Governess Lexi adds torments

Well on Wednesday evening’s visit, bitch-boy endured three and a half hours of sensory deprivation bondage while I ‘played’ with my girlfriend lover,and then we freed him and Governess Lexi wanted to give bitch-boy a mouth soaping. He hated that; gagging and retching his way through the ordeal as Governess Lexi wiped the soap coated flannel over his tongue and in his mouth. Then she held up a glass of liquid and asked him if he would like to rinse out his mouth. He guessed what was in the glass and declined. Governess Lexi made him rinse with the liquid anyway! Twice! She is so cruel. You can guess what the liquid was.

Governess Lexi also came up with another default curtseying rule. She is so clever! The old rule was that bitch-boy must curtsey whenever entering or leaving an occupied room. Governess Lexi thought it would be more respectful if he were to curtsey to each person in the room when entering or leaving. So all night he had to curtsey to me and then to her, on entering and on leaving a room we were in. And of course it is now a default rule which will never go back to the old rule. The ratchet of ever deepening subjugation clicks another click, never to be ‘unclicked’.

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13 Responses to Governess Lexi adds torments

  1. ABitch and Her bitch says:

    We have been long-time followers of this blog but sadly we feel it has, ‘jumped the shark’ and veered off into the realms of the implausible since around the time of the introduction of this sketchy, ill-defined ‘Governess Lexi’ character. This ridiculous, improbable figure seems to have been introduced as a way of repackaging same old scenarios but this time involving someone else.Disappointing as we end up laughing at, rather than aroused by, your updates.

    Running out of ideas and how to take a totally degraded submissive lower are, we feel, overlooked and interesting subjects for discussion. But we can see why you wouldn’t want to discuss that here. We suggest you take a break and hope you get your mojo back soon!

    We don’t expect this post will be approved to your blog but hope you appreciate the feedback which is intended constructively.

    With love,

    A Bitch and Her bitch.

    • Play-toy/Governess Lexi is implausible and improbable and appears too good to be true, but she is real nonetheless. I have met many, many people from the BDSM world in the last 15+ years and I have now found one who is absolutely ideal. Perhaps it was a statistical inevitability given how many BDSM people I have met and ‘played’ with that I would find and form a relationship with one who slotted in perfectly. You are truly missing out by your scepticism, understandable as it is. What would it take for you to accept this serendipitous coming together has happened. She is coming over tomorrow lunchtime and staying till late Sunday afternoon. What goes on under my roof will be the stuff of fiction, but it is actually all true. As you wish to be constructive, I ask you – what evidence would you wish to see to be convinced and also in what way have I painted her as ridiculous?

      And what ideas of how to take a totally degraded submissive lower have I overlooked?

      Finally what motivation would I have to re-package old scenarios. If I had nothing real to post about. I would stop posting. There is nothing in it for me to start making stuff up for my blog. My blog is not an ego trip. My life is my ego trip. I simply post on my blog what happens in my life to try and get as many women as possible to experiment with the lifestyle of dominating a submissive male.

      Thank you for the feedback and please come back to me.

    • Play-toy says:

      I am very much real and I am sure while I visit Mistress Scarlet this weekend, she would be able to take a photo of me whether that is while I am in TSD or whatever, but discrete enough so people that know me would not recognise me. Hopefully that would get rid of any doubts that you may have.

  2. donald says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet:
    I”ve been a fan of yours since the began Ning of your blog. And I would pay no attention to thier comment. There is no way you could really prove anything. So why bouther.
    Just past it off, your not going to convince everone, so why try. Please go on doing your blog, it”s the best i”ve ever read.. and I believe in you. You express yourself so well, and go into detail what you do to b.b. I just love you work.

  3. sissy jamieanne says:

    Shall i assume that bitchboy has properly thanked Mistress Lexi for making his regime more strict and his life more difficult and regimented?!?!? A lot of time and effort goes into the care and disciplining of Your pansy to make him a better and more obedient slave…he should certainly be grateful!

    Thank You for sharing this Ms Scarlet…You are the absolute BEST!

    Most humbly and respectfully submitted,

    sissy jamieanne

  4. mddiane says:

    I’ve read many (not all) of your posts for about a year now and have enjoyed them all. I had my submissive add a link to your blog on our own. So not having read any of your very earlier posts, I’m in no position to judge on whether or not there’s “repackaging” going on. That being said, so what if there is? The introduction of a third party into a committed D/s relationship elevates it to an entirely different level in my opinion. That’s exactly what it’s done to mine. I find myself more dominant than I’ve ever been and happier as well.

    Most times, I wish my own lover was more like your Lexi and join me in the humiliation of my submissive. He hasn’t quite achieved the level of kink that I have, though he continues to improve.

    So please continue with the updates. I for one enjoy reading them.


    • Than you so much for your comment Diane. We really are very similar. I too have found the introduction of a third party into my committed D/s relationship has elevated it to an entirely different level. And I find myself more dominant than I’ve ever been and happier as well.

  5. 11754 says:

    I am an avid reader of your blog and your Journals. I have read Volume 1 and Volume 2 and plan to read the entire series on my Kindle.

    I am the slave of a beautiful, brilliant and very sadistic Mistress. So, I have experienced many of the tortures you describe and can attest to the severe suffering that results.

    I thank you for your detailed descriptions that are contained in your blog and Journals. I know now that the wonderful accounts in your blog are similar to the starters in a restaurant, just a taste of your cruel torture of bitch-boy. I am very aroused by the many methods you use to humiliate and cause him pain.

    Again, thank you for your Journals and blog.

  6. jb says:

    Oh to be cockholded with such completeness, I coould drink you golden nectar with great pleasure – then such your dildo all night long

  7. westfal says:

    It seems to fit so well that your new third is a switch, so she enhances both your’s MsScarlet and bb’s experience from all sides of the Dom/sub spectrum!

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