9 Years Denial

I know which house I was in when I decided bitch-boy would never penetrate me (and therefore any woman) ever again. So I know what year that was. And I know roughly the time of year. I so deeply regret not writing down the exact date. But I am able to say that around this month of this year we are at bitch-boy’s ninth anniversary of his born again virgin status.

Poor, poor bb.

Amazingly he has not given up on it! Only two weeks ago he begged and begged to be allowed to penetrate my pretty cunt, between my beautiful athletic legs, JUST ONCE A YEAR, and even then not cum. Just be inside me for a few minutes. I laughed and said NO! Never, ever again for my slave. He will be a virgin for the rest of his life. No penetrative sex. No blow-jobs. Not even an affable, pleasurable hand job. His orgasms occur only when he is in severe bondage and after a PROPER session of dickie-discipline. It is my whim that he associates orgasms with being strictly physically controlled and with suffering pain for my amusement.

In front of him, I told Governess Lexi about his last begging attempt for penetrative sex and we both laughed at the ludicrousness of the notion, and at him.

So many male subs fantasise about being in his situation but they should really try to imagine what it must feel like for him. Seeing my naked body so often. Seeing me orgasm so often – my body utterly sexually aroused. Him vaguely remembering what is was like to push that sensitive, stiff little cock inside my hot, tight, wet cunt. And never being allowed to and knowing he will never, ever feel that sensation again. It must be so truly awful for him. It would be so easy for me to grant him that annual treat he begs for. I am afraid I will not grant him that treat though.

I love this aspect of his slavery. It is important to me. So that is that!

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30 Responses to 9 Years Denial

  1. kevin/locked120 says:

    Ms. Scarlet..
    At the 3 year mark of the last 7 years ..i was allowed in the warmth of a vagina…my dicklette was covered with electricians tape and a condom so i did not have the pleasure of what i remembered what that experience would
    “tradionally” feel like ..
    My current Mistressof just over three years, has not once allowed intercourse ..in fact ..i am rarely brought out of the stainless steel chastity cage i wear ..except for her brand of dickie discipline ….
    She has no use for it ..in fact i wear a tag attached to the device with the word.. USELESS..in a prominent size of font.
    It is quite the dynamic, to be a born again virgin.
    i am not all that far behind bb…
    Perhaps though, at the wholesome age of 60, i am slightly more resigned to it ..lol

  2. dave94015 says:

    He is truly a dedicated submissive…and you held to your course of giving him an orgasm only after bondage & pain! I’m glad you continue to love this aspect of his slavery – his unfailing commitment to you

    • I would say his acceptance of my tyranny is through infatuation and awe of me which creates commitment to me, if that makes sense. Perhaps I am overthinking but this paradoxical world of submissives always deserves some deep thought.

  3. fluffy says:

    i always saw it from your journals that his cocklet was less virginal just not allowed to do the penetrating and had become a sissy-clit SO was permitted to be penetrated and thus the inter-dental brushes get pushed in to the hilt and twisted


  4. tiffanymaid says:

    Ms Scarlet…. Yet again, the situation of Mistress Serena and myself mirrors that of Your good self and b-b. i can recall precisely the last occasion i was allowed penetrative sex with my MistressWife. It was on the occasion of O/our 20th Wedding Anniversary in a European capital city…….. W/we have now been married 31 years.
    Of specific note, was O/our 25th anniversary. i had been led to believe my five year wait was over and following a most pleasurable day together and an excellent meal, W/we retired to O/our hotel room, ( i was ) full of expectation. You can imagine my despair when Mistress Serena changed into Her silky nightwear and produced the key to my chastity….only to wave it before me, and place it back, unused in Her purse, with the comment……” I think we have gone past the point of allowing such a pleasure to such a worthless sissy submissive ! “

  5. sissy jamieanne says:

    Wow! 9 years as a born again virgin! This must truly bring home for bb his position and status in life…and to know that he will never, ever fuck again! I know he is in awe of You, Mistress Scarlet! You possess something sacred, something which he can never have, and yet he’s allowed to worship it (and You) with his tongue, lips and mouth! Absolutely delicious! I’m sure You’ll find a most special (and cruel) way to celebrate a decade of denial!!!

