Cruel cup runneth over

I am so blessed at the moment. As well as having my girlfriend Lexi regularly visiting and Mistress Jane visiting occasionally, I met another fab Mistress for a meal this week and now she is visiting this weekend. Poor bitch-boy is desolate! Even though it may be that Mistress Sonia is not into forced petticoating of males, I am going to introduce bitch-boy in his full, fuax, little girl, sissy outfit and holding his big dolly, Suzette Simperkins. One inch false eye lashes and all!

He actually physically trembles when meeting a Mistress for the first time when so attired and I think the fact that Mistress Sonia may not be into it, will just make it even worse! (I have, of course, told him this.) Mistress Sonia does want to see him so attired and see him forced to play with his dollies, for the experience, if nothing else. bitch-boy’s begging to avoid her visit has been relentless. And pointless! Given I have told him what Mistress Sonia is definitely into, he has much more to fret about than the initial introduction!



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2 Responses to Cruel cup runneth over

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    Poor bitchboy in for yet another miserable, humiliating experience…and another cruel Mistress to degrade and hurt him…You do spoil the boy, Ma’am! I look very forward to reading about what Mistress Sonia really is into!!!

    Yours humbly,

    sissy jamieanne

  2. westfalen says:

    Yes it would be interesting to read what She is into ,,,,,guess we will read about it in due time after her visit:)

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