Husband slave operates laundry business

I received the long comment below and I thought the account deserved to be the basis of a blog post. It is a little hard to believe the content, but I always remind myself that as there are so many people in the world, statistics mean most things can happen.

Out of the three and half thousand, million women in the world, it is a statistical inevitability that a dominant daughter, with a dominant mother marries a deeply submissive sissy, in the circumstaces described. You can decide the authenticity for yourself. Whatever, it makes a good read.

First I will explain our situation, I married my husband 5 years ago, we meet at an event dinner and when we where dating he was always polite and submissive, just before we got married he confessed to me that he was a sissy submissive and liked to dress in heavy corsets etc. I was not really shocked at this as he had hinted a few times along those lines and the idea turned me on. He said that he would do all the housework, etc, Well to cut a long story short I had him do all the housework dressed in his girdles and made him service me with his tongue and dildo almost every night.

He ran a business and after our first year of marriage he got an offer to sell the business from another company. It was a great offer that we could live well off, as we both had other property investments. With the business sold I decided to move to a larger home outside another town. It had a separate flat at the side and I thought that my mother would like to come and move to this flat. I am very close with my mother as my father had died many years before, my mother got on well with my husband and I had told my mother about him being a part-time sissy. She was interested and said she had read some stories on the internet about husbands being sissy slaves. She said she would like to see him like this. Mum has occasional boyfriends but nothing serious – she said she preferred a vibrator to any man.

After we got settled in and both my house, ( I say may house as part of the arrangement was that all was put in my name and my husband owned nothing except the clothes he stood in ) and my mother’s house also sold, Mum and I started to order my husband to dress up more. He was really embarrassed at first but he was ordered to wear his girdles every day. Then we got him 2 real maids uniform, like the hotel type not the frilly sexy ones. We also got him some more heavy, old fashion girdles, bras, corsets etc, court style shoes, a pair of work overalls for outdoor work , a track suit and a pair of ladies trainers. He is size 7 shoes, small for a man. Like his small cock. Its only 5 inches erect. I got all the clothes from Ebay – second hand. He has to wear this underwear day and night with any old pair of panties and stockings that I am finished with.

He has to address me as Mistress and my Mum as Madame and when we enter a room he must drop to his knees and wait till he is told to stand again, and when he enters a room we are in, he must curtsy like a proper maid. When his maids uniform arrived I got him to dress up and got my mother round to see him and encouraged her to order him around. As well as cleaning the house he must also clean Mums flat and do all the laundry including Mums knickers and bra etc.

One day I saw him in the utility room through the opening in the door with his maids uniform pulled up, his girdle and panties at his knees and him sniffing Mums knickers, and wanking. He did not see me but I told my Mum and she agreed with me that we needed him in chastity from now on. In bed that night I asked him if he liked Mums knickers and he confessed that he had wanked and it turned him on. I told him to fetch the riding crop and I gave him 25 lashes. I said that the next day I will be going online and ordering a chastity devise as I want to take control of your urges. I also wanted a strap on cock and a chin dildo. I told him that from now on he will be used only for licking and fucking me with the dido or strap on.

The next morning Mum asked him about wanking with her knickers and he confessed and said sorry. She ordered him to fetch a leather belt and to take down his girdle and pants and bend over. She said that no one had give him permission to do so. He pleaded with Mum but she was having none of it. She said, you will get 50 lashes and after each one you will say, (Thank you Madame I will not abuse your knickers again). He was getting it hard and after about 20 lashes, between the tears, he began to say thank you to my Mum for beating him, but somehow he took all the 50 lashes. His ass was raw when she had finished.

About a week later all the recent orders arrived and I had him fit the CB3000 on; and it will stay on until I think it is time for him to get relief, I had him put on the strap on dildo over his girdle and the chin dildo on his face and I got Mum round to have a look at him, he was so humiliated. He turned all shades of red. Mum asked me if it was OK that she could use him with the chin dildo as the thought of it was turning her on. I said of course. She said, what about tonight? I said go ahead no problem. He is yours to use whenever and whatever way you want. He was sent off still wearing the dildo to do his housework. What a laughable sight.

