Use him for everything

With the text in italics below,  I have updated my page entitled ‘Ladies Adopt the Lifestyle’, in the section of that page headed  – I WANT A HUSBAND, NOT A DOORMAT! I thought it might be of interest, hence this post.

Before you read that though, I reproduce relevant text from an earlier post:

bitch-boy, as I have stated many times, is highly intelligent, cultured, well read and well travelled. So I want his vanilla company when indulging in my non-DS pleasures – fine dining, travel, cinema, etc. His intelligent conversation and comment enhances my pleasure. This means bitch-boy (and most other lifestyle slaves avoid true 24/7/365). Something I am always keenly aware of is that bitch-boy’s life would be 24/7/365, just like Candy Floss, were I to cease enjoying his vanilla company, or replace his vanilla company with the vanilla company of someone else. It would be just as extreme because there would be no reason for it not to be. Knowing that I have this capability within me, is always food for thought.



Several times I have posted on women’s blogs who are playing at domination or chastity control and, in response to a question they pose,  I have set out a view of taking the steps required to move from a game to real domination. I often receive the response – I want a husband, not a doormat.

If only these women understood that a man dominated, punished and humiliated at home (or at selected friends’ homes) can still be your knight in shining armour when the need arises. My bitch-boy happens to be the most intelligent and courageous person I have ever met. Should we find ourselves in a dodgy part of a city at night, for instance, there is no one I would feel more secure with. If I have a tedious problem to resolve, he takes on anyone or any organisation on my behalf, with assertiveness and solutions to problems.

So I say to these women that play games. You can have your cake and eat it.

I am often asked by Dommes wanting to go for the full lifestyle, whether that means they must miss out on the companionship of their sub. I always respond by explaining how I carry on enjoying bitch-boy’s vanilla companionship WHEN I CHOOSE. I explain that there are times when I don’t do anything other than “hang out” with my sub. For example, sometimes, I get home from work and tell him that I can do whatever I want with him because I own him and tonight I am going to use him for his vanilla company. Its that simple for me. The same for family or work functions. bitch-boy is very intelligent and cultured so when watching a film or eating out at a very good restaurant, I want his vanilla company – his interesting and wise thoughts on what we are experiencing. Also, I like comedy – stand-up comedy and some TV series. Who wants to laugh alone?? So I will use bitch-boy for his vanilla company during comedy entertainment.
If we eat at a hotel with a top restaurant, I will tie him up and gag him on the bed at say, 6:00pm. I will give him a harsh dose of dickie-discipline. I will orgasm. Then I will release him and I tell him I now want his vanilla company while we eat the meal. bitch-boy understands that he is mine to use in any way I wish 24/7/365 and he understands that use includes that I will use him for his vanilla company at my whim.

4 thoughts on “Use him for everything

  1. Thank You for sharing these thoughts, Ma’am! As always You are very thoughtful and explain well how to reconcile vanilla activities into a 24/7/365 lifestyle. i’m sure that even while enjoying a dinner with You at a fine restaurant or enjoying a comedy show with You, bitchboy is always acutely aware of his true position in life!

  2. Hello, this one’s blog is a marvel, I accompany her post a long time, the Lady understands a lot about domination, I am submissive, I am married to my wife, it is my Lady, seek to live in a relationship D / s 24/7. I love being a slave. I love being a slave of my wife. She has difficulties still in its domination, as she usually forget about rules and punishments that should be given to me. But she struggles to make my days of terrible slave. A strong desire she has is to have a lover, and never allows me to penetrate it, it scares me a little, but I can not do anything. I have to durmir all diaper nights, tied, blindfolded, sometimes it forces me to stay with a spout in the mouth, I hate every night and morning, I have to drink your urine in a bottle. We have two small children, so we can not do many things yet. For example she wants to put me in 24/7 diaper, but she does not feel safe even in this regard. I’m sorry if you do not understand much what I wrote, I do not know English, I use google translator to be able to follow your blog, I hope to talk more with Mrs. thousand bjs on your feet Mrs., if I may.

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