Regretting thinking he can do without his Mistress

A message for a slave of a Mistress friend of mine.

This slave has been denied the feet and legs of his Mistress for weeks now. And it has been true torment for it. It has been denied the company of it’s Mistress all together. It knows who it is, doesn’t it sb! To add to this emotional torment and despair, here on the slave’s favourite blog, of the most respected Mistress Scarlet, are photos of those feet and legs. The remaining message from his Mistress:

‘Your Mistress has the power to give you exactly what you need and then take it away again so easily – and your Mistress really enjoys denying you what you need!’

feet1 - Copy

feet - Copy

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12 Responses to Regretting thinking he can do without his Mistress

  1. Mistress Hannah says:



    Well played ladies.. Well played..


  2. sb says:

    It is an honour to continue to suffer for my Beautiful, Intelligent and Creative Mistress, and also be a source of some amusement to You Mistress Scarlet.
    This slave is usually very quiet on-line but i just wanted to take this opportunity to address some of the messages from other readers of this blog regarding the valadity of Mistress Scarlet and Her lifestyle. Not that Mistress Scarlet has anything to prove or gain but everything is true! This slave has not had the pleasure of meeting bb (although i dread to think on what circumstances should that ever occur) but my Mistress certainly has and although it does seem at first that bb is living the life all true slaves dream of, having only served Mistress Scarlet on a few occasions, it is not easy or how the fantasy plays out in naive slave’s head. Serving a true lifestyle Mistress for real (not rent-a-Domme) is VERY real, it is VERY hard, both mentally and physically. This slave is struggling with the torment of not having served for some time. The only thing worse it seems than being pushed to physical limits, being truly humiliated beyond any previously imagined pleasurable fantasy scenario, or being too frightened to disobey an unpleasant command because of fear of far worse happening is to not feel wanted or allowed to serve those who provide and fulfill a true slave’s soul with what it needs. Play-toy also very much exists! This slave is very lucky to have been used as Her ashtray in the woods one day prior to my kind Mistress allowing me to wash out my mouth with Mistress’s nectar. No more now than ever does that phrase ‘be careful what you wish for’ ring true.
    Thank You again Mistress Scarlet,

    • I have ignored you for a while. It is no less than you deserve.
      You are learning your lesson sb. I wonder if you will ever get to serve a Mistress again? I wonder if you have actually learnt your lesson beyond all doubt?

  3. sissy jamieanne says:

    And…such beautiful legs and feet…what an honour for a slave to be permitted to worship them!

    Kneeling humbly in the presence of Superiority…

    sissy jamieanne

  4. RJ says:

    Which mistress is she, does she have a blog?

  5. donald says:

    Dear Miss Scarlet;
    I got on a Web site called She is from Berkshire. Iss this the same Mistress Jane that you know?? IF so she does have a blog page on her web. Please forgive me if you have a second email from me on the same topic. It”s is because my first email did not post. So I tried again

    • Firstly, comments do not appear until I approve them.

      The dominatrix to which you refer is not my friend. My friend, Mistress Jane, is not a professional dominatrix. She does not have a blog.

  6. Ade says:

    Did sb do something bad, to get into situation such like this one, Mistress?

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