for viewing to guests. Especially, erogenous is the idea of being male hostess for female invitees.
    Don’t care for men, though. And no availability for hard cleaning chores, due to age. But fully available for many other requirements. All and all, good complete description for male management.

  3. jeep g says:

    Please all my means of wage earning was customer servicing. My ex-wife was Head of Household, with the 401(k) and i was responsible for making meals. Betty my mother-in-law would drop by unannounced to oversee my domestic chores. She in fact take advantage of my isolation, and on occasion also was ‘jobed out’ to either Betty’s, or my ex-wife’s female friends. It was they that let spill that on those days, when given $50., for my efforts that my then wife would be “out”. Always wondered why i had to have a plate in the refrigerator on those evenings. Anyway, it was clear that i was the ‘wife’ in our marriage.
    Any chance You could use a male hostess for your gatherings of Women guests, and other like minded tv’s, for Your amusement and service?

    • I already have a male to use don’t I.

      I suggest you work hard at perfecting skills like cooking, housework, laundry, ironing, massage, pedicures, cunnilingus, yard work, gardening. That you earn good money, and are physically fit – that you are not obese. Then seek a mistress by sensitive wooing. In all things, be tolerant, be patient, act with kindness, maturity and wisdom.

      If you are dating a likely candidate, serve her, for instance – start by opening all doors for her, waiting on her hand and foot, doing chores for her, giving her lots of orgasms while you have none, buy her flowers and gifts for no reason. (Do not buy chocolates or candy if she is trying to lose weight – that is lazy and insensitive). Keep all this up until she would miss such devotion were it to stop, then gently introduce the subject in tiny increments.

      If you are not dating, then I suggest BDSM contact sites, but it seems there about 100 submissive men for each dominant woman – so you are in a competition – you have to deserve a Domme to get one. You may perfect all the skills I mention and still not be lucky. Good luck and best wishes.

  4. westfal says:

    Good advice indeed.

  5. Sissy Candy says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    You may also find the images of the artist ‘Prissy’ amuse and inspire you. A collection can be seen here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/14269050@N00/albums/72157600566239913/page1/

    • Thank you. I have always very much like the work of ‘Prissy’. Of course, being like I am I would amend them as follows: Sissy cocks would be little, not large. Squirting would be a very rare event. The sissys would hate to be dressed as they are.

  6. Undermythumb says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet, I hope you do not mind me saying a big thank you to Sissy Candy for the above link, The drawing are excellent, thank you

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