bitch-boy’s Christmas Presents

Two Christmas presents so far, that he knows about.

This dress (plus the hair ribbon) from this on-line shop. bitch-boy will not be wearing panties though. His shaved genitals will be on full display. He will be wearing his padlocked-on pink Mary Jane shoes and frill topped ankle socks though.

This new Deep Heat product. bitch-boy is hoping it is less ‘intense’ then the hated Deep Heat Muscle Rescue. This new ‘roll-on’ product looks so convenient!

I do work hard to make his Christmas ’emotional’. I hope he will be grateful. Although I do wrap the presents in old newspaper. I would not want to spoil him with Christmas wrapping paper, even the cheap stuff.

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19 Responses to bitch-boy’s Christmas Presents

  1. Serena says:


    I’m impressed with both your proposed gifts, I may consider similar for tiffany.
    However, the one present I have top of tiffanys list is this bondage waist cincher which I suspect will prove a perfect partner for her time in TSD.


    • A delight to hear from you Serena. The waist-cincher looks fantastic. I will consider it for one , or both, of my toys. Thank you for the link. If you buy it, do let me know how it works out.

  2. sillymaid says:

    Just love the dress…… So jealous. Not so sure about being paraded around dressed in it though….. Missie xx

  3. sissy jamieanne says:

    I love the dress Ma’am! And I’m sure bitchboy will love wearing it pantiless for Your (and guests) perfect amusement! The Deep Heat lotion looks positively evil…They even use a flame type font for the words “Deep Heat” on the product label…hopefully this is an indication that it is truly fiery…I’m sure bitchboy will love it and be in even greater awe of You when he unwraps his lovely gifts this Christmas!!!

  4. mddiane says:

    Bitch boy better be grateful. He’s very fortunate to have you.

  5. pantymaid, says:

    Scarlet, you asked, why do I continue to look? Well, before I go I will tell you. I was hoping to see you come around to the truth of the matter. Come around and tell it like it really is, but, that’s not going to happen. You are probably too far gone. You are always selling the misery inflicted to those around you as a great favor. It’s all for them, you say, because they truly need torture and life long humiliation to be happy. When in fact it is you and only you that you lay service too. You are a sadistic woman who thrives on causing others to suffer. A destroyer of the minds and bodies. You are so consumed with this that you step outside of your husbands house and collect others to inflict your pain on. Your little so called TOY is just another victim feeding your sadomasochism. You give the Female superior ideology and female led family nothing but dis-justice.

    • …………you say, because they truly need torture and life long humiliation to be happy……..

      BUT they say it, pantymaid. I simply post what I am told by the dozens of submissives that leave comments and contact me saying that they truly need torture and humiliation to be happy. So you continue to disrespect all these people, by proclaiming that you know their minds better than they do. How arrogant and disrespectful to them you are! And what a shame you have to deny factual evidence in order to justify your position. I can only imagine how annoyed Play-toy will be over you misguided comments disrespecting her. (BTW, there is no such word as ‘dis-justice’.)

      • pantymaid, says:

        lol lol, yes, i knew, dis-justice, was not a actually word but my interest in a balanced conversation fruitless here and waning on the grounds of your refusal to call it for what it is. You obviously got my point and twisted it all around to fire it back onto me like you always do. You take innate submission souls and manipulate them the same way terrorist manipulate young insecure minds to carry out evil. You just can’t admit you are sadist who needs to beat people down for her own agenda. Otherwise you would not laugh while doing so, right down to something as simple as wrapping paper. And shame on you for trying to make me feel guilty by using Play-toy as your bullet.

