Degrading by Spitting!

All of my cruel Domme friends and I love to spit into bitch-boy’s mouth and sometimes just into his face. What simpler, easier way can there be to assert the difference in status that exists! Mistress Jane is the best at this and the rest of us aspire to develop her elegant, effective, voluminous style. I am looking for advice. How to produce more saliva?

I have seen in Femdom videos that a woman smoking seems able to produce a great deal of spit but as a non-smoker, I cannot use this catalyst. I have seen Dommes in Femdom videos use a lollypop or wine or minty chewing gum but each of these is a flawed tool in my opinion because the resultant saliva must taste quite pleasant. I also do not want to drink a mouthful of water and spit that out. That would be spat out water, not NASTY, personal, undiluted, saliva! So a quandary blog readers; and suggestions are required please.



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16 Responses to Degrading by Spitting!

  1. tomilina says:

    Perhaps try some oft hose cough drops with eucalyptus or other unsweetened ones. Or some flavor of sugar free candy that he may not like (anise, strong mints)? Any chewing with produce sliva, so perhaps some corn prior to spitting? One other suggestion i offer, especially if you have company, is to take turns spitting into a glass that he drinks (or sips) later on. As you toast Female Supremacy with fine wine, he sips your spit. Or dribble it over his head so that it runs down his face. Experiment with a drop or two of various food coloring until you come up with a green or brown that looks disgusting… I myself might enjoy a bit of spit play, but i shudder to think of drinking it from a glass! One last thought i had: Mexican or other spicy foods make me salivate a great deal. Perhaps you as well. Finally, there are product available for dry mouth at any pharmacy, over the counter, located on the oral care aisle. I hope some of these ideas work for you, Mistress Scarlet. Please share the results with us!. Thank You!

  2. donald says:

    The best way to product salvia, is to think of a food that you really enjoy. Try it now”” you”ll fine that you will start gathering saliva right away. That’s because the brain starts to send a signal to your gland in your tongue.. it happens to all of us. It’s to help you digest your food.

  3. donald says:

    Also may I add; if your looking to product flew. Then I suggest you drink some milk. And you”ll cough up thick flew

  4. Mistress Hannah says:


    Funnily enough this had been on my mind recently when I came across something in my local pharmacy on the shop floor shelves (handy, so rather than behind the counter where questions may be asked).
    A tablet or sweet that is used to promote saliva in people who struggle to do this I assume for medical reasons? I suspect the anitial taste would be more pleasent for the benefit of the user but I imagine the effects last a while and so that taste would subside before the effects wore out?

    I have just googled the one I found in my local pharmacy and it is called Salivix, but I assume there are plenty other alternatives.

    I hope this is of some assistance.

    Hannah x

  5. slavedoggieboy says:

    A marble or small pebble in the mouth will help to create saliva i believe.You might give it a try. I love it when my Mistress spits a large mouthful of saliva into my mouth by the way. It does tend to let me know my worth.

  6. Ahmd says:

    The smell of vinegar, or pickles might have an effect on saliva production. I can’t relate to how this has to be done in the play scene, but it’s worth trying. So that the saliva produced is raw, undiluted and quantity is increased. Hope that works. 👍

  7. Ade says:

    Hello, my favourite Mistress,
    The most basic way and completely natural, is by sucking. It might not sound that smart, but if you give it a second thought, while you chew your food, you do similiar things with your mouth, as if you would suck on some tasty ice cream, or in BB’s case, your heel. 😉 you can simply suck on your tongue and inside of your mouth, and you should be able to produce large amounts of spit. I would also recommend you, to stay well hydrated. Well if you drink a lot of water, im sure nothing will go to waste, am i right? 🙂
    I wish you a very nice christmas, and for BB, very moist ones.
    Yours truly,
    Ade 😉

  8. derek says:

    My Mistress enjoys spitting in my mouth and over my face. I have found that her saliva is in fact quite tasteless, which I suppose is logical, if your saliva does not taste nasty to you then it is unlikely to taste nasty to bitchboy. If your saliva tastes unpleasant to you it is probably because of an infection, a cold or whatever so the transfer of this saliva will most likely pass the infection on. At some stage together with eating your snot (excuse the word), you may wish to exercise your power over bitchboy by deliberately doing this!.
    It is the act of spitting on me that I find degrading and I find that when Mistress spits over my face the feeling is so humiliating and as She leaves it to gradually dry this feeling is even more unpleasant. Another thing that Mistress does is to dribble into my eyes, this is most uncomfortable and the inclination is of course to keep my eyes shut.
    Finally perhaps it is the feelings I have for my Mistress which takes away any feeling of revulsion that receiving her spit might have induced, possibly therefore I would not have the same reserve if another Mistress was to do the same.
    Thank you for the on-going series of insights into your thoughts and ideas for bringing misery into bitchboy’s life.

  9. smeple says:

    If you are a coffee drinker, have some hot coffee. Coffee tastes great when you drink it, but tastes pretty awful when it is recycled in the mouth and mixed with saliva. (Think about being close to someone when they have”coffee breath.”). Hot coffee seems to naturally produce more saliva than cold coffee, or other cold drinks -I assume because you have to let it sit and kind of ferment in your mouth before swallowing it ( or in this case, spitting it into bitch boy’s mouth, or on his face). The slightly brownish color of the coffee/saliva blend makes a nice little dripping memento on his face, if you happen to miss his mouth. The stuff that DOES get into his mouth has the added advantage of providing him with some caffeine, giving him more energy to serve you during the day. It’s a win-win, lol!

  10. sisbella says:

    Hi Mistress I do love the spit from Mistress when im owned currently not but here one way I googled it and it had quit a few different ways to produce salivia soyou might checkit out are next time you have a cold then you can produce a lot of snot and salivia plus give him your cold to suffer ass you are I hope you find something I know I love it its a honor thank you

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