Its all in the eyes

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When it comes to photos of women, there is a feature which causes the woman to appear  profoundly dominant. The look in the eyes. Even when the photo has no other dominance attributes. The expression in the eyes I refer to appears to radiate complete heartlessness, cruelty, selfishness and haughty superiority- all at once. I find it interesting when a Tumblr site has a tendency to such photos. I think indicating the Tumblr site owner shares my view. This is an example site from which I copied the above photos.


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12 Responses to Its all in the eyes

  1. thomas gorman says:

    The eyes and facial expression do it for me Mistress.

  2. sissy jamieanne says:

    Ma’am…it’s very difficult for a submissive male to hold the gaze of a Dominant Woman…and in many case may well be considered disrespectful…I have been trained as a sub to keep my eyes lowered humbly in the presence of a Superior…but yes, Ma’am…the eyes can truly say a lot!

  3. slavedoggieboy says:

    And the husband she married would be a very lucky man.

  4. Sam or samantha says:

    Can I ask for some advice on how to foster her up fem Dom relationship
    My wife surprised me with wanting to buy a ball gag for me and feel this is a turning point
    I have turkey EE wings advice and been giving her good headI just don’t want to screw it up and am excited
    I’ve been following your blog for about a year and couldn’t think of anyone else to ask but you. This is real and I could copy her text as I work out of town during that week but go back home during that weekend
    This just happened and I want to make sure I give the right response your vice is very much appreciated

    • I suggest you just let her know it makes you feel a little frightened, very excited and very much in awe of her. It makes you feel privileged to be married to her.

      (I do not know what turkey EE wings is or means???)

      • Sam or samantha says:

        I am worried of over doing it and did not want to mess up this situation.
        I did voice to text and appologize for the miss type. I was referring to Goddess EE Ling advice in “a moderns women guide to ..”
        I very much appreciate the advice and I will let her know of my gratitude to be married to her. I hope it adds to her desire to tap into her dominant side

  5. Sam or samantha says:

    This is a that one time in life when I feel this is a turning point and want to make sure I answer the door
    We are set to “play” next weekend and want her to feel she is my wire and I happy to be her pet.
    Thank you for all you do and the real world advice. You really do inspire to FLR and I am a happy student

  6. Sweep says:

    Yes, Ms S, you really do. I second what Sam or samantha said.

    For me, there are images which strike even more of a chord – when the lady pictured is smiling or laughing. Not a cruel smile, but occasionally condescending, or patronising maybe. Always a genuine smile though. There is a a relaxedness there, which implies complete control and contentment. My mind assumes that the sub is far from smiling!

    I wish I could give examples, but I don’t know of a tumblr site that specialises in this, and I’ve no blog of my own on which to post the (few) pictures I’ve found, sorry! Happy hunting though.

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