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Extreme Christmas Perversity

I had just the best Christmas day! I can’t say the same for bitch-boy. His new dress is, for him excrutiatingly, appallingly, humiliating. I LOVE it!  And it creates the look I was after as shown in this drawing. I can’t see how anything could be designed to be more humiliating! He is to be presented to Governess Lexi in it this week. He is beside himself.

I had 7 huge orgasms Christmas day. One thing I wanted to report on was a tiny moment, but it really filled me with a luscious feeling of utmost cruel power and utter heartlessness. I had bitch-boy strapped helplessly on the BDSM bed, legs secured wide apart. I had been torturing his hard little clitty with ruler smacks and with pegs for quite a while and also pleasing myself with my Magic Wand vibrator. I had just recovered from an orgasm and I applied a heavy coating of Deep Heat to his clitty. He began to sob and I noticed a magazine on the side. I had been reading an interesting article before I began his torture. I sat in the bedroom chair and began reading the article and leafing through the magazine while bitch-boy sobbed and sobbed and whimpered. The contrast of my relaxed, contented demeanour, and his profound agonising misery was STARK!

Bubbles Humiliation

Governess Lexi is truly blossoming as a cruel sadist, much to bitch-boy’s cost. I am struggling to keep on top of the journal entries for Volume 11 of my Journals because of her evolution and imagination. She has become addicted to pissing on bitch-boy while he lies bound and face-up in the walk-in shower. She insists he thank her during the dousing so that it goes in his mouth. He then has a ‘supervised’ cold shower before being re-dressed. She adores me going for a nap and leaving her to ‘babysit’ bitch-boy. (I love an afternoon nap! – so decadent.)  She has babysat twice so far and includes a corporal punishment session when she does ‘babysit’ – ‘just because she can’!

Lexi keeps coming up with new torments and humiliations. She bought bitch-boy a Disney Princess advent calendar with a chocolate in each day’s window. I usually squash each chocolate under my shoe each morning before he has to consume it. Last weekend when Lexi was here, she dropped that day’s advent chocolate, broken in two, into a bowl of her piss and then spooned each bit out and fed it to bitch-boy. Obviously the spoon was full of her golden nectar too.

She also bought him some Disney Princess bubbles. She had him, dressed as a little girl, blow the bubbles and then chase them to pop them with his finger. So funny! My own imagination came to the fore. I had him hold his big dolly Suzette Simperkins in front of him and with Suzzette’s little plastic hands pop the bubbles I blew . SO HUMILIATING and so funny!

Lexi suggested that in the summer we get a bubble blowing machine and then can sit outdoors relaxing while dressed as a little girl, bitch-boy, with Suzette, chases bubbles around the garden to pop them.



Film: The Duke of Burgundy

I watched this film with Lexi and it is worthy of comment. The title is bizarre given it is about lesbian domination and submission. Involved in the writing was obviously a truly submissive woman. The film is a paradox of enjoyment and sadness because some of the scenes are, at first viewing, truly perfect and arousing examples of erotic dominance, behaviourally and aesthetically. However what becomes revealed is that the film is about topping from the bottom and a frustrated submissive and a pretend dominant who tries her best but lets herself down. (I don’t think I have plot spoiled for anyone because the film is old and also because I think most people would appreciate forewarning that a film starts off brilliantly and then becomes sad!)

It is a PERFECT education piece for a frequent sad scenario I come across. Someone who wants to make their partner happy, having found out their partner is submissive but they themselves are not naturally dominant. The submissive and ‘dominant’ both making fatal mistakes preventing progression to where the would both be happy. In the film, the submissive’s big mistake is to specify what she wants to happen in fine detail and become annoyed and frustrated when the scene is not perfectly executed to her ‘script’. This is a fatal flaw and whenever this happens in a relationship it is doomed to be unsatisfying for both partners. And in the film, the dominant’s shortcomings are firstly, excessive caution. There is a golden rule in dominance – asking one’s self only one question, ‘will what I am about to do damage my submissive?’ That is ALL one needs to ask oneself. The words that a submissive truly HATES to hear beyond all else from their dominant  are the words- ‘Are you sure you will be alright with this?’

