Volume 10 of my journals is published

Volume 10 is published on LULU.com as an ePub and as a paperback.

It is also published on Amazon Kindle.


Amazon V10 copy - Copy

Volume 10 of my journals provides detailed accounts of the continuing evolution of my female led relationship with bitch-boy and also featuring more and more is the involvement of my female submissive Play-toy – who also joins me in dominating my husband in all ways when she transforms into Governess Lexi, including as my lover cuckolding him. Yes, Play-toy/Governess Lexi is a switch. Submissive to females but very dominant and cruel when it comes to poor bitch-boy.

Previously published journals

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18 Responses to Volume 10 of my journals is published

  1. fluffy says:

    woohoo! what a treat!
    thank you!

  2. fluffy says:

    is you sister Ms Sarah featured again – she is so mean 🙂

  3. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh! How very exciting! I’ve just finished volume 3 and moving on to volume 4…and now I have 6 more to look forward to! Thank You so much Mistress Scarlet!

    Most respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

  4. sissy jamieanne says:

    I absolutely love the cover of this volume! So nice to see the Superior relaxing with Her choice of disciplinary implements at Her reach! I’m sure bitchboy properly arranged them there and is someplace off camera standing to attention facing a blank wall whilst You enjoy relaxing in the sun!?!?!

  5. 11754 says:

    I am now reading Volume 4 and I plan to read all of the volumes.

    You are brilliant. And, you are wickedly clever and cruel. I have experienced hundreds of BDSM sessions. But, I have never experience a session as terrific as the ones you craft.

    First, you are meticulous in the outfits that you have designed for bitch-boy. Second, you ensure that his outfit exposes his clitty. I would find the outfits humiliating, but also having shaved male parts exposed as well would be pure agony. Third, you are the master of the mind-fuck. Fourth, you coach bitch-boy in how to move and talk to maximize his distress. Fifth, you design very humiliating and cruel scenes for bitch -boy. Sixth, you punish non-compliance with wicked use of the cane or tawse or other nasty implement. Seventh, you use verbal abuse to play with his mind during the scene. Eighth, you involve other females to increase his anxiety and discomfort.

    You leave no stone unturned.

    Thank you for the photo on the front of Volume 10.

    Most respectfully,

  6. tiffanymaid says:

    jamieanne beat me to it…..wonderful cover. Serena and i wish You well with this volume, and look forward to delivery.

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  8. Richard Jameslon says:

    Hot cover…………….

  9. Angelo says:

    Mistress Scarlet, I’m a your faithful follower and I’ve read all yours books many times. My dream, for the future, is translate them in my language (i’m italian) so as to raise awareness in my country your experience.
    The yournal n.10 is fantastic as always, but i see You speak only about situations in the presence of Governess Lexy or other dominant women. I hope to find in the future more descriptions about daily life of Bitch Boy, to better understand its 24/7 submission. How it performs its normal day, wich suffering and humiliation are only in the sessions that we can read in the books or are the daily food of his life.
    I also hope to be able to read one day about methods of increasingly humiliating which allowed an orgasm to BB. I image he lying prone on the ground , with your shoes tied to the face, hands well tied behind his back, forced to orgasm orgasm fucking a your shoe while you laugh in front of him.
    Ask forgiveness for my bad english and for the time You have spent reading my reply. Thank You for the emotions that you give me every time with Your journals
    Regards from Italy, Angelo

    • I will include an entry in Volume 11 setting out the day-to-day regime. It is a great idea. I have already started listing what will be in it. It is a surprisingly long list. I would love you to do a translation. Could you promise that your English is good enough to do so. If yes, I would publish it.

      • Angelo says:

        It ‘a real thrill to read your response to my humble comment. Thanks Mistress Scarlet. My English is not very good, but I read fluently and I will not have problems to adequately translate your experience. I just need time, to the demands of work and family. Hope to read volume XI very soon.

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