Suffering Two by Two

Two, two by two things:

ONE. My video baby monitor died a few weeks ago and it prompted me to buy two new ones. Two identical units. I had before been risking it a bit, when I had both Play-toy and bitch-boy in white noise, TSD bondage at the same time and only one baby monitor. (Although the rooms are close enough together that, should either of them have been making sounds of distress, I would have heard it on the single monitor.)

Well I have the new units switched to different channels and the last time Play-toy visited, I found myself sitting on the sofa reading the weekend papers and on the side table next to me, two little screens beaming two little images of two little slaves all trussed up and helpless in TSD bondage. Oh what a delectable sight which certainly brought on a very arousing and intense power rush!


TWO. This sissy dress is on a couple of videos on Tumblr.

0000000000000000 copy - Copy

I was thinking how good it would be to have two such dresses, one for Play-toy and one for bitch-boy. I LOVE how short the dress is and I would use it for my slaves with exposed, shaved, vulnerable, sensitive genitals on full display and Mary Jane shoes with frill topped ankle socks.  Play-toy’s dress would be in white, possibly with a little black trim. bitch-boy’s would be in pink (of course) with a little white trim. bitch-boy would NEVER get to see Play-toy in her little dress. As a sub male he NEVER gets to see any female being dominated and never will. But Mistress Jane would join me to mock my blushing Play-toy when wearing her little dress. Play-toy (as Governess Lexi) would, of course, see bitch-boy in his little dress, (together with Mistress Jane and I) while he miserably performed nursery rhymes with actions and played with his dollies. I love to think of the two little dresses hanging up next to each other, waiting to be worn.

I know the sissy wearing the dress in the photo is a ‘model’ for the Birchplace site, but I cannot see the dress for sale on the site. I will enquire whether it was custom made and if so, I’ll have to get out my tape measure – twice!





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6 Responses to Suffering Two by Two

  1. bob says:

    It looks like the dress is called Miss Prissy Pansy Puff and you can find it in the Prissy Sissy category on the left side

  2. tiffanymaid says:

    Mistress Scarlet….. from the Birchplace site….. the item You seek.

  3. Dear Mistress Scarlet,

    This dress looks absolutely degrading and humiliating! Yes, it is indeed very short! I believe moments will come while on duty to You Mistress Scarlet, Your bitch-boy will suffer and cry in this dress and therefore You Mistress Scarlet and Your dominant female superiors friends will hopefully enjoy Your mean, sadistic, nasty and wicked artistic talents.

    As one of Your blog follower from the very beginning some time has passed since 2010, today You Mistress Scarlet have published 10 very great Journals and one book with beautiful fantasy stories from Your perspective as a dominant female sadist.

    I would like to use the opportunity to thank You Mistress Scarlet for all of Your published work so far and I hope there is more to come, I also think You have the writing talent and imagination for a fantasy novel Mistress Scarlet.

    As a truly submissive to dominant and sadistic woman it is delightful to read how You Mistress Scarlet became more sadistic over time to Your slave bitch-boy and also graceless to explore and live out Your dominant and sadistic sexually in the way You truthfully enjoy it while bitch-boy is totally trapped in Your wonderful world as Your servant and slave!

    All best and thank You Mistress Scarlet very much for sharing so much of Your live!

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