The biggest step-change and evolution to paradise for bitch-boy and I, was when I moved to an attitude where, when I was about to embark on something that I believed would press bitch-boy’s buttons, to  think to myself simply:- he is not made of porcelain, what I am about to do won’t break him. It might be extreme, but it won’t break him. In two or three hours, or days, at most, it will be like it never happened.

And in the film, the dominant’s second shortcoming was failing to embrace the pleasure and benefits of dominance and submission.  But this was not surprising because instead of doing what she wanted, she was doing what the submissive wanted and worrying whether she was getting it right. When I first started having bitch-boy do the housework, I would worry whether it was pushing his submissive buttons or not. He probably picked up on this and so it  was not real or satisfying for either of us. The big change came when I insisted he to do the housework and I did not care whether it ‘pressed his buttons’ or not. 99% of the population would find REAL PLEASURE in being freed up from housework. I certainly do! So I began to really enjoy him doing it. And the irony of me not caring whether it ‘pressed his buttons’ or not, was that me not caring – DID ‘press his buttons’. It became REAL DOMINATION, REAL EXPLOITATION – making him truly feel controlled, helpless and exploited. Punishment for housework not done properly then follows. And when it is punishment the submissive will truly do anything to avoid, their submissive buttons are pressed further and the housework becomes perfect. (And in the dominant, by punishing to this standard, a taste for sadism develops.)

And what the submissive has to learn is that scenarios might not go as they fantasised about, and also, things might sometimes go wrong. A recent example for me is when I had bitch-boy in TSD bondage while I was ‘playing’ with Lexi for many hours. I messed up the heating controls in the house and bitch-boy became very, very cold in the part of the house he was in. He knew, once I had reminded him, that these things happen in our lifestyle. That in order to experience being truly dominated to an extent that overall brings complete peace to a submissive soul, some days some things will not be perfect. The submissive has to accept that is part of the total package.

I have rambled rather a lot. Apologies.

(I should just add that while Lexi and I were cuddled up on the sofa watching the film for an hour and a half, before we went up to bed together, poor bitch-boy was dressed as a little girl, sitting on the floor and doing colouring-in with his big dolly Suzette Simperkins, facing Lexi and I. He was ignored throughout.)

Premature Ejaculator

I published a post on 26 October at the request of a very good Domme friend of mine. Her slave, sb, thought he could do without her and told her so. Since then he has only got to see her for one hour up until this weekend, despite so much begging for more attention than that! This weekend he was honoured to spend more time with her. It started with chores including cleaning the toilet. How well he had cleaned the toilet was then tested as he had to eat yoghurt spooned onto the ceramic rim.

Later on, without actually being touched, the desperate sb actually had a shameful ‘accident’. So my poor Domme friend appears to have a premature ejaculator as a slave. What a trial for her if her slave can’t control his functions when he is close to her! She has my sympathy.



Its all in the eyes

tumblr_ngeqlzd55s1rrns0oo1_1280Aaliyah tumblr_njh5k1xCWt1taonfpo1_540tumblr_nhu59pWRCa1r608z0o1_1280tumblr_mlak0aEx3O1rwi5dmo1_1280

When it comes to photos of women, there is a feature which causes the woman to appear  profoundly dominant. The look in the eyes. Even when the photo has no other dominance attributes. The expression in the eyes I refer to appears to radiate complete heartlessness, cruelty, selfishness and haughty superiority- all at once. I find it interesting when a Tumblr site has a tendency to such photos. I think indicating the Tumblr site owner shares my view. This is an example site from which I copied the above photos.


Cuckolding subjugation

As he must do every morning as I am about to leave for work, bitch-boy was kneeling kissing my boots Thursday morning while I gave him his verbal chore list for the day. While he does so I also like to talk at him for a bit too, to remind him how lucky he is and the huge queue of slaves that would beg to take his place should I dismiss him from service.

I forgot that I had not told him anything about the time Lexi and I had spent together last weekend when he was in TSD bondage for almost 6 hours and I mentioned that my six orgasms last weekend on the day she was over, were all amazing. He hesitated in his kissing and then spoke timidly and with sadness.

‘But you only had one orgasm in my presence Mistress.‘ I could sense his insecurity and so I twisted the knife. (An insecure submissive is an obedient [and content] submissive!)

