photo of Play-toy

A_Bitch_and_her_Bitch, (I love that handle – very clever), posted a comment related to my last blog post headed, Governess Lexi Adds Torments. Their post seemed to be unnecessarily unkind to me but putting that aside, the gist was that Play-toy is an invention of mine and does not really exist. I replied to the comment and subsequently received supportive comments for which I am grateful. However Play-toy herself was very annoyed at the suggestion she did not exist! She asked me to take photos of her and post them to show she does exist. I took a couple Saturday. I am afraid they are not very good. I did have the presence of mind to wear the pair of shoes which were shown in my blog post of 23 June 2013. Here is the link to the photos.

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2 Responses to photo of Play-toy

  1. housework boy says:

    Such a wonderful photo of your foot and play toy beneath, thank you so much for posting. Love your shoes and immaculate pedicure, likely done by BB.

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