Cuckolding subjugation

As he must do every morning as I am about to leave for work, bitch-boy was kneeling kissing my boots Thursday morning while I gave him his verbal chore list for the day. While he does so I also like to talk at him for a bit too, to remind him how lucky he is and the huge queue of slaves that would beg to take his place should I dismiss him from service.

I forgot that I had not told him anything about the time Lexi and I had spent together last weekend when he was in TSD bondage for almost 6 hours and I mentioned that my six orgasms last weekend on the day she was over, were all amazing. He hesitated in his kissing and then spoke timidly and with sadness.

‘But you only had one orgasm in my presence Mistress.‘ I could sense his insecurity and so I twisted the knife. (An insecure submissive is an obedient [and content] submissive!)

‘Yes bitch-boy, because I have a girlfriend now don’t I. You have been demoted to next to worthless. And that is your life now. You had better come to terms with it as best you can!‘  I walked from the house, leaving him kneeling on the floor. I could sense his insecurity and neediness and despair. I felt like such a bitch; but I knew that by the time I got home he would work so hard to keep me feeling worshipped and that night he would sleep soundly – swathed in his paradoxical miasma of feeling at peace from – my tyranny and his privation and helplessness.



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3 Responses to Cuckolding subjugation

  1. sissy jamieanne says:

    I truly love the mental picture of bitchboy kneeling to kiss Your boots and receive his day’s instructions as You leave for work, Mistress Scarlet! This is a delightful representation of your respective roles and the Mistress/slave differential! I’m sure he knows just how very lucky he is to be permitted the privilege of service!


    sissy jamieanne

  2. housework boy says:

    Dear Ms Scarlet

    I know this isn’t the correct post to reply to.

    I just wished to tell you about the Mrs Birch site, in particular the writings of Her sissy Karen. Thought you would find it interesting and amuse You.

    best regards
    housework boy

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