Day to day regime

I received some interesting feedback on Volume 10 of my journals. The commenter was very generous with his appreciation of the journal but also said that the journal entries are all about the more extreme days and weekends in my life. Which is true because I thought that is what my loyal followers wanted. However he said he would also like to know about the days that are not extreme. The days when I go off to work and bitch-boy works at home. What routines are followed and what rules are in force? So, I will include a full entry on this in Journal 11.

Since receiving this comment, I have been jotting down a list of what I will need to include, I have been amazed at how long the list is becoming. It includes:
The 24/7 chastity, Shoe worship while I put on my make-up before leaving for work, Kissing my shoes before I walk out of the front door when he receives his chores list for the day, Making my lunch, Cleaning my shoes/boots for that day, Making sure my toilet paper is written on, The replenishing regime, The tidying-up-after regime, Shaving my legs, pits and cunt, Morning T&D – me in my 6 inch heeled mules and see-thru dressing gown, His gardening/ yard work to my requirements, Housework / laundry, My spitting in his beverages and drinks morning and evening, Him licking the dripping sweat from my flat stomach after I exercise in the morning, Him kissing my shoes/boots when I get home from work, My orgasms from his tongue some mornings/evenings. Canings for punishment, Deterrent canings, Pedicures, Washing my hair, Dealing with all the utility companies, the banking and spam and junk mail, Preparing/serving evening meals, Wearing a padlocked on rubber collar if he has no business meetings, (It’s rubber so he can shower in it).

I was a bit amazed at the length of the list of things I was not really counting as being in a ‘DS session’.

Obviously in my Journal I will provide all the fine detail.

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8 Responses to Day to day regime

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Yes, Yes, Yes Ma’am!!! These are indeed things that we admirers, followers and worshipers from afar of Mistress Scarlet would love to read about! You are a true Dominant Female, a true Goddess…and i for one, love hearing of Your “mundane”…day-to-day activities…Your books and writings serve as training manuals not only for the aspiring Mistress but for the submissive male as well!

    Thank You for all You do and for the example You set, Mistress Scarlet!

    Kneeling in subservience to You,

    sissy jamieanne

  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    Oh…and may i add…regarding Your journals Mistress Scarlet, I have just finished volume 4 and my favourite part was the introduction of sissy maid rules and the “practice sessions”…i believe Your rules serve as a good basic list that all sissies could benefit from! On to journal number 5!

    Thank You!

  3. dave94015 says:

    Reblogged this on dave94015 and commented:
    What are the routine things a Mistress has her #lifestyle #sub do each day? T&D is the acronym for “Tease and denial”. Not sure what writing on toilet paper refers to? but replenishment would be recovery of endorphins? Check out Mistress Scarlet’s post here

    • Writing on toilet paper – see blog post of 21 July 2015.

      Replenishment see blog post of 28 May 2015: excerpt below.
      Two things your wife might really like. AUTOMATIC REPLENISHING and TIDYING UP AFTER. Automatic replenishing means nothing your wife wants ever runs out. So if chilled wine in the fridge is running low, a new bottle is put in the fridge to chill – ready for when needed. If her phone battery is running low, it gets recharged. Fuel in the car is low, it gets a refill. Basically nothing she ever needs runs out. Once you have experienced this as a wife, it is hard to go without it. It can also be a great way to invoke punishment. So many things need replenishing each day/week – if the slave forgets one ever – serious punishment time! And it is the slave’s job to predict what and when – not the wife’s.

      Tidying up after is also addictive. I use the bathroom and leave it in a mess, it had better be tidied to perfection before I use it again. I change out of my work clothes and throw them on the bed – they better be hung up and tided away PDQ. I do some baking which I enjoy – and leave the kitchen in a terrible mess – it gets tided up PDQ. I read the weekend papers and supplements and throw those I have finished with on the floor or wherever – they get tidied up. I do my exercises and drop sweaty clothes and socks and trainers on the floor wherever I take them off, they get put in the laundry. I open a package received in the post and drop the packaging to the floor – it gets picked up and dealt with. So anything I leave out gets put away, any mess I make gets cleaned up. In your situation, this might help your wife feel less tired too.

      • sissy jamieanne says:

        I very much like these routines…very much designed to make the Superior’s life more convenient and the slave’s life more tedious…things as they should be!

  4. Rose says:

    How we turned my husband into our laundry and iron service business.

    • I hope you don’t mind. I liked your account a lot so I made it into a blog post. I did edit it a bit to make it easier to read. Many, many thanks. Please keep me updated. You and your mother are very much on my wavelength.

  5. 11754 says:

    Thank you. I am looking forward to Volume 11. Your rituals should be the basis for all female domination life styles.

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