The 24/7/365 sissy slaves

Sissy Candy provided a comment with a fantastic link. The text is in a jumble but the content brought back memories of my very early days of reading femdom literature. Hardcopies! Here in the UK was a magazine which had various names over the years, Madame, Madames, Madames a World of Fantasy. The magazines had a letters section and the letters were very often from REAL LIFE Mistresses, detailing their lifestyles.

(I particularly remember Gillian and Margaret and they gave me my introduction to Dickie-Discipline, enforced chastity and tease and denial.) However, this post is about the women who provided letters about 24/7/365 sissy maids they OWNED. These letters were my inspiration. There was Mistress Pamela with a sissy maid called Candy Floss, there was Gina Parkinson and her sissy maid Suzette Faggot, there was Anita and her maid Fifi and I also remember Mary and her sissy maid Pansy.

What was special was that the detail and photos left no doubt these case studies were real AND the domination was as EXTREME as I think it possible to be.) I think I will get bitch-boy to turn the jumbled text in the linked pages above into some sort of order and then post the result somewhere.That will be a very tedious and ignominious task for him to do.)

It is interesting because most lifestyle Mistresses I know, allow times for their slave to behave in a vanilla way with them as I do with bitch-boy. bitch-boy, as I have stated many times, is highly intelligent, cultured, well read and well travelled. So I want his vanilla company when indulging in my non-DS pleasures – fine dining, travel, cinema, etc. Intelligent conversation and comment enhances my pleasure. This means bitch-boy and most other lifestyle slaves avoid true 24/7/365. But the women I have referred to above, took no pleasure in their slaves’ vanilla company and had other sources of such company. Something I am always keenly aware of is that bitch-boy’s life would also be 24/7/365, just like Suzette Faggot and the other sissy maids I mention above, were I to cease enjoying his vanilla company, or replace his vanilla company with that of someone else. It would be just as extreme because there would be no reason for it not to be. Knowing that I have this capability within me, is always food for thought. (BTW, when I do have vanilla times with bitch-boy I always begin them by telling him that I am about to use him for his vanilla company until he is otherwise informed. So he knows even then I am using him or exploiting him for MY pleasure – not allowing him equal status.)

Obviously there are some 24/7/365 things in bitch-boy’s life, like enforced chastity and never ever being allowed to fuck ever again, but his life falls far short of the continuous totalitarianism of the lives of the sissy maids I mention above. The women involved were superb and dedicated.

It is interesting that, now we have the internet there must be a million times more material available then there was in the times of those hardcopy magazines, but I can find no source of the material like the letters sections of those magazines. It saddens me. Occasionally the website Petticoated monthly comes up with the goods, and in the past has actually had letters from Anita about her maid Fifi, but it has been a good while since a letter from such a Mistress was posted.

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31 Responses to The 24/7/365 sissy slaves

  1. 11754 says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    I suggest you search Fetlife for examples of 24/7/365 examples of female domination.

    I believe your domination of bitch-boy is the most extreme domination I have ever encountered.

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. 11754 says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I suggest that you take a look at the website of Mistress Ivey. She has an excellent blog that focuses on female domination. She also has written several excellent books on this topic.

    Mistress Ivey dominates her husband 24/7/365.


  3. subby says:

    I remember those. The letters were the very best part of those magazines. Knew the person who published them, back in the day…

    I remember being very aware that Candy Floss and Suzette Faggot and the others lived within a very very tough regime. Don’t think that they had any sexual release at all. They were worked very very hard. And really disciplined and really humiliated. They were genuine servants.

    I still more than half wanted to live such uncompromising dominance though… Real submissives very much need real domination, exactly as you have been saying in a number of your recent postings, Mistress.

    Very sad that such letters are so hard to find. There was the Elise Sutton site, which did have some letters from very real Mistresses. But that seems to have gone now too.

    It would be wonderful to see the material in the link in a more easily readable format.

    Humble respects, Mistress

  4. tiffanymaid says:

    Ahh….Madame magazine. This sissy/sub remembers it well. It was, along with Forum magazine, my introduction to FemDom and male submission. It was a wonderful and nervous period when i used to purchase Madame from specialist shop and adore the content within.
    i can remember photocopying my favourite stories and pics and keeping a scrapbook….. similar in sorts to what bitch-boy does online ! i always preferred the illustrated features as much as real life photos, but always adored the Mistresses featured. i still have a collection of Madame magazines stored away, i must revisit them soon.