        • You indicated that your last comment would be the last time you looked at my blog. But you are back again! Poor pantymaid, you just can’t help yourself can you.
          Yes, we all believe that you knew dis-justice was not a word. LOL.
          Can’t admit I am a sadist???? How many times have I made it clear on my blog and in my journals that I am a sadist and a heartless bitch. We agree on that silly pantymaid. The important fact you fail to accept (because it does not suit your warped view of the world), is that I do not need to manipulate subs to come under my spell. They beg to! And they beg not to be discarded by me even though I am so bad to them. And you telling them they do not know what they want is so very arrogant, ill-informed and disrespectful. Its a dis-justice!

    • Play-toy says:

      Too right I find this offensive. If I was a victim to anything that I didn’t feel was right I would have walked away by now, and I feel very insulted that you would think otherwise. As for speaking ill of Mistress Scarlet that has just enraged me, she has never claimed not to be a sadist. What may seem like misery and humiliation at the time keeps me very content and happy in the long run… fact the happiest I have felt in a long time because I have finally found someone who understands what I need and isn’t afraid to be harsh in providing it. Mistress Scarlet has thousands of followers who admire her and would give anything to be in my position or bitch-boys, if it’s as bad as you’re claiming it is tell me why so many people would want to fall ‘victim’ to such misery and torture?

  6. Suffering guy says:

    Mistress Scarlet. Have You ever tried a deep heat cream for arthritis ? I suspect the ingredient is likely the same for most of these topicals, but I once was subjected to a cream called ” capsaicin” or maybe spelled ” capsicum” cream. The application on my most sensitive penis head was absolutely the worst and painful. You have a Great Blog and many like me wait with baited breath for Your future Journal’s.

  7. fluffy says:

    so BitchBoy can look forward to his lovely Christmas gifts from you MsScarlet, perhaps he (well you) would enjoy this to count down each day:

    respect from

  8. pantymaid, says:

    the world is full of misery and you are a contributor …… this site is now wiped out of my thoughts

  9. westfalen says:

    I guess maybe @pantymaid above does not understand the realities of genuine deep submission and masochism and the needs of such men, and the value of a wonderful sadistic Domina such as MsScarlet….oh well…..what does he think of all the practitioners of extreme sports out there who do similar things but without the erotic fun of a wonderful Female Supremacy relationship such as he is complaining about here.

  10. Dominique You says:

    Mistress, From what I have read in most of your writings it seems that you’ve reall got it going on with your active FemDom lifestyle! You write very explicitely concering your experimental technology & if it helps for you & your desires, especially your own satisfaction (many orgasm releases), then more power to you! I have always been mistified as to how a woman can achieve so many non stop cummings & that indeed satisfies the male libido as well. Though I have never had the opportunity to be employed by a virtious Domina suc as you I most deffinitely would love to enter the lifestyle of being a practicing sub, especially as your understudy. I currently live in N. America where ongoing activities such as what you practice are very hard to find but would be willing to relocate if I am invited to! It almost sounds as if you are as equal, if not much more equipped, as another Antoine Mesmer. In leaving you I wish you very much more success in your activities as a Professional Domina Mistress. I would like to get correspondence from you if you have a mailing list? Thank you & rememberto always be good & true to yourself!

    • I cant work out if you are male or female.
      I am not a professional Mistress.
      There is a huge BDSM and Femdom scene in the USA.

      • Dominique You says:

        Wow, I had no idea Ms. Scarlet! You have given me much hope in my life interests for the BDSM lifestyle & any further information regarding where I may find activities regarding that would be very much appreciated! I do want to let you know that, just between you & me, I have had this secret longing for some time now. I used to belong to but a certain Domina tried playing $ games with me & I am very thankful that I caught on to that quickly! She even called me on Skype cam one time, as I pleaded to see her, & was tricked by an artificial mummy that wasn’t even her. That’s when I figured the whole thing out. I also do not ever drink or drug, neither do I feel comfortable in those places where drinking is appropriate. It just isn’t what I’m in to because I’ve known too many people that have died young due to chemical abuse etc. If you have any suggestions for me & how to break out of my loneliness & longing for a Domina to personally engage with please do let me know. Thank you very much…

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