    In humble respect,

    sissy jamieanne

  6. JayAur says:

    For me it has been 17 years, started by a health condition. But ‘it’ never delivered satisfaction, so it ranked in the useless category. Males must come to realize that their tongue and fingers are better pleasure givers than their male appendage. Why should the superior female Goddess put up with a messy glob of his slime? The mess does nothing but spoil her pleasure…and her pleasure is all that really counts. “No More Dickie Dunkin” should be the empowered female mantra.

  7. bimbomaid says:

    And we adore You, Mistress Scarlet!

  8. submissive_stella says:

    Poor bitchboy! Maybe it’s time to remind him that he does get plenty of pussy. Is bitch boy not grateful for his sheep, which he is so generously allowed to fuck? If he’s going to keep whining, perhaps it’s time to take away his sheep privileges altogether, and find him a nice, hunky STUD inflatable boyfriend to play with! We all know how much bitch boy is afraid of cock….

  9. pantymaid, says:


    You, Scarlet, said, ” I love this aspect of his slavery. It is important to me. So that is that! ” In other words, no matter how much a human being will beg you for pleasure you will never grant it. None of this nonsense and cruel behavior has anything to do with a submissive’s needs, it is all about your sadistic needs. Your desire to be cruel and evil. You will take what is perhaps a persons only chance in life and celebrate destroying it by reducing it to misery so that you may laugh. I have to say reading your blog has turned out to be a good thing for me because it has made me realize how sad it all is. There is no female supremacy but only sadness in your method.
    Thank you for the eye opener.

    • Back again pantymaid with more misguided drivel, failing as always to take account of all the facts and ignoring what does not suit your defensive, aggressive agenda. I wonder if the truly submissive souls who read my blog agree with your ‘in depth’ analysis?

      Why have you been reading my blog since your last ‘comments’ in August if it is all so sad?

      • darkhorsesub says:

        It’s hard to know where to start with misunderstanding on this scale, especially when some of the best explanations of the submissive/dominant urge anywhere in the femdom canon can be found on these pages.

        As Mistress Scarlet says, why go to the trouble of reading (and criticizing) a blog that you so strenuously disapprove of? There is no shortage of sub-centric femdom out there, in fact, it’s the vast majority.

        I’ll stand corrected if I’ve misjudged the sentiment of the post, but I think it may be useful to think of dominance and submission in terms of micro and macro components, like economics. A submissive (of a certain type, I don’t wish to generalize) may have a deep need to feel subjugated on the macro level, that is, holistically and thoroughly dominated.

        The trouble is, actions can only happen one by one, at the micro level, so the submissive must derive their overall sense of subjugation from the sum of individual acts that their dominant subjects them to. Viewed at this level, the acts themselves may be entirely disagreeable to the submissive. Not so much ‘spank me I’ve been a naughty boy’ but ‘careful what you wish for’.

        For a Domme to deny her sub a request which is important to him (and would be trivial for her to grant) seems to be a pure expression of this concept. What better way to make someone feel downtrodden than to show them that their treasured desires have a lower status than the whim to deny them?

        If we layer onto all this the corresponding urge of a Domme to generally tyrannize her submissive, you’d have thought this adds up to equilibrium, not ‘evil’, whatever that was supposed to mean.

    • sissy jamieanne says:

      Pantymaid…if you truly read Mistress Scarlet’s blog and Her amazing journals, you’ll recognize that bitchboy has a truly, deeply submissive soul, and Mistress Scarlet has privilege bb in providing him what he truly needs! Yes, Her methods are indeed severe and austere, but She is truly among the most talented and genuine Dominant Women ever! And many of us would be honored and privileged to lick the dirt from the soles of Her boots!