‘Yes bitch-boy, because I have a girlfriend now don’t I. You have been demoted to next to worthless. And that is your life now. You had better come to terms with it as best you can!‘  I walked from the house, leaving him kneeling on the floor. I could sense his insecurity and neediness and despair. I felt like such a bitch; but I knew that by the time I got home he would work so hard to keep me feeling worshipped and that night he would sleep soundly – swathed in his paradoxical miasma of feeling at peace from – my tyranny and his privation and helplessness.



Lexi gets more sadistic with golden showers

It is interesting that my lesbian Play-toy Lexi began visiting to be dominated by me and that will never change. But she is getting so much worse with bitch-boy when she transforms into Governess Lexi. (She will always remain very submissive to me without a doubt though.) An example is pissing on bitch-boy. First she just liked to watch me do this, then she wanted to do so herself while I watched. bitch-boy kneeling in a little ball, his wrists bound behind his back and his rubber collar chained to the walk-in  shower gulley outlet. During her last visit, she wanted to have bitch-boy suffer more.

She had him laying on his back, face-up, (wrists still tied behind his back). She wanted him like this so she could watch his face as she pissed on him. She focused her stream of nectar on his chest then hair and then face and mouth and tightly closed eyes. She instructed him to thank her several times which ensured he got a mouthful or two. Poor bitch-boy begged and whimpered and spluttered and was very distressed and upset. Partly no doubt over the additional degrading  aspect of Lexi being less than half his age. Throughout, she chuckled and told him how pathetic he was. Her pleasure was very obvious – her sense of complete power as she told him how pathetic he was and how he deserved it. When she was finished she took a double sheet of toilet paper and wiped her thighs and cunt. Then she pushed the paper into bitch-boy’s mouth like he was a waste bin.

What would normally happen next would be a forced cold shower, but Lexi wanted more misery for bitch-boy first. She had a baby monitor set up so the camera was in the bedroom and the receiver unit in the bathroom with bitch-boy. She and I made our way to the bedroom where we had some very satisfying, loud, sex and poor cuckolded bitch-boy – covered in piss, tiny pools resting over his closed eyes, piss soiled toilet paper held in his mouth, had his cuckolded status rammed home to him as he listened to us. Lexi is blossoming as a spitefully cruel nemesis for bitch-boy without a scintilla of pity. So delightful!

On a different matter, I would like to thank sissy jamieanne who has worked through my blog from the beginning and is now working through my journals. The reason for special thanks — sissy jamieanne leaves a review of each of my journals on Amazon (USA Kindle site) after reading them. Wonderfully diligent. Thank you sissy jamieanne, (Jim D).

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Degrading by Spitting!

All of my cruel Domme friends and I love to spit into bitch-boy’s mouth and sometimes just into his face. What simpler, easier way can there be to assert the difference in status that exists! Mistress Jane is the best at this and the rest of us aspire to develop her elegant, effective, voluminous style. I am looking for advice. How to produce more saliva?

I have seen in Femdom videos that a woman smoking seems able to produce a great deal of spit but as a non-smoker, I cannot use this catalyst. I have seen Dommes in Femdom videos use a lollypop or wine or minty chewing gum but each of these is a flawed tool in my opinion because the resultant saliva must taste quite pleasant. I also do not want to drink a mouthful of water and spit that out. That would be spat out water, not NASTY, personal, undiluted, saliva! So a quandary blog readers; and suggestions are required please.



Cruel Xmas presents – update

I have decided it is time to replace his  long sleeved, winter, little-girl, sissy dress. (The cut-down elderly ladies’ nightdress.)  So for another Xmas present I have ordered two pink fleece, elderly ladies’ nightdresses and I will choose which will be the most humiliating style and fabric once cut-down. He will then spend many hours over the coming Christmas break, cutting it very short, hemming it and then sewing some lovely white lace around the hems and cuffs. Two inch wide lace which I have also bought. What a lovely Christmas break he has to look forward to!

 The drawing in my 26 August 2013 blog post shows the look I am after for my poor little sissy.

My impatience got the better of me and I have already tried out the new Deep Heat applicator. I am happy to report the liquid it deposits burns as much as the worst Deep Heat products, (going by the sobbing) so it is a great success!