  5. tiffanymaid says:

    Petticoat Discipline Quarterly (which is monthly)…. i agree Mistress, does contain items of varied interest. In recent months two specific contributions caught Mistress Serenas eye and She has adopted my attire accordingly when suited to my daily tasks and chores. They are June, Letter 3 ” My Sissymaid” (from Chris) and August, Letter 2 “Housemaid Husband Penelope” (from Lesley)*. Each contribution features a photo or more, and shows their respective husbands, feminised and submissive. Serena liked the full length maid dresses they both wear and likewise the maid aprons. In recent weeks, two similar dresses (pink) have been purchased and a white victorian apron added to my apron selection.

    * Note. the contribution from Lesley is a reprint from years ago, and mentions Madame magazine and Ms Candida who used to edit the comments etc.

  6. slave g says:

    i used to buy Madame magazine and also Domand. The first magazine i used to buy was Miss Sadie Stern. The excitement inside me going into the shop and buying the latest edition and racing home to read it was over powering. i loved the letters section the most because they were real, and always read these the first, hoping there would lots of letters from Ladies who owned their male partners/slaves. This made me feel that there were real FemDom and male slave relationships, as in those days it was very underground. The 24/7/365 totalitarianism fully owned sissy maid/baby Girl slave has always been of my biggest needs, i always dream about this and being completely Feminized too. i love reading about Yours and bitch-boys real life, and things like always picking up after You and the replenishing regime is the real side of being a Womans slave and servant and toy. Really having no other purpose other than being a true slave for his Goddess and Her will. Heaven!

  7. Property of Ms Lee says:

    Mistress Scarlet, are you familiar with this site – – which appears to offer for sale scans of Madame in a World of Fantasy magazines?

  8. sissy jamieanne says:

    i enjoyed reading Your thoughts on 24/7/365 sissy slavery, Mistress Scarlet..thank You! Whilst You state that the women in those instances were “superb and dedicated”, i can state without hesitation that Ms Scarlet is indeed “superb and dedicated” and a perfect example of strict, stern, unwavering Female Domination…most respectfully, Ma’am!

    I love that You frequently remind bitchboy and Your followers that he will “never, ever fuck again”…that is serious discipline Ma’am…and clearly displays the seriousness of Your regime!!!

    Most humbly and respectfully,

    sissy jamieanne

  9. Mistress Hannah says:


    I am very excited at this post as I would love to read more examples of real life female domination. I do on occasion take the time to look around the web to see what can be found (obviously this is how I was fortunate enough to come across your site) however I find myself constantly doubting the authenticity of the materiel and it always just takes the enjoyment away slightly..

    So to have a confirmed source of real life domination literature is very exciting…

    Hannah x

  10. Danny says:

    You have mentioned that you never have sex with BB again. That of course implies that you once did have sex with him. So I was just wondering why the change? Did you loose your sexual attraction towards BB when he became submissive sissy? Or did you just had sex with him because just to keep her around/because that’s what is “supposed to do” in vanilla relationships. Or if you once enjoyed sex with BB, why aren’t you enjoying it anymore?

    And you call yourself lesbian in your “about me” page. Why did you originally marry BB if you are lesbian? I mean I can understand why lesbian sadist would like to have sissy bitch like BB to torment but I mean that why did you choose him when you though he was vanilla?

    • Before I met bb, I had hardly any orgasms from men. But I never tried women. (I guess even then I should have thought about my low sexual arousal with men.) As soon as I began with bb, I was enjoying many sessions of multiple orgasms. He totally changed my life! Sex went from being unimportant to being very, very important. bb was utterly devoted to my extended, long-lasting pleasure during sex. After around 5 years or so of dominating him, I realised the massive subjugating effect I would have from denying him penetration. His oral skills were 100% satisfactory for giving me all the sexual pleasure I needed – and denying him penetration increased the power of the orgasms because I was being so cruel. I am still sexually aroused by having bb at my beck and call, but I truly see him as a genderless sex toy. Not as a man, just a human sex toy with no gender.

