Premature Ejaculator

I published a post on 26 October at the request of a very good Domme friend of mine. Her slave, sb, thought he could do without her and told her so. Since then he has only got to see her for one hour up until this weekend, despite so much begging for more attention than that! This weekend he was honoured to spend more time with her. It started with chores including cleaning the toilet. How well he had cleaned the toilet was then tested as he had to eat yoghurt spooned onto the ceramic rim.

Later on, without actually being touched, the desperate sb actually had a shameful ‘accident’. So my poor Domme friend appears to have a premature ejaculator as a slave. What a trial for her if her slave can’t control his functions when he is close to her! She has my sympathy.



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9 Responses to Premature Ejaculator

  1. Sam says:

    Love your blog and your persistent embrace of female power. It goes without saying you deserve high praise and I feel fortunate to have your words to inspire me to pursue the worshipping of women
    I was curios if bb bought your Xmas presents. I know it’s early but couldn’t resist asking
    Btw I did tell my wife exactly what you said after her purchase of the ball gag and will see how it goes from here. I hope she will start to become more dominant and I do the right things to encourage her
    Thank you for the previous help

  2. mddiane says:

    I had one of those too. Now “she’s” in chastity and the problem is solved.

    • So delightfully put Diane. Please don’t hesitate to explain in further detail, but only if you can spare the time, of course.

      • mddiane says:

        Scarlet…I let her cum while locked in chastity but only with my permission and “assistance.” Orgasms in chastity are still possible, but they take much longer to achieve…LOL. My regular needs are met by a more “alpha” lover. I allow sissy one orgasm per month on average. This regimen seems to work well for both of us. If you’d like further detail, feel free to email me at any time.


  3. Becky says:

    My husband had a similar issue so he is now diapered at home .Love your blog , it’s been very inspirational.

  4. sissy jamieanne says:

    Firstly, it seems Your friend has taken a play from Your playbook Mistress Scarlet! The yoghurt on the toilet rim is one of Your “trademarks”! As for the slave’s premature ejaculation…Your friend has my sympathy as well, Ma’am. As a slave, it’s been made quite clear to me that my “dicklette” (as Mistress requires me to refer to it) is too small to be of use to a Woman…thus the importance of developing and perfecting the use of the mouth to pleasure Goddess!

  5. sb says:

    Thank You Mistress Scarlet for deepening my shame further and making me realise even more how pathetic this slave is. The orgasm came out of nowhere and this slave panicked, needless to say any pleasure from it was very minimal and short-lived from both the embarrassment and fear of repercussion.
    The next orgasm my kind Mistress permitted a few days later was physically more pleasurable but still very humiliating. After wrapping up some of my Mistress’s friends Christmas presents, Mistress cable tied my wrists to my big toes and pushed my legs over my shoulders so that i could not move my face out of the way of the many thick strings of nasty cum Mistress forced out of me after prolonged teasing with Her wand toy.
    This slave hopes Mistress Scarlet and Governess Lexi are both well.

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