Cruel Xmas presents – update

I have decided it is time to replace his  long sleeved, winter, little-girl, sissy dress. (The cut-down elderly ladies’ nightdress.)  So for another Xmas present I have ordered two pink fleece, elderly ladies’ nightdresses and I will choose which will be the most humiliating style and fabric once cut-down. He will then spend many hours over the coming Christmas break, cutting it very short, hemming it and then sewing some lovely white lace around the hems and cuffs. Two inch wide lace which I have also bought. What a lovely Christmas break he has to look forward to!

 The drawing in my 26 August 2013 blog post shows the look I am after for my poor little sissy.

My impatience got the better of me and I have already tried out the new Deep Heat applicator. I am happy to report the liquid it deposits burns as much as the worst Deep Heat products, (going by the sobbing) so it is a great success!



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7 Responses to Cruel Xmas presents – update

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    It seems that Christmas will be a joyous and festive affair in Your household this year, Mistress Scarlet! And perhaps some tears and sobbing for bitchboy?

  2. Rita says:

    Do you think it approaches the potency of a Ralgex Stick?

    • I did not think the Ralgex stick was available any more. I think it is just as potent. You can layer on a good, fast acting coating because it is liquid rather than cream.

      • Rita says:

        I still mourn the demise of the Ralgex Stick and am very happy to think a suitable replacement product may finally be available.

  3. sillymaid says:

    I expect a local charity shop would have a nice pink or red flared winter coat that could be altered in the same way.

    You boy could then play in the garden all year round…….

    • I doubt the ideal coat will be handily available at the charity shop. Ideal design, size, colour, etc. But I like the thought of sending him out to play with his dollies in a full little girl winter outfit!

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