      Some years ago I realised if I wanted a further (selfish, decadent) expansion of my sex life. Another sexual partner could be the way forward. I then realised I did not want a man. 100% did not! But the thought of a having sex with a woman was completely appealing. So I thought I should label myself as a lesbian.

  11. Sissy Candy says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,
    I am so pleased that this link struck a note with you: I am sure bitchboy will spend many a happy hour untangling and transcribing its contents for you.
    My wonderful Mistress is definitely ‘the boss’ 24/7, but I think that in reality it is hard maintain a strict DS relationship all the time, with the demands of work and the outside world. So, for most people, there has to be a process of adaptation and compromises: the trick is to not let those compromises dilute the power-dynamic to the point of mere ‘play acting’. Your idea of making vanilla times explicitly demarcated exceptions to the ‘normality’ of your reign of tyranny, is inspired.
    The 24/7/365 slaves depicted in the old magazines seem to have been described as either ‘fallen husbands’ on whom revenge was being exacted (such as FiFi), or playthings from the start (Ms Parkinson talked about deliberately and systematically working to trap Suzette Faggot, from the outset of their relationship). I am sure such relationships still occur, probably not that rarely; but you are right that they do not seem to be ‘publicised’, which is sad, as they are so inspiring.
    Your blog is the nearest thing I am aware of today, giving an account of a genuine DS (or should I say ‘DFT’ – domestic feminised tyranny?) relationship, which meets the deep emotional needs of both participants: perhaps you will inspire others to share their experiences with the world?
    In case you have not already seen it, there is another selection of old magazine pages about Mistress Anita and Sissy FiFi here: I hope you enjoy them!

  12. Paul Mall says:

    ” I am always keenly aware of is that bitch-boy’s life would also be 24/7/365, just like Suzette Faggot and the other sissy maids I mention above, were I to cease enjoying his vanilla company, or replace his vanilla company with that of someone else. It would be just as extreme because there would be no reason for it not to be. Knowing that I have this capability within me, is always food for thought.”

    I am certainly inferring that you are rapidly approaching this point….. perhaps you will soon replace his vanilla company with someone else…. Let’s hope!

    On another note, what is hte longest you now have him up to in the sensory deprivation bondage?

  13. Myroletoserve says:

    I used to love “Madam” and still have a few copies. Had a massive effect on making me the sub I now am 🙂 Used to by them from A little shop in Soho

  14. fluffy says:

    having the discovered BDSM through the Gor novels, this sub discovered the delights of femdom via Madame in a World of Fantasy and has never looked back since 🙂

  15. pantymaid says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I remember reading about this sissy and her Mistress. I also remember well reading the magazines Forced Womanhood, Male Maids, and the Centurion Catalog, There were also a few Female Domination periodicals in a news paper format similar to a tabloid. I have not thought of these in quite some time but can remember well how my innate, adolescent, submissive sissy soul peculated when fingering the pages in private. I still get a surge when I come across familiar art work which filled the pages. What I never really thought of was a woman, such as yourself, leafing through these pages with perhaps moist feelings to find a sissy for your self. I always thought it was a secret sissy club wearing tented panties. I find it extremely liberating that you and the likes of you where searching the cause.

    With respect and a deep curtsy, pantymaid

  16. pantymaid says:

    Thank You Mistress Scarlet for your time and acknowledgment, deepest curtsy, pantymaid

  17. kathi says:…..Hi Mistress Scarlet, please look at the address. There is more information about sissy suzette. Thank you, kathi

  18. westfalen says:

    What an interesting discussion here, as while being eternally sub it seems, i never had the natural sissy orientation, but was so impressed with the sheer level of natural Femme Domme-ness that seemed to occur in some of those relationships, as i would read about in various mags……especially remember reading and enjoying Centurion back in the day:)

  19. Jeff says:

    Wish u would take me and do this all to me

  20. angela brown says:

    I was a regular reader and contributor of Madam for several years. my trainer and mistress Madam Dawson was madam or the month twice and I appeared in my maid uniforms several times

  21. just me says:

    Can anyone please post anything/everything regarding drudge suzette faggot or provide links to where I can read the old stories? I used to have many Madame in a World of Fantasy mags but no longer. Thanks everyone!!

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