Labels for women

I am occasionally  challenged as to whether I am a lesbian, whether I was always a lesbian, (so why did I hook up with bitch-boy??)  or that I MUST be bi-sexual. I always respond by describing how I changed over the last 15 years, outside my conscious control. I also say how sexuality labels for women are almost pointless. There are spectrums within spectrums.

Well it appears science supports my view.

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5 Responses to Labels for women

  1. Mistress Hannah says:


    I couldn’t agree more.

    I recognise that I find women attractive, that they please me sexually. Do I think I could have a vanilla relationship with a women? Probably not. Does this make me bisexual, bicurious, greedy! 😆 ?

    For a while I felt I needed a label, especially as so often these online sites will require some sort of description/label but now I realise labels are for everyone else’s benefit, not mine, and so completely redundant to me.

    Mistress Hannah

  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    A very interesting article, Ma’am. I think “labels” such as “Ma’am”, “Madam”, “Mistress”, “Goddess” and “Superior” are the only labels i feel comfortable using around the Superiors in my world…i’ll just stick with those until directed otherwise!

  3. dave94015 says:

    It’s hard to imagine how readers would think you are lesbian…with all that you do with “bitch boy”. The article you cited is interesting in that it suggests women have a wider range of things that will arouse them.

    • Before I met bb, I had hardly any orgasms from men. But I never tried women. (I guess even then I should have thought about my low sexual arousal with men.) As soon as I began with bb, I was enjoying many sessions of multiple orgasms. He totally changed my life! Sex went from being unimportant to being very, very important. bb was utterly devoted to my extended, long-lasting pleasure during sex. After around 5 years or so of dominating him, I realised the massive subjugating effect I would have from denying him penetration. His oral skills were 100% satisfactory for giving me all the sexual pleasure I needed – and denying him penetration increased the power of the orgasms because I was being so cruel. I am still sexually aroused by having bb at my beck and call, but I truly see him as a genderless sex toy. Not as a man, just a human sex toy with no gender.

      Some years ago I realised if I wanted a further (selfish, decadent) expansion of my sex life. Another sexual partner could be the way forward. I then realised I did not want a man. 100% did not! But the thought of a having sex with a woman was completely appealing. So I thought I should label myself as a lesbian.

      • dave94015 says:

        Your sex with bb seems to be detached and unemotional (he is “just a human sex toy”) . Your attraction to a woman may be more emotionally fulfilling at least. Labels are for others to categorize an individual’s relationship preference. You may find fulfillment with both bb and one or more partner(s). You are aroused by being cruel to bb (and, fortunately, he prefers this treatment). You might also be aroused by another person in a different way.

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