Types of Sadism?

Before getting to the meat of this post, I have a question to my blog followers. I often post a view of mine in a comment in response to a comment I have received on my blog. Sometimes a view I would really like to share with all my blog followers. However, the number who follow my comments is less than 50% of the number who follow my blog posts. So, am I right that followers of my blog who do not follow my comments, do not see the comments I write? [There must have been a less complicated and more elegant way of writing the above!]

Below is something I would like to share with my blog followers that I was going to publish as a comment rather than a blog post. I guess less than 50% of my blog followers would have read it if I had done so?

I consider that there are four types of sadism. Sadistic pleasure from putting someone through endless tedium like when bitch-boy is in sensory deprivation bondage for hours, or having to repeatedly play a Disney Princess board game with his dollies while being mostly ignored, for hours. Then there is the sadistic pleasure from the mental pain of someone you are degrading. By having them, for instance, lick your piss from the floor, pissing on them or having them eat food you have chewed and spat out. Then there is the sadistic pleasure from the mental pain of someone you are humiliating, like when I have bitch-boy perform nursery rhymes with actions, dressed as a little girl, in front of as many mocking women as I can gather into one place. I am certain I have no boundaries for these three types of sadism and I aim for as horrendous as I can possibly make it. Then we come to traditionally understood sadism – pleasure from inflicting physical, kinaesthetic pain. I thought I had no significant boundaries. I found out during Mistress Justine’s visit that that had not been the case. But I am different now! bitch-boy has much more intense physical, kinaesthetic pain to look forward to!

[The above paragraph also happens to be an extract from my very soon to be published Volume 10 of my journals.]

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14 Responses to Types of Sadism?

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh my…and i cannot wait to read about bitch-boy’s suffering at Your sadistic hands, Ma’am! I have only read volumes 1 and 2 thus far, but plan to read all and keep them as frequent required reading for life!

  2. Downlow says:

    I don’t always read the comments, I’m sorry to say. But I will from now on if you think they’re important.

  3. I find myself reading the majority of your comments, I enjoy your blogs and comments very much, thank you!!

  4. darkhorsesub says:

    The issue about subscriptions may be related to how it works depending on whether or not a follower has a wordpress account. If they don’t, then there is no way (that I can find) to subscribe to all comments, only the comments on a particular post, and like subscribing to the whole site, that option is only available in the course of a posting a comment.

    When logged into wordpress you can subscribe to the site and all comments, but that’s literally ALL comments, there is no way (that I can find) for only notifying comments from the site’s author. I would suspect that the number of people who see the comments is much higher than the number who subscribe.

  5. mddiane says:

    I for one appreciate it when you respond to a comment, especially when it either offers another point of view or adds another dimension or idea to what’s already been said. Anything that offers additional food for thought is worth reading. I’d encourage readers to follow the comments.

    I agree that sadism can take on various forms. As I’ve matured and developed into my own role as the head of our household I find myself becoming more dominant and in some ways more sadistic. The sadism I practice is rarely physical but rather, as I see it, is a continuous effort to see how far my submissive is willing to go to please me and as such, testing “her” limits. I recently had sissy keep her chastity device on while going through airport security. It may not sound like much, but for her it was a big deal.


    • It does sound ‘like much’! You strike me as being wonderful Diane. After all it is the things sissys are most frightened or humiliated to do, which are the most fun to make them do. Good for our pleasure and amusement and good for their subjugation and submissive souls.

  6. Cal says:

    I think it can be more easily sorted in to two categories: physical and mental sadism. The painful aspect of subjecting somebody to tedium, to humiliation and to degradation all target the brain directly, bypassing the CNS, as opposed to corporal punishment. The brain is a lot more fun to play with than the body, in my opinion, because your body is not necessarily ‘you’ and what you express as ‘you’ is just the small, conscious region of the brain. Nevertheless, the body is viewed as a reflection of a person’s inner self and as a source of identity, which therefore makes it suitable for bb to be so humiliatingly dressed and so often degraded: this is a reflection of his true identity.

    Of course, bb doesn’t expressly -have- a body at all, and while he may cling on to what’s left of himself inside his own head, 99% of the fabric of his being is yours and you actively exercise that ownership because you are a kind and evil mistress who has shown him the life that he needs to live, and helps him to live it.

    I am not a dom. I read your blogs to put myself in his shoes (imagine what it must take for somebody to be jealous of bb, well here I am). There are many more like me, and as I wish to digest every piece of writing you publish, I and many others do read every comment too.

  7. tiffanymaid says:

    Mistress Scarlet *curtsy*
    Put me in the 50% that follow Your comments, and add Mistress Serena to that category.

  8. sissy jamieanne says:

    Yes Ma’am…I do indeed read the comments…both Yours and Your followers…so much can be learned below the main article!

  9. punkahwallah says:

    Mistress Scarlet,

    I think we can see comments when we are logged into WordPress.com. I always read the comments because they are most interesting. Like you, I do like Dianne’s mind set – terrifying. My whole being would be in riot mode going through airport security wearing a chastity device. Truly, a very intelligent way of imposing torment without actual pain. Thank you for your blog and all your replies to our comments.

    • locked1200 says:

      At the end of October for my annual flight from Canada to my Mexican winter Home the device stayed on this time. 😇
      I have it riveted on so doing the power tool thing seemed excessive.. lol
      As it turns out after informing the security person that I was wearing *personal jewelery * and pointing to my nipple area and crotch… he acknowledged and waved me through the contraption… it went off like a pin ball machine.. lol… turns out I had forgotten that I was wearing a snap button shirt and had also forgot to remove my belt. The device(stainless steel) and nipple jewelery didn’t make a peep… 😎
      We shall see in April how the Mexican security experience turns out 🤠

  10. westfalen says:

    I always read the comments myself and kudos MsScarlet on a nice outline of sadism above.

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