Mum and I talked about how we could make better use of him now as I had forbidden him from any hobbies and watching TV etc.She agreed that he had too much time on his hands as there was not enough work around the house to keep him busy and if we could find a new use for him so that he worked longer hours he would not be so inclined to be thinking of wanking, and he could focus more on making our lives easy and relaxed. And if he could produce money, all the better for making him a real life, 100% slave. After we had dinner my Mum said to him to come round to her flat at 8 pm. He still had on his chin cock and strap- on. After she left, my husband ask me if it was OK to do this and I said yes but I want you to fuck me later tonight. About 9.30 he arrived back with a pair of Mum’s dirty panties over his head and informed me that she had ordered him to keep these panties on all night and then get up at 7:00am and have them washed dried and ironed, and delivered to her, with her breakfast at 8:00am. I just burst out laughing and said to him, my Mums really getting into this. His small cock was bulging inside the CB3000. I laughed and said you will not get much sleep smelling mums panties all night. He asked to be allowed to wank and I said, sorry not tonight, as I want you to be fully focused on giving me pleasure.

When we got to bed I had him lick me until I came and then use the chin dildo. I asked him, was it nice fucking my Mum with the chin dildo and he said that she made him do it from behind with his nose on her ass. I said I bet you loved that, he said very much, I told him you are a real pervert.

The next few days we thought about how he could be used to keep him busy. Mum said as he is very good a housework and laundry we could maybe rent him out as a cleaner. But the more we thought about it, we thought it would be complicated and also I did not want to publish that I had a sissy husband. After a few hours, my Mum came up with the idea of an ironing service and we checked and only found one that provided this service in the area. On the surface it would look very respectable, but behind the scenes the customers would not know that our sissy maid was doing their ironing. When we checked in other areas some businesses were offering a free collection and delivery service and as well as ironing, they offered a full laundry service. Within the next few days we put our plan together to offer a full laundry service with collection and delivery and I had my husband design up a flyer to be printed. He is good at this sort of thing. We put an example list on it showing things we washed and included underwear and socks to encourage people to put underwear in as I had a plan for this. We got the printed flyers back. 1000 in all and I ordered my husband to go around the richer areas and put one in each house. My Mum had put her phone number on the flyers and within a few hours she started to get calls.

We priced very competitively: £20 for a large bin bag size of clothes to be washed, ironed, folded, collected and delivered. My husband now is on the go for around 15 hours each day. Up at 8:00am to get our breakfast. My Mum comes over and joins me most mornings. Then he does housework, gardening or car cleaning until 11:00am, and the laundry and ironing until 5:00pm. He makes lunch for us at 1:00pm if we are at home. He gets a 10 minute lunch break, then more laundry till 5:00pm, then housework again to 6:00pm. At 6:00pm he makes us dinner> He makes enough for himself but does not get to eat it until it is cold, when he returns after his collection and delivery of the laundry. It is better after 6:00pm as most people are at home. When he returns he hands over the money he has collected and gets his reward. A slap on his ass and told what a good little boy he is. Little do the customers know that he is the sissy pervert that washes and iron their clothes in his maid uniform.

Then from around 8:00pm to midnight, more housework or we use him. This is another idea I had when we printed the flyers. His other reward is that we let him ask to get his CB3000 off and wank if he finds any dirty panties, knickers or mens underwear in the laundry. He is allowed to smell them as he wanks off in front of us, with us humiliating him even more. He is allowed one wank on days he finds soiled underwear, Some weeks there are none and he, of course, gets no wank. We have found that he can only service about 25 regular customers as it takes about 60 hours a week to collect, deliver, wash, dry and iron that amount. We have stopped at that, as I want him to have about 50 hours a week to look after the house, cars, garden and us. But we are bringing in £500 a week, less expenses from him. Not bad. Better than letting him play golf or watch TV. Mum and I use this money to go out for dinner, spa weekends away and holidays etc.

