Nine orgsasms and cuckolding

Sunday was a bit of a record setting day. I enjoyed 9 huge orgasms. 3 from bitch-boy’s well trained tongue and 6 from my lovely Magic Wand vibrator. Orgasm number 6 was the biggest orgasm I have ever had in my life! Why so much sexual pleasure? – I think, partly because of Mistress Justine’s visit and partly because cuckolding overnight is now a norm, I have lost any last tiny vestiges of fettering limits resulting from guilt or concern over my deviance from social norms. I feel utterly liberated and free to behave just how I want. As hedonistically and ruthlessly as I desire.

bitch-boy suffered over an hour of me playing with his boy’s bits on the sofa. He did food prep chores in the kitchen while I sunbathed naked. He received a serious punishment session tied face down over the dining table. He did almost an hour of rotary clothes line duty, and I visited him four times to apply the cane for motivational purposes. He spent two hours in Sensory Deprivation Bondage with white noise. He received two applications of Deep Heat embrocation cream to his clitty during that time and a serious ruler session of dickie discipline at the end.

And also in my mind Sunday was that Play-toy is coming over to visit tonight and she is coming over for the weekend which, among other things, means overnight cuckolding for bitch-boy. My girlfriend and I sleeping in the ‘marital’ bed. Him on the floor. As last time, at the end of Saturday night, he will watch us make love in the bed while he is tied to the bed rail. Although unlike the male in the drawing by Lady Carole, he will be in his little girl’s dress which comes down only to his hips.

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3 Responses to Nine orgsasms and cuckolding

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh Mistress Scarlet! You do spoil that boy! A full on day of discipline, chores, rotary clothes line duty, Deep Heat embrocation cream to his clitty and the ruler…and then he got to enjoy the honor and privilege of watching Mistress and Her Lover making love…all while orgasm free himself!

    Kneeling low…nose to the floor in submissive respect to You, Ma’am!

    sissy j

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