More on 24/7/365 sissy slaves

My post of 22nd October was about finding old letters from magazines and websites about 4 real life, long term, situations of absolutely pitiless and cruel Dommes and their 24/7/365 sissy slaves. Sissy slaves that did not breakout of their sissy slave role for even one minute a year.

There was Mistress Pamela with a sissy maid called Candy Floss, there was Gina Parkinson and her sissy maid Suzette Faggott, there was Anita and her maid Fifi and Mary (from Maxstoke) and her sissy maid Pansy. A large number of comments on the post were quickly received. This is understandable as those who, in the past, had read some of the accounts of these 4 trailblazer domestic Dommes recognised these were detailed examples of the ULTIMATE in Female Domestic Tyranny. I have managed to pull together historic letters totalling over 7,000 words on Mistress Pamela and her sissy maid called Candy Floss. I have been thinking that if I could pull together historic accounts on all 4 Mistresses, I could find a way to publish them on-line for all to see. These 4 lifestyle situations were the inspiration for the life I live. So, I need help. If any of my blog followers know of any such accounts published anywhere on the internet then let me know via a comment on this post and I will begin creating a library. (Well actually I will be overseeing bitch-boy do it. Obviously I do not do tedious tasks when I have a slave who has to do that sort of thing under my direction!)

The sissy’s lives consisted entirely of sexual denial, housework chores, humiliation and strict disciplining.

I was originally directed by sissy candy to a site with a jumble of useful material and bitch-boy is working his way through that to cull the wheat from the chaff and put it in some sort of chronological order. In among the jumble, the following is revealed. That 2 years ago a sissy_annabella deposited 3MB of material about Suzette Faggott indexed and neat and tidy to www . sissysocial . net/girlieworld/share/viewcategory/3-siss… However the site no longer exists. So, does sissy_annabella read my blog? Can sissy_annabella, or someone else, locate this material and direct me to it?

This link takes you to some photos of Suzette Faggott and Fifi.

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14 Responses to More on 24/7/365 sissy slaves

  1. housework boy says:

    Ms Scarlet

    Somewhere in my spare room or the loft, except for the first couple of early ones, I have nearly the complete publication of every Madame magazine. Reading this post makes me want to rediscover them again.

  2. Jdt says:

    Have most of these mags still

  3. maid alexis says:

    Mistress, this brought back so many memories of the days before so much material on the net. I have some of the old madame magazines with these very letters and articles, many seem dated by the standards of todays harsher feminisation regimes, but are still so nostalgic. One of my Favourites was a fellow in a bedsit caught by his landlady who became the cleaner of the house and sex toy of the landlady.

    • Your comment surprises me! I do not think, on the internet, we ever see Real Life extremes like those of Suzette Faggott and Candy Floss and (Mary’s) Pansy. If only we did!

  4. sissy jamieanne says:

    This project is sooooo exciting, Mistress Scarlet! It reminds me of archaeologists searching for ancient secrets buried in ancient tombs…manuscripts, scrolls and tomes written by our ancestors! I do so recall the days before internet (I was but a young sissy then) and getting my hands on a magazine with a domestic discipline or sissification theme or article…I particularly loved Penthouse Variations magazine which was a monthly with a Femdom/discipline section…i bought every issue in those days (early 80’s).

    Thank You most humbly Ma’am…for Who You are and what You do!


    sissy jamieanne

  5. sissy jamieanne says:

    Love the photos, Mistress Scarlet…thank You for sharing them! In regards to Suzette’s photos…it’s remarkable that her uniforms are all appropriate to a working or domestic maid. They are practical, yet feminine…making it clear that she is not be dressed for her titillation and fun, but for hard labour!

  6. ThoCor says:

    Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    I have the zip file that sissy_annabella uploaded on still saved on my computer. If you let me know your e-mail address I can send it to you.


  7. user says:

    Have you considered using the Wayback Machine? It is a website that archives old websites.

  8. missie says:

    I’ve a collection of photos and magazine articles on my flickr
    curtsy, sillymaid, missie

  9. just me says:

    Can anyone please post anything/everything regarding drudge suzette faggot or provide links to where I can read the old stories? I used to have many Madame in a World of Fantasy mags but no longer. Thanks everyone!!

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