Tiffany Maid Suffers!

In the first set of correspondence in the advice section of this blog (see tab above) I published exchanges I had with Mistress Serena and her cuckolded sissy slave, tiffany maid. I recently received an update (below) and I thought I would share it with you all. tiffany maid does provide photos on Fetlife and I completely believe his accounts. Mistress Serena is a deliciously cruel and dominant cuckoldress!

Mistress Scarlet *curtsy*…..i thought this update, with significance to TSD bondage, may be of interest to You and readers of Your blog, and assume this post is a relevent place to record it. Following a rather frustrating summer period, due not so much to my permanent chastity, but to a bout of illness, work commitments and family members being home for the summer, O/our (Mistress Serena and myself, tiffany) FemDom led relationship waned to a bit of a low. However, thankfully Mistress is now in excellent health and the house is O/our own once more. Since September W/we have resumed back to a full time regime.

The daily regime includes a two and a half hour period of chores before work ( this includes a half hour where i serve Mistress breakfast, report, pay homage and am then blindfolded, gagged and leashed while She takes breakfast, peruses Her emails and phone messages etc). Homage always consists of …
a curtsy, holding dress/skirt with little fingers raised. verbal recital … ” my name is tiffany, i am Mistress Serenas sissy maid, sissy boi and housemaid”. i am then required to kneel and worship Her feet for an average of five minutes, before being gagged, blindfolded and leashed for up to 30 minutes with upturned palms outstretched. On occasions i am called upon to clean Her orally after peeing and worship Her spent panties.

On Her evening return, following a period of vanilla time, when W/we catch up with day to day subjects, i don my collar and return to my submissive status.

Since O/our resumption Mistress Serena has conducted three full TSD bondage sessions, non as painful and humiliating as the one i endured on Wednesday evening. Employing usual bondage set up, Mistress added Celestial White Noise in ear buds beneath my hood and the ear protectors over that. Unable to move head or limb, and funnel gagged in total blackness ( Mistress employs two blindfolds, a rubber one beneath hood and a padded leather one over hood), She removed my CB6000s and gave it a full cleaning in very hot water followed by strict clitty discipline which included exfoliant gloves, ruler, toothbrush and Wartenburg wheel. All of which was very painful, though i must admit it was such a relief to be free from my cage for a time.

My CB had actually been on for four weeks. (Hygiene is not a problem if cleaned twice daily – The CB6000s is a more hygienic design than previous models). My last orgasm was also four weeks ago.
After spitting into my funnel gag, i assume (as i couldn’t hear anything beyond the white noise), She left the room for a short time.Very soon a piss ice block was accompanied with Her fresh pee (an inspiration from Your recent Journals), then came the first of my agonies. i have been subject to the nettle pouch for 18 months now, but have never experienced a nettle whipping. As it is the end of the nettle season, Mistress decided to cut a large bunch of lengthy nettles. After stroking my thighs, sissy balls and clit, She began a whipping ! It would be no exaggeration to say i have never strained my binds as much as i did over the next five minutes. i could feel the lumps rise as the whipping went on and on. i sobbed like never before. The nettle pouch followed and Mistress left me for an hour.

On removing the pouch, Mistress repeated a shorter nettle whipping and then applied Muscle Rescue (heat rub) to my sore clitty. Made so much worse because of the earlier scratching of the exfolient glove. Again i sobbed and begged to no avail. During the following three hours, the heat rub was reapplied twice and a second nettle pouch fitted. Scrotum and nipple pegs applied on occasion. Two more piss blocks combined with fresh pee were added to my funnel gag.
While I was am left alone, Mistress Serena will relax with a glass of wine, listen to music, read a book or watch a movie.

On completion, i was paddled and caned for forgetting to supply Mistress with wine. my sissy clit did look very, very sorry for itself as it was returned into chastity. It was the most painful session yet and may be a mark of were W/we find O/ourselves in O/our D/s relationship now.

What did W/we learn….. well, despite being so late in the season the nettles hurt, and being whipped with them hurt much more. Mixing fresh pee with frozen adds a further degree of humiliation. White Noise adds a massive element to the scenario. Being totally unaware of anything other than pain and discomfort, and never knowing if Mistress is present or not.

Postcript…. The following morning the remaining nettles preserved in water seemed to have come to life and looked most healthy. Mistress decided it would be a shame to waste them….. i was cuffed and made to bend over. Mistress whipped my ass with the nettles and i have never felt anything like it. my cheeks reddened immediately. Within ten minutes i was covered in white bumps and my cheeks burned and tingled massively.

The whipping took place at 8.30am….. At 12.30pm my cheeks still burned. It was only around 4pm that the tingling and occasional burning eased significantly. Thank goodness the nettle season is all but over !
Mistress Serena is going away with Her (male) lover next week and i will be “home alone” from Mon-Fri, though i am to keep in touch, and a list of chores will be drawn up. Plans are afoot for my TSD servitude on Sunday while She prepares and packs.

tiffany maid

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8 Responses to Tiffany Maid Suffers!

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Very enjoyable read! Mistress Serena is apparently a quite strict Lady who takes delight in the suffering and denial of Her sissy! Thank You Mistress Scarlet for sharing this on Your blog. I recently read a blog entry of Yours (i believe from June 2012) about things You will never get bored of…For the record…this sissy will never get bored of reading Mistress Scarlet’s blog or Her journals…thank You most humbly Goddess!

  2. fluffy says:

    good to see your liberal use of nettles on BB’s nether regions has inspired and been adopted by other dominate ladies Ms Scarlet 🙂

    such a shame they are seasonal

    respect from

    • Well the hot Autumn is a massive problem for bb. Governess Lexi and I used nettles on his so sore little clitty only yesterday. The first time ever in November. I wonder if they will still be growing well the next time she visits?

      • sissy jamieanne says:

        Isn’t bb so fortunate to have an extended nettles season this year!?!?! I bet he’s beside himself with excitement!

  3. tiffanymaid says:

    Sunday did indeed bring a further session following a similar pattern to the above. A combination of pain, discomfort and monotony……and yes, nettles made a further appearance.

  4. westfalen says:

    Ah, it seems that the nettles treatment combined with deep heat application provides quite the session for the poor sissy and b-b alike!

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