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bitch-boy’s Christmas Presents

Two Christmas presents so far, that he knows about.

This dress (plus the hair ribbon) from this on-line shop. bitch-boy will not be wearing panties though. His shaved genitals will be on full display. He will be wearing his padlocked-on pink Mary Jane shoes and frill topped ankle socks though.

This new Deep Heat product. bitch-boy is hoping it is less ‘intense’ then the hated Deep Heat Muscle Rescue. This new ‘roll-on’ product looks so convenient!

I do work hard to make his Christmas ’emotional’. I hope he will be grateful. Although I do wrap the presents in old newspaper. I would not want to spoil him with Christmas wrapping paper, even the cheap stuff.

9 Years Denial

I know which house I was in when I decided bitch-boy would never penetrate me (and therefore any woman) ever again. So I know what year that was. And I know roughly the time of year. I so deeply regret not writing down the exact date. But I am able to say that around this month of this year we are at bitch-boy’s ninth anniversary of his born again virgin status.

Poor, poor bb.

Amazingly he has not given up on it! Only two weeks ago he begged and begged to be allowed to penetrate my pretty cunt, between my beautiful athletic legs, JUST ONCE A YEAR, and even then not cum. Just be inside me for a few minutes. I laughed and said NO! Never, ever again for my slave. He will be a virgin for the rest of his life. No penetrative sex. No blow-jobs. Not even an affable, pleasurable hand job. His orgasms occur only when he is in severe bondage and after a PROPER session of dickie-discipline. It is my whim that he associates orgasms with being strictly physically controlled and with suffering pain for my amusement.

In front of him, I told Governess Lexi about his last begging attempt for penetrative sex and we both laughed at the ludicrousness of the notion, and at him.

So many male subs fantasise about being in his situation but they should really try to imagine what it must feel like for him. Seeing my naked body so often. Seeing me orgasm so often – my body utterly sexually aroused. Him vaguely remembering what is was like to push that sensitive, stiff little cock inside my hot, tight, wet cunt. And never being allowed to and knowing he will never, ever feel that sensation again. It must be so truly awful for him. It would be so easy for me to grant him that annual treat he begs for. I am afraid I will not grant him that treat though.

I love this aspect of his slavery. It is important to me. So that is that!

Dominant Smoking Women

I have noticed how many submissive men are turned on by photos of (on the face of it vanilla) smoking women and I have been thinking about why. I have concluded there are a lot of reasons.

The main one I think is that a woman smoking in a pic often looks very relaxed. Being relaxed hints very strongly at being in control. I am always saddened by seeing pics or videos purporting to be of dominant women in action, who are angry or who have lost their temper. I am sure a submissive may be frightened by an angry Domme, but surely it is more frightening when the Domme is utterly relaxed while inflicting her abuses?

A little off the subject, but linked to this is – swearing. The occasional obscene word, spoken in a relaxed tone can be very useful. Being sworn at is after all being disrespected. (Now fuck off back to your chores Pansy.) But those awful videos where the alleged Domme uses  the word ‘fucking’ every fourth word – well does she not come across as not in control and unintelligent?

Back to smoking. There is then the issue of cigarettes themselves. Firstly cigarette ash. What a wonderful commodity. Smokers visiting me always take great pleasure in using bitch-boy’s mouth as an ashtray. And it is very, very degrading for him and he really hates the taste too. Often gagging or retching a little. Delightful! But there is more. Ash can be saved up and used to tip onto his meals, or dropped onto a light coloured floor to be licked clean. Cigarette butts can also be saved up and used to tip onto his meals.  A half-full ashtray becomes very intimidating for a sub!

Spitting into the slaves mouth or face and face slapping also seems a linked pleasure with a human ashtray. And one of my favourites, partial ignoring can be employed too.

Then there is burning. I have yet to expose bitch-boy to being burned by a cigarette. There appear to me to be two levels. One which causes discomfort but leaves no permanent scar (which I think requires excellent dexterity in the Domme), and then there is burning that will result in a lifetime scar. I do not rule either out in the future and, of course, bitch-boy’s little clitty would be the target I select for the smoking Domme I choose to go down this route with. I must admit seeing a cigarette extinguished in a slave’s mouth (and then he consuming the butt) does look very erotic, but I would not want bitch-boy’s mouth and/or tongue ever damaged in any way! I have other important uses for those parts! I have noticed that sometimes a Domme will allow a slave to build up a small pool of saliva on his tongue and the cigarette is extinguished in the pool and then pushed against the tongue. That seems a good compromise.