  10. slave c says:

    Thank You, Ms Scarlett. You are alot like my Owner. my last time was 10-21-09. She said i didn’t deserve it and said Never again and has been good to Her word. Of course She still gets it. And both of You are right we Don’t deserve it. Thank You Ma’am.

  11. fluffy says:

    maybe Belindakins needs a blow up hunk, she can make eyes at with her long lashes and try and woo and chat up

  12. Boot Gimp says:

    It is clear that You have decided Mistress Scarlet that bb will never again penetrate anything for pleasure. However, Your blog always ignites my already wild imagination. bb has been begging for a few minutes a year inside Mistress Scarlet. Well, how about the possibility of 29 seconds of penetrative sex every 29th February. My imagination has bb denied any orgasm from 1st January to the 29th February. Every day of February would be more extreme than average days. On the 29th, bb would have extended TSB, maybe 10 hours. Then for the cruelest bit. I said that it would only be a possibility of penetration…. Mistress scarlet would allow Bb to watch as a toss of a coin decides if he gets his 29 seconds. Imagine four years of build up, the biggest carrot possible being dangled. Now imagine bb in floods of tears as Mistress Scarlet leaves him for more TSB knowing that it will another 4 years before he even has a chance to get close to 29 seconds.

    I’m sorry that I’ve gone off on a bit of a fantasy but Your writing does tend to do this to me Mistress Scarlet.

    Ps, I will soon explain a task I have recently been put through that was by far the best or worst depending on how you look at it task I’ve ever been made to do. I’m positive you will love it Mistress Scarlet.

    • An interesting fantasy, but if played out it could result in bb getting a few seconds of penetration. That would never do!
      I look forward to the details of your ‘recent task’.

      • Sasha Delight says:

        But then again, should the coin decide he should be allowed penetration, you are of course superior to a coin and hence overrule its decisions.

      • Boot Gimp says:

        Sorry I’ve been a while in letting you into my newest task Mistress Scarlet. I hope this appeals to you. As a lifestyle submissive, I like I’m guessing all subs are a foot and footwear fetishist. Worshiping feet and footwear as ground level is for me the vey foundation and starting point of sub/Domme relationship. My Owner and I, like you Mistress Scarlet like plenty of rules and rituals to follow. So I came up with the idea of having a step before shoe worship and calling it shoe admiration. My position for shoe admiration is quite difficult to describe. I was sat on the bedroom floor at the foot of the bed with ankles fastened to each bed leg. Then using the tube of a vacuume cleaner as a makeshift spreader bar my wrists were cuffed out In front of me and then to the bed rail. So there was a spreader bar between my posture collar and my wrists and my wrists were thenLocked to the bed. I was wearing full sissy pink maids outfit, pink patent boots, pink satin gloves and my chastity tube at this point. My hands were raised slightly above my head due to the height of the bed and the fact I was sat on my back side on the floor. The purpose of this was to have time in bondage while being allowed to hold a shoe. Being forced to hold the shoe above me being symbolic of the shoe being on a higher level to me. This whole thing was my idea as I thought it would be fun and frustrating to hold and be so close to my favourite object while being totally unable to kiss, smell or lick it.

        The whole thing came back to bite me. Firstly the position was complete physical torture. Every muscle in my back , arms, shoulders, neck, bum, legs ached after around ten minutes. This instantly robbed me of the wonderful time alone with Mistress’s shoe I’d hoped for. When I was able to block out the discomfort the humiliation and realisation of how a single object such as a shoe could have so much power over an intelligent adult was huge. The desire to lick the shoe killed me while the feeling of futile longing overwhelmed me.

        The next thing was pins and needles in my fingers. I had to wiggle them to keep them alive. In doing this I realised how hard it was to keep hold of the shoe. I then had the very real fear of dropping the shoe. I knew punishment for dropping one of Mistresss shoes would be severe.