We have had him convert the basement into a full laundry area. It has two washing machines and two dryers and a large ironing table that he made. It has a sink for hand washing. Mum said that there was enough room for him to have single bed in there, so instead of him sleeping in my spare room he is there in the laundry. The room does not have a toilet or shower, so we came up with an idea imitating some old prisons. They have to slop out. So he has a bucket for a toilet and every morning he has to take it outside, lift a man hole cover and empty it. We have forbidden him from using any toilet in the house and only use the bucket – just to humiliate him more. His shower is a baby’s plastic bath that he stands in and washes himself, he must be always be clean shaved from the neck down, etc every day.

It is now coming into winter and we have had the laundry business going for 7 months and it is very steady. Hubby is on the go 16 hours, 7 days a week. All the time in tight girdles etc. and he is loving it I am sure. He never has to make a decision and is frightened of being disobedient, which I am certain keeps him very content. Yesterday Mum arrived in for breakfast with her shinny black knee length boots on. They were covered in mud and grass. I asked her what happened and she said that she was out waking in the garden and she now needs a slave to clean them. We both laughed. She shouted at hubby to come over and get down and lick them clean. He started to clean them and she kept ordering him, you missed that bit, get the soles licked clean, etc. When he had them all licked clean she ordered him to get polish and a cloth and give them a good polish. Then she said, now you may get our breakfast ready and you will not need any today as you have got all your nourishment and protein from my dirty boots. We both burst out laughing. As we ate our breakfast she said to him get on the floor and lick the dirt that she brought in with her boots. I could not believe how quickly he started to lick the mud from the floor. Then my Mother said to him, have you enjoyed licking my boots? and he said very much. She went on to say, well I need you to prove to me how much you enjoyed it. I want you to write lines asking me permission to lick my boots. She shouted, get a pad and pen. He rushed off and returned with an A4 lined pad and pen and she told him to write :- ( It would be a great privilege for me to lick Madame’s boots every day.) She told him to fill the page and time it. It took 6 minutes to write 32 lines. She said that that meant it would take 2 hours to write 20 pages – 640 lines. She went on to say that he must get up at 5.30am tomorrow, get washed and dressed and write 20 pages, and have them ready for 8:00am at breakfast. Then she would consider his request to lick her boots.

The next morning I came down to the kitchen and there was Mum with her boots on, only this time still clean. She was looking over the lines. He wrote all 640 and she winked at me. She called him over and said, this is quite good but I don’t think it goes far enough to show you really want to lick my boots every day. It needs to be more begging like, (Please I beg you can I lick your beautiful boots clean for you every day.) She said that he was to do the same again and write 20 pages and have them ready in the morning. She then tore up all the lines into small pieces and threw them on the floor and said, clean them up after breakfast. The next day was the same. She said that she was still not convinced that he meant it and for him to do the same lines for 5 more days, and she will give him an answer. For the next 5 days he wrote, and she tore them up every day. After a week she arrived in with her muddy boots and the look on hubby’s face was priceless. She waved her hand and without a word he was on his knees licking her boots. I thought to myself, we have come a long way and he is now fully trained to be our slave. He is now truly a slave in every way. I will update you as we go along.

Mistress Rose

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13 Responses to Husband slave operates laundry business

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    I very much enjoyed this little tale…thank You so much or sharing it with us, Ma’am! i respectfully concur with Your statistical inevitability theory, Ma’am…and otherwise do not find this accounting to be entirely unbelievable. Afterall, the Lady’s regime for this sissy is not too much different than Your own…his is a life of hard labour, humiliation, physical punishment, denial, subservience and slavery…hmmmm…sounds like the regime set forth by another Goddess i know!

    Yours in humble submission,

    sissy jamieanne

  2. punkahwallah says:

    It wold be nice to believe that – somewhere in the British Isles – a man lives like that. Working so hard to give his Mistresses an easy life. It’s probably fiction but… one never knows!

