Time-lock box use

I received this comment on Fetlife. I thought his use of a Time-lock box (mentioned at the end of his comment) was very amusing!

Just to say, found you blog online the other day, loved it. I’m now working my way through your kindle books. I think they are great, even if some things scare me; nettles especially, canes, sitting on Coir matting and the funnel gags to say the very least.

I have to say, reading you blog and books have helped me to think more about my submissive side. I’ve always thought of myself as more of a switch but after reading your book I see a lot of things that I have in common with bitch boy. I really connected when you mentioned how he made sure you were nice and warm in the pub and how he makes you the centre of his world. I realised that I have always been like that, but just thought of myself as being polite.

But actually thinking about it, in past relationships I have always enjoyed making their last easier, whether it was ironing my girlfriend’s clothes for her when she was at work, cleaning her flat, wanting to satisfy her first, making her breakfast in bed. I thought this was just how you should behave to the one you love, however, now I realise I was just expressing my submissiveness.

Just like to thank you for taking the time to write your blog and create your kindle books (far too distracting when I’m meant to be studying – I actually ordered one of those Timelock safes to put my tablet in the other day because of your books!!).

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5 Responses to Time-lock box use

  1. 11754 says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I do not have a time lock box, but I am also addicted to reading your Journals on my iPad.

    I just read the Preface to Volume 7 in which you commented about some readers who thought your work was fiction. I want you to know as a very experienced slave/sub that I have not once questioned the veracity of your writings.

    I am awed by your cruelty and how your techniques have evolved from year to year making the torment of bb so much more agonizing and humiliating.

    I now own volumes 8 and 9. My Mistress enjoys my fantasy stories. Your Journals have helped me to write many interesting stories for her amusement. Unfortunately for me, She uses my stories to design my future torments. So, I hope you are pleased that you are contributing to the pleasure of my wicked Mistress.

    Please keep writing.


  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    The timelock comment made me smile! Your journals are delightful and at the same time frightening, Ma’am! As the original poster stated, Your writings have helped me to get closer to my true, submissive self. I’m being more consciously aware of my respect and deference to my Superiors in general as well as being mindful of my proper place in the scheme of things! You are providing a valuable service to Women in general and i thank You, Ma’am!

    BTW…i am on Fetlife and would love to add/follow You, Mistress Scarlet. If You are willing to add “fans” of Your work and life on FL, may i humbly request to know Your FL handle so that i can request to “add” You?

    In submission and respect,

    sissy jamieanne

  3. 11754 says:

    Mistress loved the concept of sending me shopping with Icy Hot on my male parts and locked in a chastity cage. But, she instructed me not to put on briefs/knickers.

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