        Then, using past experience , I realised how this new scenario would develop. I knew Mistress would eventually come back and ask a simple question..’have you finished admiring my shoe’? Of course I knew that under no circumstances could I say yes I’ve finished looking at your shoe as this would have offended Mistress and resulted in me having less shoe worship time. Three times Mistress asked me if I’d finished and three times I had to politely ask to continue despite my whole body being wracked with pain.

        On the fourth time of me asking for more Mistress thankfully said she needed me loose and took the shoe away. I had hoped during my ordeal that I would be allowed some shoe worship at the end of it but instead I was simply released and put to chores.

        I can’t emphasise enough how difficult this task was. This hour of shine admiration time was by far the most difficult time in bondage I’ve ever done and I am quite experienced in longer bondage sessions.there was no possibility of entering a calm sub space. There was only complete physical and mental torture from start to finish.

        This whole thing was made worse by the shoe of choice being from my favourite pair. A pair I bought Mistress 2 years ago and to this day have not been allowed to worship. This particular pair of shoes are kept under lock and key. They are not particularly special or expensive, they are just my favourite pair and a pair I was desperate to buy her. They were unavailable in shops when we wanted to buy them and I spent around six months checking eBay daily to get them. Eventually I got them and it felt like all my Christmas come at once.when I gave them to Mistress she refused to try them on and told me she planned to only ever wear them when she wasn’t with me. She has been true to he word. she enjoys texting to let me know she is wearing them and occasionally, under the strictest of supervision I get to clean them with a brush and cloth while wearing rubber gloves so as not to feel the leather. When I came up with the shoe admiration idea, I never thought for second she would use these shoes. It was so destroying to be so close to my ultimate goal but so so far. It broke my heart when she coldy took the shoe and disappeared to lock it back away.

        We always have a debrief after a new idea or scenario and I was one hundred percent honest as ever. I told of how it was the worst torture I’ve experienced. The delighted Mistres and assured me this would be regular from now on.

        • Interesting and your Mistress sounds wonderful.

          Have you finished admiring my shoe’? Of course I knew that under no circumstances could I say yes I’ve finished looking at your shoe as this would have offended Mistress and resulted in me having less shoe worship time. Three times Mistress asked me if I’d finished and three times I had to politely ask to continue despite my whole body being wracked with pain.

          I was one hundred percent honest as ever. I told of how it was the worst torture I’ve experienced. The delighted Mistres and assured me this would be regular from now on.

          • Boot Gimp says:

            For someone who had never had any dealings with Femdom before we met she has amazed me at how spot on she understands my needs as a sub and how well she taken On the role of Domme. We are in a difficult situation with life and family and time alone is precious. When we get time alone we enjoy vanilla time and I often feel guilty about asking for prolonged bondage and prolonged play. But when we do get extended time together and we can play I’m amazed at How at ease she is with taking full control. I am generally the ideas person in the relationship however She will almost all of the time tweak my ideas and add a well thought out twist on it to make it worse for me and more enjoyable for Her.

            What I will promise you Mistress scarlet is that if you try shoe admiration time with BB and he is half as much as a shoe fetishist as I am it will be complete torture of him. I am now left in the perfect sumbimmisve quandary of knowing just how difficult the task is whilst knowing the chance of having prolonged time to look at one of Mistress shoes is also exciting.

            • bitch-boy and my shoes is complicated. He is not a shoe fetishist really because one of my very sexy shoes without one of my feet in it, is of limited impact on him. HOWEVER, one of my very sexy shoes WITH one of my feet in it has a massive impact on him. Much more than simply my bare feet. If I try this, I will have to think about either having him worship in bondage without touching, while I watch TV or read, or have him worship a photograph of me wearing a sexy shoe.

  13. westfalen says:

    Of course this approach works best and at all , when the Mistress is of lesbian orientation as MsScarlet has indicated in past writings that she is,,,,,,,,,as otherwise the Mistress would be depriving herself of something which she would value and enjoy herself (cuckolding relationships excepted i suppose), which is not the case here and so just adds to further MsScarlet’s sadistic enjoyment and b-b’s further falling into deprived submission and slavery:)

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