Trash Bin Pillow

I bought myself two new pillows a few days ago. It had been on my to-do list for a while. I did not give this task to bitch-boy because I wanted to choose some very nice luxury pillows for myself. I wanted to browse. Later, at home, I instructed bitch-boy to put the new pillows into pillow cases on my bed. I also told him to find the two oldest pillows we had in the house and take them outside and put them in the trash bin. He returned when he had completed the tasks.

Two days later, I had a light bulb moment. I called bitch-boy to me.

‘bitch-boy, you know when I have my girlfriend over for the night and you have to sleep, resting your head on your Disney Princess pillow case which we have generously ‘marked’ with our arousal juices, spit, piss and sweat throughout that day. And you know the day after, I have you wash the pillow case and the pillow you have used. Well, you need to go and retrieve one of those old pillows from the trash bin outside. I am sure it won’t have got too mucky. In future, you will not have to wash the pillow – just the pillow case. You will be using the pillow retrieved from the trash bin from now on and it will never need washing. It will be YOUR pillow and no-one else need use it. Not washing it is good for the environment and saves you a chore doesn’t it.‘ He looked at me with an expression of complete misery and helplessness. His chin dropped to his chest and, at a snail’s pace, he went outside to retrieve one of the pillows from the trash bin. Poor bitch-boy!

19 thoughts on “Trash Bin Pillow

  1. The poor boy’s lot just keeps getting lower and lower…but a bright side…he gets a “new” pillow!!! Another lovely gift from Mistress!

        1. You misunderstood. The pillow in the trash bin was clean but very old and rather flat. Its the pillow case that will have fresh ‘fluids’ on when he sleeps on it and then the pillow CASE will be washed the next day.

          1. Have you ever known any pillow case that body fluids did not soak through. Get a pillow with a plastic shell and use it with a pillow case or be uncaring and risk your health with bitch boy. (PLAY SMART PLAY SAFE)

                1. Oh dear. Was I clear that the pillow case is not on the pillow when it gets ‘marked’. All the liquids have dried off by the time the pillow goes inside the pillow case. So I’ll take this huge life threatening risk with my precious bitch-boy. I just can’t seem to GET REAL?

                    1. And you enjoy yours. I respect your courtesy more than you can imagine. There are so few people on the internet who are weak, defensiveness and aggressive.

  2. Again bb seems a bit sad. That boy really is a glass-is-half-empty type, always focused on the punishments you are so kind to give him, never considering the punishments you could be giving him, but have chosen not to. Possibly a good exercise for bb is to make a list of all the tortures and punishments he has not suffered, not yet that is, and to thank you profusely and sincerely for your kindness in, for example, leaving his balls alone, not training him as a toilet, not renting him out as a gay escort, and what have you. No wonder everyone would love you as a mistress. You are so cruel, it is true, yet so kind too. BB ought be much more grateful.

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