    Thank You, Mistress Scarlet, for publishing this, a delightful read.

  3. Sue says:

    Thank you for sharing this. I really tried to read it all but found it very hard as there were no paragraph breaks. Xx

    • It had breaks in it and when I copied it and then disappeared when I pasted it. I will get bitch-boy to amend it. The tedium will be good for him.

      • Sissy Candy says:

        This account is intriguing. It does have some features suggestive of fiction (the convenient wealth, isolated house with basement, etc) but as Mistress Scarlett rightly points out, it is possible. The account reminds me of the (what I believe is a true lifestyle) account of Suzette Faggot, recounted from old (?1980s) magazines at . The accounts are messy, but include links to photos of the original articles, which have photos of a genuinely trapped and utterly subjugated maid, subjected to absolute female tyranny. (Maybe a little project for bb, to clean up this real life account for your enjoyment?) You may especially enjoy the TT (thinking time) trap device!

  4. Jarrod says:

    REALLY enjoyed this read Mistress Scarlet, thank you. I would encourage Mistress Rose and her truly amazing Mum to write more regularly like yourself Mistress Scarlet. The way mum and daughter devise this mans downfall is superb. Its so encouraging to know that women are successfully dealing with males in such intelligent ways and living life as they should while there slave obeys and entertain them. Well done girls! Can we read some more please????

  5. sissymonique says:

    With all due respect , to his stories are fantastic , I’m married to my Dominatrix and I know what I’m talking about. the photos put his slave are very duty. it always this bad bound and with many body hair , which does not reflect an actual slave. a long time I follow your blog , and I like his stories but I think it is but fables , to sell his books

  6. Mistres Rose says:

    Thanks for all your post, I can assure you this is all true.
    Before my husband sold our business he was my part time sissy maid and he enjoyed this role very much and when we sold the business he craved to be my full time slave.

    As for my mother, she was not a very dominant person, but when I told her about my husband she was very interested and said that she had heard of men like him and she got more into it by reading on the Internet and stated to get wicked ideas, she bosses him about more that me now.
    I am comfortable with him been used by my mother for sex as she like me is using him like a object.

    As for myself, as I said before we got married we played about with him getting dress up and me giving orders etc, I also read a lot online about the subject and got into very easy.
    Our sex life was just OK as he has only a small cock we used vibrators and his mouth to service me anyway, I am not interested in having any other men or cuckolding him as I can get all the satisfaction the way we are.

    Keeping him like a slave may sound harsh but he loves it, in fact only last week he said that he really enjoyed his life without any resposiabily and to know that he was making us happy and the trill of him working long hours to give us treats like holidays and outings etc turned him on.

    We are not like some dominants that don’t allow their slave any sex or keep them locked up in chastity for weeks and months, we allow him to wank when he finds dirty underware in other people’s laundry and as we have regular customers every week there are three customers who send there underware with the laundry for washing so he get to wank regular.
    We don’t beat him very often as he is really good at serving and his work is always up to scratch.
    My mum is always coming up with ideas how to humiliate him like making him write lines like a little schoolboy or stand in the corner if all his work is finished for the day.

    Another few things that have changed for the better is that he used to smoke and drink, but since he become our full time slave we have forbid these habits and he is a lot fitter and healthier.

    Will try and keep you updated with any news.

    Thank you
    Mistress Rose.

  7. Lee says:

    Very very interesting read, may I ask does the maid have a regulatory uniform.

    • Then we got him 2 real maids uniform, like the hotel type not the frilly sexy ones. We also got him some more heavy, old fashion girdles, bras, corsets etc, court style shoes, a pair of work overalls for outdoor work , a track suit and a pair of ladies trainers. He is size 7 shoes, small for a man. Like his small cock. Its only 5 inches erect. I got all the clothes from Ebay – second hand. He has to wear this underwear day and night with any old pair of panties and stockings that I am finished with.

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