I do not smoke and I never will. So I am reliant on smoking, visiting, Dommes!

Cruel cup runneth over

I am so blessed at the moment. As well as having my girlfriend Lexi regularly visiting and Mistress Jane visiting occasionally, I met another fab Mistress for a meal this week and now she is visiting this weekend. Poor bitch-boy is desolate! Even though it may be that Mistress Sonia is not into forced petticoating of males, I am going to introduce bitch-boy in his full, fuax, little girl, sissy outfit and holding his big dolly, Suzette Simperkins. One inch false eye lashes and all!

He actually physically trembles when meeting a Mistress for the first time when so attired and I think the fact that Mistress Sonia may not be into it, will just make it even worse! (I have, of course, told him this.) Mistress Sonia does want to see him so attired and see him forced to play with his dollies, for the experience, if nothing else. bitch-boy’s begging to avoid her visit has been relentless. And pointless! Given I have told him what Mistress Sonia is definitely into, he has much more to fret about than the initial introduction!



Him seeing his CBT

I watched this delightful video on Tumblr and it gave me a thought. bitch-boy suffers a good deal of torture of his little penis. A great deal in fact. But 90% of that torture is when he is secured in his gynaecological stirrups on the BDSM bed and he therefore cannot see what is happening to his little clitty. He can only feel it.

Watching this video where the slave is actually watching the cool, calm, relaxed amused torturess at work, made me think how much worse that could make the torture. I could never forego the pleasure of torturing his little clitty while he is so very helplessly bound on the BDSM bed, but, (especially when double-domming or triple-domming), I think I will sometimes torture the pointless piece of grisle while bitch-boy is standing – his wrists secured behind his back. Nettles, the nettle pouch, pegs, perhaps even clips as in the video, the humble 12 inch ruler. I am so kind to want to make sure bitch-boy does not miss out on the full range of sensations.

Suffering Two by Two

Two, two by two things:

ONE. My video baby monitor died a few weeks ago and it prompted me to buy two new ones. Two identical units. I had before been risking it a bit, when I had both Play-toy and bitch-boy in white noise, TSD bondage at the same time and only one baby monitor. (Although the rooms are close enough together that, should either of them have been making sounds of distress, I would have heard it on the single monitor.)

Well I have the new units switched to different channels and the last time Play-toy visited, I found myself sitting on the sofa reading the weekend papers and on the side table next to me, two little screens beaming two little images of two little slaves all trussed up and helpless in TSD bondage. Oh what a delectable sight which certainly brought on a very arousing and intense power rush!


TWO. This sissy dress is on a couple of videos on Tumblr.

0000000000000000 copy - Copy

I was thinking how good it would be to have two such dresses, one for Play-toy and one for bitch-boy. I LOVE how short the dress is and I would use it for my slaves with exposed, shaved, vulnerable, sensitive genitals on full display and Mary Jane shoes with frill topped ankle socks.  Play-toy’s dress would be in white, possibly with a little black trim. bitch-boy’s would be in pink (of course) with a little white trim. bitch-boy would NEVER get to see Play-toy in her little dress. As a sub male he NEVER gets to see any female being dominated and never will. But Mistress Jane would join me to mock my blushing Play-toy when wearing her little dress. Play-toy (as Governess Lexi) would, of course, see bitch-boy in his little dress, (together with Mistress Jane and I) while he miserably performed nursery rhymes with actions and played with his dollies. I love to think of the two little dresses hanging up next to each other, waiting to be worn.

I know the sissy wearing the dress in the photo is a ‘model’ for the Birchplace site, but I cannot see the dress for sale on the site. I will enquire whether it was custom made and if so, I’ll have to get out my tape measure – twice!





Labels for women

I am occasionally  challenged as to whether I am a lesbian, whether I was always a lesbian, (so why did I hook up with bitch-boy??)  or that I MUST be bi-sexual. I always respond by describing how I changed over the last 15 years, outside my conscious control. I also say how sexuality labels for women are almost pointless. There are spectrums within spectrums.

Well it appears science supports my view.